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Feedback Form Template & Survey Templates

Our expert survey and research team has put together some well-thought out and super looking surveys and feedback forms for using in tablet, mobile and web surveys. You can pick different surveys from the Template Gallery and customize to your liking and branding or create your feedback form from scratch using Zonka’s Survey Builder.

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  • Washroom feedbacks (kiosk)

    Feedback regarding the quality of the washrooms.

    Use This Template

  • Cafeteria Food Survey

    Capture feedbacks regarding cafeterias and food courts situated at offices, schools, colleges, hospitals, airports, malls, etc.

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  • Net Promoter Score Survey (Anonymous)

    Measure your customer loyalty and likeliness to recommend you.

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  • Happy or Not Survey

    Capture feedbacks regarding how your customers are feeling at your premises.

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  • Loyalty Programme Enrollment

    Loyalty Programme Enrollment form.

    Use This Template

  • Net Promoter Score Survey

    Calculate your Net Promoter Score by deploying this survey.

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  • Contact Us Form

    Use this feedback form to capture the details of the customers.

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