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Take Feedback at all touchpoints with a Multi-Channel Survey App

With Zonka Feedback, reach your customers and employees wherever they are.


Offline Survey App

Take Surveys & Feedback on iPads, Android Tablets & Kiosks using Offline Survey App

  • Works on iPads, Android Tablets, iPhones & Smartphones
  • Set up as unattended Offline Kiosk Survey App
  • Run unlimited surveys & take feedback
  • Works offline, without WiFi. Sync anytime
  • Track Feedback Devices remotely
  • Get real-time reports & analytics

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Email Surveys

Send Email Survey Invitations and Embedded Email Surveys

  • Send Email Survey Invitations with Survey Link
  • Embed Survey Question in Email
  • Add custom variables to surveys
  • Automate Email Surveys post interaction or transaction using APIs, Integrations
  • Customize Email Survey message
  • Use Email Survey Logs to track deliveries, bounces, responses

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SMS Surveys

Send SMS Surveys with feedback form link on mobile forms to customers

  • Send one-click SMS Surveys
  • Add custom variables
  • Automate SMS Surveys with Integrations & APIs
  • Bulk send Mobile Responsive SMS Surveys
  • Track SMS Survey Logs and Feedbacks in real-time

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CSAT Online Survey

Online & Web Surveys

Responsive Web & Online Surveys that work beautifully on mobile and web.

  • Embed online surveys on your website
  • Use surveys as Web Widgets
  • Share online surveys on Website, Email, SMS
  • Works offline, without WiFi. Sync anytime
  • Print QR Code for Surveys
  • Get real-time responses and feedback

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Measure the Right Customer Feedback Metrics

Measure the Right Customer Feedback Metrics

Measure all the Customer Feedback Metrics critical to your Feedback Program and your business strategy.

npsNet Promoter Score

NPS is popular metric for measuring Loyalty. Use ready NPS Survey Templates to measure Employee & Customer Loyalty.

  • Run Transactional & Relationship Surveys
  • Email, SMS, Online & Kiosks NPS Surveys
  • Automate NPS Surveys with Integrations
  • Get Advanced NPS Reports & Analytics

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cessCustomer Effort Score

Use CES 2.0 Surveys to measure customer effort and identify inefficient processes and improve customer service standards in your organization.

  • Measure Customer’s perceived effort 
  • Automate CES Surveys with Integrations
  • Take CES Surveys on multiple channels
  • Get real-time CES Reports

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cssCustomer Satisfaction Score

Use customized CSAT surveys using multiple scales like Likert/Matrix, Smileys, Stars, Hearts, Numbers and more. 

  • Take CSAT across various channels 
  • Use multiple questions to measure CSAT
  • Integrate with your apps to automate
  • Get Advanced CSAT Reports & Analytics

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Survey Builder with Employee CSAT

Customizable Surveys

Build Effective Surveys

Create customized, white-labelled surveys to ask any questions you want.

  • An easy-to-use, WYIWYG Survey Builder
  • Choose from 40+ Survey Question Types
  • Pick from Ready-to-Use Expert Survey Templates
  • Set up white-labelled Surveys
  • Make intuitive surveys with Survey Logic & Branching
  • Add surveys in multiple languages
  • Use Answer Piping in your Surveys

Build your first survey

Response Inbox

See Responses in Real-time, Close the Feedback Loop

With a real-time Response Inbox, see responses as soon as they come, from wherever you are. Add tags, notes and tasks to take action and close the feedback loop.

Global Response Inbox

Response Inbox

View feedback and responses in real-time in a Collaborative Response Inbox.


Filter Responses

Use filters to view specific responses by using date, question and other filters.


Add Tasks

Add tasks for each feedback and assign to self or team member.


Add Notes

Add internal notes for individual feedbacks which is viewable by team.


Assign Tags

Add Tags to responses, mark them as urgent or flag them to filter & view easily.



View Customer Feedback metrics and comments at a glance.

Survey Reports

Real-time Feedback Reports, Amazing Survey Analytics

Gain amazing insights with Zonka Feedback’s Real-time Feedback Reports. Get an overview of survey analytics and drill down to what’s working and what’s not.



Connect your favorite tools for a seamless feedback management

Explore integrations and tools that make your workflow super efficient and integrated.

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Ready for Enterprises

Giving Enterprises a secure, stable and powerful feedback platform

  • plant

    Built for Scale

    Set up multiple locations and teams. Add multiple surveys. We expand as you grow.
  • data

    Enhanched Security & Data Protection

    Securely sync data. Get enhanced data security and protection.
  • device


    Give your customers and employees a voice at every touchpoint.
  • dashboard

    Industry-Standard Metrics

    Measure and benchmark with the right industry metrics - NPS, CES 2.0 and CSAT.

Use Cases

Feedback Solutions for everyone

  • Customer Satisfaction

    Use CSAT Surveys to measure Customer Happiness.

  • Net Promoter Score

    Gauge Loyalty with NPS Surveys.

  • In App Feedback

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  • Kiosk Feedback

    Set up unattended Kiosk Feedback Devices.

  • Patient Feedback

    Measure patient satisfaction for inpatients & outpatients.

  • Washroom Feedback

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  • Retail & eCommerce Feedback

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  • Customer Effort Score

    With CES 2.0 Surveys, know Customer Effort.

  • Voice of Customer

    Hear the voice of every customer.

  • Website Feedback

    Embedded Web Surveys & Web Widgets.

  • On Premises Feedback

    Take feedback on iPads, Android Tablets.

  • Student Feedback

    Get student feedback at universities, schools and institutes.

  • Visitor Feedback

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  • Employee Feedback

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