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Evaluate, benchmark, and boost your employee satisfaction

Send out employee satisfaction surveys online via Emails and Sms. Install survey kiosks in the workplace to collect anonymous and most honest employee feedback.

Ask the right questions and receive actionable insights

Customize survey look and feel as well as the questions, and ask questions on every aspect of the job. Don’t guess how your employees feel, trust the feedback reports and analytics.

Brand your surveys

Brand your employee surveys by adding your logo, color schemes, and more, so that your employees can recognize and connect with you.

Fully customizable forms

Modify the appearance of the surveys as per your choice and add in questions that are most relevant to you at the given time.

Conduct eNPS surveys

Measure the employee satisfaction and their likeliness to recommend by sending out Employee Net Promoter Score surveys.

Offline employee feedbacks

Conduct offline employee satisfaction survey on kiosks installed at reception. Capture responses with a single emotion rating question.

Distribute via multiple channels

Send the employee satisfaction survey through various channels like Emails, SMS, feedback tablet installed in the office and more.

Send bulk emails

Send monthly or quarterly customer satisfaction surveys to your employees in bulk over the email. Save time and effort!

Collect honest employee feedbacks and compare results

Benchmark your surveys

When you send repeated surveys each survey sent will be more valuable as you can now compare it to previous ones. You can also compare satisfaction levels between various departments in the office.

Capture anonymous employee feedbacks

Sometimes concerns around anonymity are the biggest reasons for a low response rate, or inaccurate data. Conduct anonymous employee surveys and get most honest feedbacks. Also, anonymous surveys divert the focus solely to the response and not the respondent.

Actionable insights and comprehensive reporting

NPS & Other Rating Scales

NPS & Other Rating Scales

Industry acclaimed metrics like NPS and CSAT will bring in employee data to you based on which you can take actions with Zonka.

Detailed Reports and Insights

Take actions with Response Inbox

Zonka’s collaborative response inbox allows you to take actions by converting feedbacks into tasks. Involve the HR department and solve employee issues.

Taking Actions with Response Inbox

Detailed Reports and Insights

Get to see the insights and employee sentiments that you might have never seen before through comprehensive reports and analytics.

Alerts and Digests

Alerts and Digests

Get real-time alerts on low rating employee feedbacks and email digests of the daily feedback performance delivered right to your inbox.

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