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    User Profile

    A user is essentially the team/staff member who has the access to the Zonka Web Panel. Zonka automatically creates a user profile as soon as you add a user. A user profile contains the user details such as User name, ID, etc. To visit the user profile follow these steps:

    1. Click on Setup from the top menu on the dashboard.
    2. From the drop-down, choose Team, a list of all the present users will appear.
    3. Click on the name of the users in order to open his profile.

    A user’s profile contains the following elements:

    • Responses
      A list of all the responses captured by the User/Staff member appears here. The user can flag a response and mark it as urgent. He can also add a tag against the responses and can take certain actions defined in the Action drop-down.

      user profile 1

    • Tasks
      All the tasks assigned to the user appear in here with their current status. If the use has completed a task he can mark it as complete from here and then the status will change to Complete. If the task exceeds the due date the status changes to Overdue. And after the user has been assigned a task the task status will flash as Assigned. Everything happens in real-time.user profile 2
    • Notes
      All the notes that the user has added against the responses appear here.user profile 3
    • Emails
      All the emails sent by the user to the respondents can be viewed here.
    • History
      All the response and actions history will appear in here. Right from the capturing of response to the last communication with the customer everything can be viewed in history.

      user profile 5

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