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Survey Templates

Explore Expert Survey Templates for NPS Surveys, Healthcare Surveys, Customer Satisfaction Surveys, Education Surveys, Employee Surveys, Market Research Surveys and more.

What are Survey Templates?

Surveys are a perfect way to capture information, gather data and gauge opinions from customers, employees, visitors and more. You can easily use and modify any templates from the Zonka Feedback Survey Template Library. Use the Survey Templates to measure customer satisfaction and loyalty, do healthcare surveys, academic surveys, market research surveys and more. Once you select a survey template, you can use the Zonka Feedback Survey Builder to customise and design your own survey form.

NPS Surveys

  • Net Promoter Score (NPS) Survey Template

    A proven method to measure customer loyalty. 

  • eNPS Survey Template

    Measure Employee Loyalty and their likelihood to recommend the company.

  • Post Purchase NPS Survey Template

    Gauge customers' overall shopping experience with a Post-Purchase NPS Template.


Healthcare Surveys

  • Post-Visit Hospital Outpatient Satisfaction Survey Template

    Measure Outpatient Satisfaction post patient visit at hospitals and healthcare centers.

  • COVID 19 Assessment Survey Template

    Determine the likelihood of having COVID 19 Coronavirus based on the survey. 

  • Post Discharge Inpatient Satisfaction Survey Template

    Measure Inpatient Satisfaction post patient discharge at hospitals and healthcare centers.


CES Surveys

  • Customer Effort Score (CES) Survey Template

    Customers are likely to be more satisfied and loyal if their experience was effortless.