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Gather actionable customer insights and understand their requirements with our expert Food Home Delivery Feedback Survey Template. It further helps you to track the performance of your delivery staff and improve the quality of your delivery services.

Measuring Home Delivery Feedback with Our Expert Home Delivery Feedback Survey Template In a restaurant or a food delivery company, measuring the overall experience is a great way to engage with your on-site & off-site guests. Taking customer feedback has become very essential if it is Home Delivery. This home delivery feedback covers various things like how was the food, was the food delivered on time, how was the delivery staff, how was the behavior of our delivery staff, and so on. Capturing the Home Delivery Feedback Surveys enables you to track whether your customers are satisfied and happy with the quality of food and delivery services or not. Here, using Restaurant Feedback Software makes a lot of sense to streamline the process of taking Home Delivery Feedback instead of using manual mechanisms that don't give any concrete feedback analytics. A restaurant feedback tool offers numerous ways to capture real-time Home Delivery Feedback like SMSes, Emails, Tablets, Mobile Devices, and QR Codes. If your customers are not accessing the internet, then you can tell your delivery staff to handover the tablet to the customers, where they can easily give their feedback. If your customers are not willing to give you on-the-spot feedback, then you can either send a Home Delivery Feedback Survey link via SMSes or you can embed the survey link in a QR Code and print them on bill or box. You can trigger the Home Delivery Feedback Survey at post-delivery of food touchpoint via powerful integrations and custom APIs to do feedback management on steroids. To create and send Home Delivery Feedback Survey to your customers, just sign up or sign in to Zonka Feedback. You’ll be able to choose the expert Home Delivery Feedback Survey Template to know customer feedback about food delivery, taste, quantity, and more.

List of Home Delivery Feedback Survey Question 

The following questions are included in this Home Delivery Feedback Survey Template. 

  • Was your package delivered at the designated time? 
  • Please rate the delivery based on packaging and handling. 
  • Overall, how would you rate the delivery of your products? 
  • Based on your experience, how likely are you to place an order for delivery again?

Based on customers’ answers to your close-ended question, you can further ask follow-up questions that ‘How can we improve our delivery services?’ This question helps you to discover the nooks and crannies in your delivery services from the eyes of your customers. This further helps you to improve your delivery services.

Sign Up on Zonka Feedback for free and implement this Home Delivery Feedback Survey in your account to measure customer experience or satisfaction with your delivery services.

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