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Use HR Templates to Measure Employee Satisfaction and Take Your Recruitment Strategy to Next Level

HR templates allow you to collect employee information, measure employee feedback, satisfaction and engagement rates. Shift your HR processes to Zonka Feedback templates via which you can collect the feedback in a few clicks.

HR Survey Templates

  • Hotel Guest Satisfaction Survey Template

    For general and targeted hotel feedback surveys, this resort and hotel satisfaction survey...

  • Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) Survey Template

    Measure Employee Loyalty and their likelihood to recommend the company.

  • Employee Onboarding Survey Template

    Take feedback about the onboarding process using employee onboarding survey template

  • Employee Exit Survey Template

    Take a survey to collect your employee experience using employee exit survey

  • Employee Satisfaction Survey Template

    Human Resource Managers take this survey to understand the level of satisfaction of the employees.

  • Employee Engagement Survey Template

    Take a Survey to measure the degree to which employees feel valued at your company.

  • Employee Training Survey Template

    Surveys are a fantastic tool to determine whether your course content is providing your learners...

  • Employee Post-Interview Survey Template

    Use the interview feedback survey questions to understand how you can optimize your interviewing

  • Employee Wellness Survey Template

    Take a Feedback of your employees wellness using employee wellness survey.

  • Healthcare Insurance Survey Template

    Collect feedback from participants regarding their satisfaction of their health insurance plans.

  • Employee Net Promoter Score Survey Template

    What is the loyalty of your employee towards your company? Measure it by using eNPS Survey Template.

  • Employee On-boarding Survey Form

    Collect employee opinion about the recruitment process and first day at the workplace with this...

  • Supervisor Performance Evaluation Survey Form

    Use this supervisor performance evaluation survey form to allow the subordinates to provide...

  • HR Employee Survey Template

    Use this HR employee survey form template to evaluate the workforce satisfaction. Sign up with...

  • 360-degree employee evaluation survey template

    The 360 degree employee evaluation survey help you get reviews about your employees and will let...

  • 30 Days Employee Satisfaction Survey Questions + Sample...

    Our expert 30 days employee satisfaction survey template is designed to collect feedback from your...

  • Company Event Planning Survey Template

    The company event planning survey template helps you organize and manage an internal event. The...

  • Compensation survey template

    The compensation survey template helps you evaluate whether your employees should be compensated...

  • Coronavirus office return check-in

    The template makes you understand if your employees are interested in returning to the office.

  • Coronavirus working from home survey template for managers

    The coronavirus work from home survey is designed to make managers understand how their teams are...

  • Employee Attitude Survey Template

    Want to know more about the views and opinions of your employees? Understand your employees' needs...

  • Employee Benefits Survey Template

    Use the employee benefits survey template to gather your workforce's satisfaction around the...

  • Employee compensation survey template

    Use this employee compensation survey template to check whether your employees are satisfied with...

  • Employee diversity survey template

    The diversity survey template will let you understand if your employees fit in and where you need...

  • Employee Information Form Template

    Securely collect crucial employee information such as contact details, medical history, previous...

  • Employee Medical Form Template

    Capture your employees' present medical status and past medical history easily using this...

  • Employee Motivation Survey Template

    The employee motivation survey template motivates your employees and keep them team driven and...

  • Employee Opinion Survey Template

    The employee online survey template will help you understand whether your workforce is happy with...

  • Employee Performance Survey

    The employee performance survey template helps you track your employees work progress and collect...

  • Employee Pulse Survey Template

    Use this employee pulse survey template to do timely check-ins on your team to boost communication...

  • Employee Recognition Survey Template

    Use this employee recognition survey template to ask for nominations for those who deserve...

  • Employee Review Survey Template: Growth, Impact, and Goals...

    Use the Employee Review Template: Growth, Impact, and Goals (GIG) to have quarterly conversations...
  • Employment Survey Template

    Capture the employment status of your target demographics using this employment survey template. 

  • Entry Interview Survey Template

    The entry interview survey template assists you in discovering new joinees, employees interest,...

  • Exit Interview Survey Template

    Use our free employee exit interview survey templates to get real insights into their experience...

  • Expense Reimbursement Report Survey Template

    Collect, track and simplify expenses and reimbursement process in your organization using this...

  • Management Performance Survey Template

    This management performance survey template enables you to gain insights on what your employees...

  • Self Evaluation Form Template

    Use the Self Evaluation Form Template to encourage employees to evaluate their own performance and...