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Fully Customizable and Beautiful Looking Offline Tablet Surveys

No Internet? No problem! With Zonka’s easy to use Offline Feedback & Survey App, you can conduct surveys and take feedback without Internet and WiFi and sync anytime later!


How Offline Tablet Surveys work


Download your surveys on Tablet App while you have internet


Take feedback and surveys anytime, with or without Internet


Your responses automatically sync when Internet is connect

Take Offline Surveys & Feedbacks

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Collect Feedback Anytime, Anywhere – even without Internet

Run offline surveys on Android or iOS

Run offline surveys on Android or iOS

Take offline surveys on Android tablets, iPads, Android smartphones and iPhones.
Super easy with Auto-sync

Super easy with Auto-sync

There’s no special setting or setup required to run surveys in offline mode. It all works in auto mode.
Holds offline data for up to 4 weeks

Holds offline data for up to 4 weeks

Zonka Offline Feedback App can hold data for up to 4 weeks and more without Internet!
Smooth experience for respondents

Smooth experience for respondents

As a respondent, offline surveys run exactly the same way as when there is Internet – smoothly!

Offline Survey App – A Perfect Fit for

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

With in-person Customer Satisfaction Surveys set up using Zonka, you can continue taking feedback without Internet connectivity and WiFi. Your feedback responses will automatically sync when WiFi is back up.

Remote Field Surveys & Market Surveys

When you’re taking surveys and collecting data on the field, you can’t be promised an active internet connection. So, it gets important that your app runs without the internet. Zonka’s offline survey app is tailor made for field surveys.

Employee Feedback Surveys

Use Zonka at the office for capturing employee sentiment and feedback using employee surveys irrespective of whether your tablet is connected to WiFi or not. Sync anytime later to view reports, responses and analysis.

Trade Shows & Exhibitions

Internet at trade shows and exhibitions can be quite patchy and unreliable. With Zonka’s ability to save data in tablet when no Internet is available, you can continue capturing leads & contacts.

Net Promoter Score Surveys

Set up Net Promoter Score Surveys and take NPS surveys without having to depend on WiFi or internet connection. Sync and view reports whenever your connection is back up.

Kiosk Feedback and Survey Setups

Zonka’s offline data collection app saves responses and feedbacks when Internet is down. This feature comes very handy in Kiosk Setups where constant monitoring of the tablets and of Internet is close to impossible.

Any place with network and Internet issues

Is your business located at a place where Internet can be patchy? Feedback App works wonderfully in cases where you frequently get Internet downtime with ability to save survey responses offline.

Zonka offline survey app has more to offer

Offline survey is just one of many features Zonka’s tablet survey apps boasts. Multi-lingual forms, NPS surveys, location management, device tracking and so much more. Zonka covers everything to make surveys on tablet powerful.

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