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Restaurant Dine-in Feedback Form Template

Take feedback from diners about the dine-in experience at the restaurant to measure their satisfaction with the food, service and ambience.

List of Survey for Restaurant Dine-in Feedback Form Questions

The following questions are included in this Restaurant Dine-in Feedback Form Template. 

  • How was your overall experience dining with us today?
  • How would you rate the quality and taste of food you ordered today?
  • How was the service by our team while you dined with us today?
  • How did you hear about us?
  • On a scale of 0-10, how likely are you to recommend this restaurant to your friends and family?
  • Any comments, questions or suggestions?
  • We'd love to know a few details about you. But don't worry, we don't spam.
  • Full Name
  • Email
  • Mobile Number
  • Would you like to get our monthly newsletter about new food events?

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