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Receive customer complaints and suggestions in real-time

Install touch-screen kiosks for feedback at retail outlets, airports, restaurants, hotels and other places to collect on-premises feedbacks. Get SMS and Email alerts on low rating feedbacks and catch complaints in real-time. Intercept and resolve the complaints within the premises.

Receive real time alerts and track performance with feedback digests

Include at least one open-ended question asking for customer comments, suggestions and complaints. Get rich quality of data from open-ended questions and initiate follow ups based on them.

Customizable feedback forms

Make it yours! Add your branding ( logo, color schemes, and more), survey questions, images and customize feedback surveys completely.

Include rating questions

Send email surveys to your customers if you want to receive speedy and most candid feedbacks. Also, they are time-saving.

Hand over tablet or setup kiosk

Hand over the feedback tablets to your customers while they are at your premises. Or setup the tablet as kiosk and automate the feedback process.

Real-time SMS & Email Alerts

Evaluate your guest satisfaction and effort with rating scales like NPS and CES used throughout the industry.

Real-time SMS & Email Alerts

Set real-time feedback notifications to be received via emails & SMS. Now, resolve issues on the spot.

Collaborative Response Manager

The customer feedbacks received gets analyzed and is presented in-depth through charts and other graphs. Insights as never known before!

Intercept complaints in real-time and resolve with team collaboration

Get notified of the complaints in real-time

For higher response rates start listening to the customers and close the feedback loop with them. Follow up with them on the responses received and solve customer issues with Zonka’s collaborative response manager. Collaborate with your team and follow up with the customers.

Resolve issues and complaints with team collaboration

Build short and crisp survey if you want your customers to complete your surveys. Short surveys bring much high quality response data. We advise you to add limited number of survey screens in your Zonka surveys for higher completion rates.

Actionable insights and comprehensive reporting

NPS & Other Rating Scales

NPS & Other Rating Scales

Industry acclaimed metrics like NPS, CES and CSAT will bring in actionable data to you, analyze and take actions on with Zonka.

Detailed Reports and Insights

Take actions with Response Inbox

Zonka’s collaborative response inbox allows you to take actions by converting feedbacks into tasks.

Taking Actions with Response Inbox

Detailed Reports and Insights

Get to see the insights and customer sentiments that you might have never seen before through comprehensive reports and analytics.

Alerts and Digests

Alerts and Digests

Get real-time alerts on low rating feedbacks and email digests of the daily feedback performance delivered right to your inbox.

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