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Difference between a Web User and Device Only User

While using Zonka, 4 types of permission accesses can be defined. The Administrator, the Author, the Team Member and the Device User. The Users are two types- one a Web User and other a Device Only User. A Web User is a person that has the access to capture the responses in the device as well as has the access to Web Panel for collaborations with other team members. Whereas in the case of a Device only user, the access to the response capturing device is granted and not the Web Panel. The permission access for the users can be defined in following steps:

  1. From the Setup drop-down on the top menu select Staff.
  2. Now click on Add a New Staff Member button to add a user.
  3. Now define the access for the user under the Permission Access option by selecting the given radio buttons.
  4. Select the check box ‘Can Login in Web’ if you want to give the access to the web panel to a Device User.


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