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    Why Switch to Zonka Feedback

    Make your feedback management super smooth and easy with Zonka Feedback’s amazing features. Find out one too many reasons why you need to say goodbye to your current Feedback Management System and sign up for Zonka Feedback!

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    collect & analyze customer feedback

    Better Than Paper

    In the world where everything is touch-screen, are you still relying on paper feedback forms and comment cards for customer feedback?

    Switch to the new century digital comment cards.

    Switch to Zonka Feedback.

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    Set Zonka in Kiosk mode
    Zonka Feedback on App Store
    Zonka Feedback on Google Play

    Available on Android Tablets and iPads

    Download the Zonka Feedback app on Android Tablets or iPads and collect customer feedback and responses.

    easy to use for collecting customer feedbacks

    Easy to Use

    You don’t have to be a techie to use Zonka Feedback. It’s super easy to use, for everyone!

    quick to set up

    Quick to Set up

    Create your fully customised survey and feedback form in just a few minutes!


    capture feedbacks offline

    Works Offline

    Who said you need Wi-Fi? Capture Feedbacks offline and sync anytime!

    secure feedback


    We use Amazon Cloud Servers to keep your data 100% secure.


    Change the way you take feedback

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    on-premises feedback capture


    Engage your guests with interactive feedback forms on tablets, on premises – the best time to capture feedback and know what your guests are really thinking.

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    Real-time, Remote Access

    We believe in making feedbacks reach you in real-time because even a few hours is a few hours too late for guest feedback to reach you!

    Hear what your guests are saying, in real-time.


    collect feedback in real time

    Multiple touch points

    Collect your customer’s feedbacks across several platforms:

    feedbacks on tablet

    Tablet Feedbacks

    Hand over feedback-enabled iPad and Android tablets to your customers before they leave.

    touch-screen feedback kiosks

    Feedback Kiosks

    Place a touch-screen feedback kiosks at strategic locations in your restaurant or hotel.

    collect feedbacks across several platforms
    web-based customer feedbacks

    Web Feedbacks

    Web Feedbacks for customers allow guests to submit feedbacks at their comfort. (Coming Soon!)

    IVR feedbacks

    IVR Feedbacks

    Hear your customer’s voice – literally, via IVR guest feedbacks. (Coming Soon!)

    Change the way you take feedback

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    Features your guests will love

    Fully Customisable

    Fully customise your feedback forms and make them look exactly the way you like with an easy-to-use form builder. Select screen layout, design, colours, fonts, questions and more!

    Customer Effort Score

    Measure Customer Effort Score – a powerful metric to measure how much effort the customer put while doing business with you, or how easy it was for the customer.

    Skip Logic and Branching

    Include skip logic in your surveys to indicate which questions should have logic and be displayed or not displayed based on various conditions. Make surveys smarter!

    White-Labelled, Branding

    Create completely white-labelled forms with your logo and branding. Match the survey theme with your brand identity to give a superior feedback experience to your guests.

    Multi-Language Support

    Add surveys and capture customer feedback in multiple languages for your guests and view survey results and responses in different languages. (coming soon)


    Click Through Surveys

    Reduce the effort by customer while giving your feedback on tablet by creating click-through-surveys with one question per screen and auto swipe.

    Net Promoter Score

    Include Net Promoter Question in your surveys to view NPS-based reports. NPS is an index that measures the willingness of your customer to recommend your services to others.


    Amazing Templates

    Create your feedback forms from scratch or pick from the wide range of industry-based templates available in the Zonka Feedback form builder to make feedback forms quickly and easily.

    Landscape / Portrait Mode

    Based on your requirements, create a landscape mode feedback form or portrait mode feedback form to set up for your business to capture customer feedback.

    Amazing Survey Features



    Handing over touchscreen tablet feedback form to guests instead of handing over a paper feedback form or emailing them a web survey link is far more interactive and engaging for guests.

    Interactive and Good-looking

    Besides keeping them engaged, impress your guests with good-looking and interactive feedback forms and surveys that match your brand identity.

    Auto-Reply SMS & Emails

    Set up auto-thank you SMSes and Emails for guests who fill up the survey and feedback form on Zonka Feedback’s Tablet Feedback App.

    Change the way you take feedback

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