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Solicit regular feedbacks and keep your employees engaged

Keep in sync with your employee opinions, challenges, and satisfaction levels by conducting regular surveys. Distribute these surveys on email, sms or conduct at your office premises on tablet kiosks with Zonka.

Measure employee engagement in real time with Zonka

Create a highly engaged workforce by keeping in tune with your employees. Send employee surveys frequently and benchmark them with the help of drill down comparative reports.

Pick from pre-made templates

Choose from a variety of employee survey forms available in Zonka template library. Pick from library or build from scratch, your choice.

Send eNPS surveys

Send employee net promoter score surveys after training sessions, induction process, event and evaluate the employee satisfaction.

Send real-time bulk emails

Seek feedback often and make your employees a part of decision making by sending real-time bulk surveys over emails.

Send mobile friendly surveys

Allow your employees to register their feedback via their mobile phones by creating mobile friendly surveys powered by Zonka.

Take action with real-time alerts

Take prompt actions on employee feedback and lower the employee churn. Resolve issues with the help of low rating sms and email feedbacks.

Real time analysis

Look into the detailed analysis and intercept common areas of concerns. Receive data analytics and view them as you get responses.

Send and analyze employee surveys in real-time

Address issues instantly and lower employee churn

Address and resolve issues as they crop up. Don’t wait for the situation to go out of hand. Set real time low rating feedback to be received by the employees in administration and HR department of the company as sms and email alerts.

Fill employee engagement gap with employee pulse surveys

Quickly uncover trouble areas in your organization with employee pulse surveys. Diagnose problems, prescribe actions, and fix individual and business performance issues. Periodic employee pulse surveys enable you to fine-tune your training programs.

Actionable insights and comprehensive reporting

NPS & Other Rating Scales

NPS & Other Rating Scales

Send NPS surveys post meetings/ training sessions /events to evaluate the employee satisfaction.

Detailed Reports and Insights

Take actions with Response Inbox

Take actions with response manager by looping in the HR and administration department. Turn feedbacks into tasks!

Taking Actions with Response Inbox

Detailed Reports and Insights

Get to see the insights and employee sentiments that you might have never seen before with comprehensive reports.

Alerts and Digests

Alerts and Digests

Get real-time alerts on low rating employee feedbacks and email digests of the daily feedback performance delivered right to your inbox.

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