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NPS and Zonka

Zonka – Tailor made for NPS Surveys

Zonka has many nitty gritty features to offer when it comes to creating/capturing NPS surveys.

The best part about building up a NPS survey with Zonka is that, it can be done in less than 5 minutes! All you have to do is pick up a template from the extensive template library and tweak the same according to your requirements, and ta-da you are good to go!

To make your NPS survey more effective and actionable, you can leverage the underlying Zonka features –

Create intelligent NPS survey with survey logic

Expecting to measure customer loyalty with one standard NPS survey won’t bear fruits for you. Imagine you have hundred customers which have had good, bad and excellent encounters with your business. You cannot acknowledge every single customers with one standard NPS survey. For paying heed and getting the most out of every survey response you get you need intelligent survey forms that ask the questions which make the most to the respondent based on the previous question they answered in the survey.

With Zonka you can build intelligent forms with survey logic. Survey logic sends the respondents to a future question or page in the survey based on their answer to a previous close-ended question.

For eg – If the respondent has selected a 9/10 score in the NPS question, he/she will be sent to a different screen in the survey and if the respondent has chosen any score between 0-6 in the NPS question then he/she will be sent to a different screen in the same survey. In this way, the respondent only gets to answer the questions that are most relevant to them by skipping the ones that are irrelevant.

Follow up with your customers and close the feedback loop

No matter how well thought, carefully implemented and beautifully designed your surveys are but these efforts will go in vain if you do not act on the responses received. Responses coming in should not get lost in the black hole and must be first acknowledged and then thoroughly probed in for a solution in order to close the feedback loop. Dig deeper by asking a follow-up question after the NPS question asking your customers – “What is the reason for their score?” This would make the feedbacks more actionable will open up a scope for following up with the customer. Closing the feedback loop will always have a positive effect on the relationship with your customers. Even if customer concerns do not get fixed, they will at least feel that the feedback they gave was worth their time because someone was listening.

Closing the feedback loop is the primary element of the Net Promoter System℠. Closing the loop will not only let customers know that you have heard their feedback but also it will let the people in your organization listen to real customer voices. Employees / staff must have an open access to customer responses so that they can clearly see how their service and conduct is directly related to

Setting up your first NPS survey with Zonka

Create intelligent NPS surveys for all industry types under 5 minutes!

Zonka’s NPS surveys are super easy to customize and setup. All you need is literally just 5 minutes and you can get going with your survey.

Follow these easy steps to create a crisp NPS survey with Zonka:

1.Choose a Template

Pick a NPS Survey Design Template from the Template Gallery. Pick up the survey that suits your requirement the most. Zonka has different NPS survey templates as per various situations and requirements. You can choose between a regular NPS survey or a NPS survey with customer information and even NPS survey with reasoning, choice is yours.


2.Edit & Customize

Edit the Survey with your company branding such as logo, color schemes, and
taglines. You can customize the NPS survey template completely and switch survey screens, edit questions, change images, fonts, backgrounds and almost everything.


3. Take/Distribute NPS Survey

With Zonka, you can distribute and effectively implement the NPS surveys in many ways. You can also conduct offline NPS surveys on your premises with Zonka.

Distribute NPS survey through multiple channels- Tablet, Web, SMS, Email

On premises Online Distribution channels

  • Surveys pop-ups on web pages
  • Embedded surveys on website