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Capture employee pulse with real-time feedbacks

Use Zonka’s real-time feedback channels to help you understand what to do to improve employee engagement. Catch issues and collect employee opinions in the moment.

Gain insight into the company health with real-time feedbacks

Track employee mood in the workplace and understand the actual employee sentiment by building action-fetching real-time employee surveys.

Build crisp surveys

Create crisp surveys that are to the point. Choose questions that cover a wide spectrum of areas, such as happiness, motivation, work/life balance & more.

Choose from the template library

Create custom questions based on your requirements or choose from expert formulated pre-made templates available in the template library.

Send real-time bulk emails

Send real-time bulk surveys to your employees over the email post training sessions, meetings or project delivery. Save time and effort!

Send mobile friendly surveys

Allow your employees to register their feedback via their mobile phones by creating mobile friendly surveys powered by Zonka.

Distribute via multiple channels

Send the real-time employee surveys through various channels like Email and SMS.

Real time analysis

Zonka provides a real-time analysis of responses too. Look into the detailed analysis and intercept common areas of concerns.

Send and analyze employee surveys in real-time

Send post training surveys in real-time

Give your employees a platform to vent out their feelings about any interaction with the superiors or the management. Send real-time Email surveys to your employees after meetings, training sessions and project delivery. Understand their challenges and offer help to fight them.

Take action with real-time alerts

Zonka sends real time email and sms alerts for new and low rating feedbacks in real-time. Get to know when you receive a low rating from any employee and catch the issue. Problem area then and there. Try to resolve with helpful interception.

Actionable insights and comprehensive reporting

NPS & Other Rating Scales

NPS & Other Rating Scales

Send NPS and CSAT surveys post meetings/ training sessions to evaluate the employee satisfaction with the meeting or training held.

Detailed Reports and Insights

Take actions with Response Inbox

The responses inbox shows the responses in real time as in when they get registered. Take actions by converting feedbacks into tasks.

Taking Actions with Response Inbox

Detailed Reports and Insights

Get to see the insights and employee sentiments that you might have never seen before through comprehensive reports and analytics.

Alerts and Digests

Alerts and Digests

Get real-time alerts on low rating employee feedbacks and email digests of the daily feedback performance delivered right to your inbox.

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