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Dine-in Restaurant Feedback Form Template

Our expert Dine-in Restaurant Feedback Form Template offers a detailed questionnaire that covers all aspects of dine-in restaurant feedback. This helps you to enhance the way the dine-in restaurant functions.

Measure and Improve Dine-in Experience of your Guest with Dine-in Restaurant Feedback Form Template Serving food to your guests is not enough for you to boost the sale of your restaurant, you need to gauge the perceptions of your guests. Check whether they are happy with your menu, taste of food, pricing, ambiance, and overall dine-in services at your restaurant. Gauge the satisfaction of your guests with the help of Restaurant Feedback Software. It helps you to gather opinions and gauge the satisfaction of the menu, ambiance, and services at your restaurant.  A professional Dine-in Restaurant Feedback Survey Template offers the right questions to ask your diners. Both closed-ended and open-ended survey questions offer your guest a comprehensive platform where they can rate or evaluate the quality of your dine-in services, including food quality, overall service quality, cleanliness, order accuracy, speed of service, and others.  If you want to get instant real-time guest feedback about the dining experience, then you can share the Dine-in Restaurant Feedback Survey via Tablet. If your customers are willing to give on-premises or on-the-spot feedback, you can hand over the iPad or Android Tablet while handling bills to them.  There they can record their instant experience and give suggestions that further helps you to improve your dine-in services of the restaurant. iPad Customer Feedback App will also run in the offline mode, i.e. without WiFi so you're able to get from your customers without relying on good internet connectivity. You can set up kiosks as well at various touchpoints including reception, restroom, visitors lounge, etc. You can also employ a kiosk feedback system near the buffet area to know the guest’s experience about the food menu, taste, quality, and hygiene.     Even if your customers are not comfortable giving on-the-spot feedback, then you can send your survey via Email or SMS or through QR Code. You can print QR codes on the bill receipt through which customers can scan to give feedback later. You can also automate the trigger of the Dine-in Restaurant Feedback Survey at various touchpoints like post-lunch or dinner, or while giving bills through integrating the Zonka Feedback Software with your restaurant system.  To create and send Dine-in Restaurant Feedback Surveys to your customers, just sign up or sign in to Zonka Feedback. You’ll be able to choose the professional Dine-in Feedback Survey Template.

List of Dine-in Restaurant Feedback Survey Questions

The following questions are included in this Dine-in Restaurant Feedback Survey Template. 


To capture the guest details and information, an ideal way is to pass that information in your Survey Link, Email Survey, or SMS Survey or integrate this with your system to pass the data to Zonka Feedback. You can also add fields to seek guests’ details in your survey. 

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