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Patient Satisfaction

Patient Satisfaction is the extent to which patients are satisfied with the quality of healthcare you provide. Measure and improve your Patient Satisfaction with Patient Survey Software.

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What is Patient Satisfaction?

Patient Satisfaction is the commonly used indicator of patient happiness with the quality of health care. It is a measure of care and experience provided to the patient during their entire experience with you from making an appointment, to visit the clinic or hospital, waiting time, experience with doctor, and post visit or post discharge. Patient Experience and Satisfaction can be measured at any one touchpoint or at all touchpoints of patients' interaction.

Why measure Patient Satisfaction?

Patient Satisfaction is considered an indicator of the quality of health care. It often affects the clinic outcomes, patient mental wellbeing, patient retention and also helps identify clinical malpractices.

How to measure Patient Satisfaction?

An ideal way to measure patient satisfaction is by using Patient Satisfaction Surveys at multiple touch points of patients' experience to seek feedback directly from the patient & determine their level of satisfaction with the healthcare.

What is a Patient Satisfaction Software?

A Patient Satisfaction Software or Patient Feedback Tool is a software that makes it easy for you to create custom surveys for inpatients and outpatients and run patient satisfaction surveys across various touch points.

Using Patient Satisfaction Surveys to measure Patient Happiness & Satisfaction

Listen to the voice of every patient and make their feedback count

  • Make patients feel they matter

    When you ask patients how they feel, it makes them know you care!
  • Take real-time feedback

    Gather real-time data with automated surveys at all touchpoints.
  • Resolve issues quicker

    With real-time feedback, know and resolve issues faster than ever before.
  • Keep patients happy & improve retention

    When you keep patients happy, they are likely to stick to you.

Measure Patient Satisfaction across all touchpoints

Reach your patients with Healthcare Surveys wherever they are

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Measure Patient Satisfaction at every touchpoint, using every channel

Capture Patient Feedback, in the moment, as it happens to measure Patient Satisfaction. Using a Patient Satisfaction Survey Software makes it easy.

  • Set up Offline Kiosks & Tablet Feedback Forms
  • Send Patient Satisfaction Surveys via Email & SMS
  • Put up Patient Satisfaction Feedback form on your Website
  • And more!

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