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    What is alphanumeric Sender in SMS Surveys?

    Alphanumeric Sender Id is a great way to provide your sender phone number an identity, which the SMS receiver can instantly recognize. Zonka supports sending SMS from Alphanumeric Sender Id out of the box and configuring it is quite simple and easy. Please note that its usage is dependent on telecom rules of each country it may be used in.

    But first, let’s understand what alphanumeric sender Id is all about. The alphanumeric sender is a custom Id constructed from a combination of alphabets (a-z, A-Z) and numerals (0-9) characters and works as a caller id.

    Let us suppose you have a company Marks & Co ., and you wish to send your customers a survey campaign seeking their feedback on your services. To make the SMS relevant and to identify yourself to your customers to create an alphanumeric sender id.

    You can construct your sender id like this “MARKSC”. Now, this alphanumeric code will become your caller id. If you set this up with Zonka and send your SMS campaigns the contacts will receive the SMS from MARKSC rather then any random phone number, which is great, isn’t it?

    How do I create my alphanumeric sender Id and use with Zonka? Setting up alphanumeric sender Id in different countries are governed by the telecom rules and regulation of that country. Most of the countries allow alphanumeric sender id of maximum 11 characters. For India, only 6 alphabets based sender id is allowed and its required to be registered with the telecom regulator and approved.

    Once you set up your alphanumeric sender id, you can set it up in Zonka by configuring your Twilio or Plivo accounts. Please refer to the following to know more:

    A word of caution here. Though alphanumeric sender Ids are supported in most of the countries, deliveries of the SMS sent through sender ids is highly dependent on the telecom rules of the countries.

    Alphanumeric Sender ID supporting countries for Twilio

    Alphanumeric Sender ID supporting countries for Plivo

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