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    Updating Company Settings

    Company Settings help in setting up your company defaults such as the company logo, name, address and other details belonging to your company and account.

    To edit your Company Settings follow these steps:

    1. Click Settings drop-down menu over the Web Panel.
    2. Then select Company Settings.
    3. After making the changes there click on Save to save the changes.


    You can update the following Account Details from the company settings:


    • Company Name: Add your company name here.
    • Company Address: Enter your full Company Address here.
    • Timezone: Choose your country’s Timezone from the drop-down menu.

    Note: The response capture time in the Response Inbox will appear according to the Timezone you have selected here.

    • Start Week: Choose between Sunday or Monday to set as the calendar Start Weekday that appears in the Response Inbox.

    Note: The calendar under the reports will view the selected day as the starting week’s day. If you choose Sunday as your Start Weekday then in the calendar you will see the week starting on Sunday and vice versa.

    • Country: Choose the Country name in which your company is situated from the drop-down.
    • Currency: Choose your country’s currency from the drop-down.

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