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Post-Visit Hospital Outpatient Satisfaction Survey

Measure Patient Satisfaction and Happiness after their visit to the Hospital or Clinic using this Post-Visit Outpatient Satisfaction Survey Template. Know patient's perception about medical care, attention and gaps in service that they received during their appointment. 

Measure Outpatient Satisfaction Post-Visit at Healthcare Centers and Hospitals

Medical Providers can use this Hospital Outpatient Satisfaction Survey to know satisfied patients were after their visit to the healthcare center and clinic. This expert-designed Outpatient Survey covers various aspects of patient's experience at the physician's office. This includes measuring patient's perception about the service and care they received before, while and after their appointment. 

With this Outpatient Satisfaction Survey Template, you can get feedback from patients directly about gaps in medical practice and care that need to be looked at and addressed. It will also give you the perception of patients about the attention they received from the doctor and physician including time spent by the physician, explanation of the medical conditions, availability of medications at the clinic and hospital and more. 

This Outpatient Satisfaction Survey should ideally be presented to the patient after their visit. It can be set up on-premises, at the hospital or clinic, using a Survey App as a Kiosk Survey. These run on both iPads and Android Tablets. If the appointment was remote or online, or you don't want to set up hardware in the premises, you can also send Email Surveys or SMS Surveys after the appointment to the patient. You can connect your Hospital and Patient Management Tools to the Patient Feedback Software to automate sending the surveys as well as to pass data like Patient Name, Patient ID, the Doctor or Physician they met and so on. This will ensure that all patients are surveyed and that they don't have to spend time on entering details that you already have. 

To create a survey using the Hospital Outpatient Satisfaction Survey Template, just sign up or sign in to Zonka Feedback. You’ll be able to choose this Survey Template when you begin creating your feedback form or survey and customize it to your preference. 

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