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Voice of the Customer Software (VOC)

Hear the Voice of Every Customer

With real-time feedback, know what every Customer feels about your business and brand, at every touchpoint. Grow your business with valuable Customer Insights.

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All about Voice of Customer

What is Voice of Customer?

Voice of Customer (VoC) is a term used by businesses to know and measure Customer requirements, needs and expectations toward a business. It is a research strategy and methodology that puts Customers at the heart of it and aims to measure and know what customers think of your business, product or service. It is exactly as the term suggests, Listening to your Customers Voice (thoughts, requirements, expectations and feedback).

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VOC program to gain Customer Insights

Putting the customer first’ - aren’t all businesses always told that. And rightly so. Customers should be the heart of every business. And therefore, it is important for all businesses to know how Customers feel.

  • Give a platform to Customers to Voice their Opinions
  • Make it easy for Customers to share feedback at all touchpoints
  • Hear Voice of every Customer and address it
  • Get insights based on Voice to Customer to take business decisions

Transform Customer Experience with a powerful Voice of Customer program

Collect Feedback at every touchpoint

Listen to your customers, wherever they are. With Zonka Feedback, measure and take feedback at every touchpoint, through every channel - Kiosks, Tablets, Online, Website, Email, SMS and more.

Seek reasons with the right feedback

Create intuitive, logic-based surveys to gather reasons behind every feedback and get insightful details. Knowing what customers feel and why they feel helps you make smarter business decisions.

Close the Loop for every customer

Every customer is important. Every feedback is important. With your Customer Service team, set a process to address issues of miffed customers and display gratitude to happy ones. Close the loop for every customer.

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Voice of Customer Feedback Software

Hear the Voice of every Customer with a Feedback Software

Measure Customer Feedback and know how customers feel with a Voice of Customer program on Zonka Feedback’s Customer Feedback Software.

  • Customize your Voice of Customer Feedback Forms
  • Measure Feedback at all touchpoints
  • Get real-time feedback and alerts
  • View insightful reports
  • Take action to close the feedback loop
  • Grow your business with powerful data


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