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Measure and improve Customer
Satisfaction with CSAT Surveys

Take feedback from customers in real-time with CSAT Surveys, track their Customer Satisfaction in-the-moment with real-time responses and powerful reports, identify unhappy customers, take action, and prevent them from churning.

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Reach your Customers with CSAT Surveys

Take feedback at all touchpoints with the omnichannel Customer Satisfaction Survey Software.

Measure the Right Customer Feedback Metrics

Measure the Right Customer Feedback Metrics

Measure all the Customer Feedback Metrics critical to your Feedback Program and your business strategy.

npsNet Promoter Score

NPS is popular metric for measuring Loyalty. Use ready NPS Survey Templates to measure Employee & Customer Loyalty.

  • Run Transactional & Relationship Surveys
  • Email, SMS, Online & Kiosks NPS Surveys
  • Automate NPS Surveys with Integrations
  • Get Advanced NPS Reports & Analytics

Learn about Net Promoter Score  ➝

cessCustomer Effort Score

Use CES 2.0 Surveys to measure customer effort and identify inefficient processes and improve customer service standards in your organization.

  • Measure Customer’s perceived effort 
  • Automate CES Surveys with Integrations
  • Take CES Surveys on multiple channels
  • Get real-time CES Reports

Learn about Customer Effort Score  ➝

cssCustomer Satisfaction Score

Use customized CSAT surveys using multiple scales like Likert/Matrix, Smileys, Stars, Hearts, Numbers and more. 

  • Take CSAT across various channels 
  • Use multiple questions to measure CSAT
  • Integrate with your apps to automate
  • Get Advanced CSAT Reports & Analytics

Learn about Customer Satisfaction  ➝


Everything you can do with the CSAT Software


Customize CSAT Surveys

Completely customize and white-label your CSAT Surveys with logo, branding, background and more questions.


Add Follow Up Question

Besides asking CSAT Question, add a follow up question to your Survey to ask the reason behind the score.


Add Logic to CSAT Surveys

Display different questions based on the selected score using Survey Logic in your CSAT Surveys.


Distribute via various Channels

Reach your customers and employees wherever they are — through Tablets/Kiosks, SMS, Email, Web Widgets, Online & APIs.


Measure Employee Satisfaction

Don't stay restricted to Customers only. Use Zonka Feedback to also measure Employee Satisfaction Score.


Measure other CX Metrics

Besides measuring Customer Satisfaction, also measure other CX Metrics like NPS and CES together in the same survey.


Real-time Alerts for Team

Set real-time alerts for team based on the Customer Satisfaction Score or any other custom parameters to keep them updated.

Email Survey

Automated Notifications for Respondents

Engage with customers with automated notifications based on their score.


Track NPS in real-time

See responses with the score in real-time, auto-tagged as Negative, Positive and Neutral, based on the CSAT Score. 


Access in-depth CSAT Reports

Get access to real-time, in-depth CSAT Reports like CSAT Meter Report, Trends Report, Location-based CSAT, Text Analytics and more.


Create Tasks & Close the Loop

Don't just measure CSAT, but also take action to prevent your miffed customers from churning. Create Tasks for your team, take action & close the loop.


Use APIs & connect with tools

Trigger CSAT Surveys by integrating Zonka Feedback using APIs to your favorite tools. Send CSAT Survey post transaction, post ticket closing, post chat and more.






Customize your CSAT Surveys

Survey Builder with Employee CSAT

Branding & Themes

Change logo, background and colors. Pick themes for the forms.


30+ Question Types & Emoticons

Pick from rating scales, emoticons, drop downs, comment boxes & more!


Professional Templates

40+ ready-to-use templates for all industries, with all metrics like CSAT, NPS and CES.


Skip Logic & Question Branching

Hide and Skip Survey Screens based on logic and make surveys intuitive.


Customize Intro & Thank You Screens

Add and customize introduction and thank you screens in your survey.


Answer Piping, Custom Variables

Insert text from previous question and add custom variables in survey.


Add Follow Up Questions to get detailed feedback

Let customers share how they feel, in their own words with comment boxes. Add additional questions based on logic to get insights using CSAT Surveys.

Conditional Replies to NPS Respondents

Send Personalized Email Responses to Customers

Set automated, personalized messages and emails to customers based on the Customer Satisfaction Score. Engage with customers — thank happy customers and encourage them to refer you, show gratitude to neutral customers for their suggestions and let unhappy customers know that you care about their concerns and reach out to them for learning more about the problems they faced.

Survey Reports

Real-time Survey Reports & Analytics

Get insightful survey reports instantly and take data-driven business decisions.


CSAT Score Report

View the CSAT Question analyzed in your report.


CSAT with Text Analysis

View CSAT Score with Text Analysis to understand customer loyalty.


CSAT Trends

Selected preferred dates and time to view CSAT trends in tables & graphs.


Advanced Filters

Use Advanced Filters in Reporting to analyse the CSAT Score on various parameters.


Location & Date CSAT Comparison

Compare CSAT Score from one time period to another and amongst various locations.


Export Reports

Instantly export and download all Customer Satisfaction Survey reports..

NPS Question Report Text Analysis NPS Trends Report Filter Image Locations Comparison Report Locations

Make your customers happy and satisfied

Identify at risk customers & win them back

Identify at-risk and unhappy customers. Get your team notified of miffed customers and strategize your business plan to win them back!

Measure CSAT at every touchpoint

With a CSAT Software, you can be where your customers are. Take feedback in-app, on tablets, through email and SMS and many more ways.

Measure loyalty from everyone

Why measure only Customer Satisfaction? Use Zonka Feedback’s Customer Satisfaction Software for Employee Satisfaction, Patient Satisfaction and more!

Response Inbox

View & Track Real-time Responses

See your feedbacks and survey responses in real-time with CX Metrics (NPS, CES and CSAT) in your Response Inbox. Filter your Responses, add Tags to identify themes, search by Name, Comments and more.

Global Response Inbox

Close the Feedback Loop

Don’t just collect feedback and view reports. With Zonka Feedback’s CSAT Software, proactively take action, engage customers and close the feedback loop

NPS Metrics for all Feedback Questions

Involve your team with Survey Notifications & Data

Bring in your team to the platform, add Custom Survey Response Alerts (based on filters) and Email Digests for teams to be notified immediately.


Add Follow Up Questions to get detailed feedback

Let customers share how they feel, in their own words with comment boxes. Add additional questions based on logic to get insights using CSAT Surveys.

Conditional Replies to NPS Respondents

Send Personalized Email Responses to Customers

Set automated, personalized messages and emails to customers based on the Customer Satisfaction Score. Engage with customers — thank promoters and encourage them to refer you, show gratitude to passives for their suggestions and let detractors know that you care about their concerns and reach out to them for learning more about the problems they faced.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many questions can be included in a Customer Satisfaction Survey?

Based on what all factors you're measuring, you can add unlimited questions in your CSAT Survey. Ideally, your CSAT Survey should have at least one Customer Satisfaction Question asking customers to rate you on their overall satisfaction with your business, brand, services, or product and a follow up question to seek reason for the score they've given. In addition, you can add multiple CSAT questions as well to seek Customer's rating on other aspects of your business and interaction with the customer. The CSAT Survey can also include other non-CSAT questions as well. 

Can I have multiple CSAT Questions in one survey?

Yes, you can have any number of CSAT questions in the same survey. This is entirely based on what factors are you looking at measuring Customer Happiness and Satisfaction on.


In case of multiple CSAT questions in a survey, the final Customer Satisfaction Score is calculated by taking the average of all the responses. 

For instance, you have 5 CSAT questions for which the customer provided the rating of 2, 5, 3, 2 and 3. Then your CSAT score will be calculated like this:

CSAT Score = Sum total of all responses/Number of questions
= 2+5+3+5+3 / 5
= 3.6


The CSAT Score is calculated automatically and displayed in your Zonka Feedback Reports. 

Can I measure CSAT along with other CX Metrics like NPS and CES in the same survey?

As you can fully customize your surveys in Zonka Feedback and include as many questions as you like, it is possible to measure other CX Metrics like Net Promoter Score (NPS) and Customer Effort Score (CES) along with Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) in your Surveys. You can also include other non-CX Metrics questions like text fields, comment boxes, drop downs, multiple choice questions, radio buttons, picture question, image upload, general rating scales, customer information questions like email, name, phone number and more in your CSAT Survey. 

Can I edit and modify my surveys?

Yes, Zonka Feedback enables you to edit and modify your surveys as per your requirement using a very user-friendly Survey Builder. When you get started with Zonka Feedback, you can choose from any existing, expert-designed Survey Templates including CSAT Surveys. These templates have pre-defined questions and can be edited and modified easily as per your requirement. Alternatively, you can choose to create your CSAT Surveys from scratch and add your questions, colors, logo, background and language in your survey. 


You can also edit the Surveys after they are live and you have started receiving Responses for it. However, editing Surveys after responses are collected does impact your survey responses. 

What type of questions can I ask to measure Customer Satisfaction?

In order to measure CSAT (Customer Satisfaction), you can ask your customers to rate their experience with your product, service, interaction or any other aspect of your business. Here are few examples of the type of CSAT questions you can ask: 

  • How would you rate your experience with our product?
  • How would you rate your interaction with our customer support team?
  • How would you rate your experience with our delivery services?
  • How would you rate our customer service?
  • How would you rate your overall experience with our company?
  • How was your parking experience?
  • How was your dining experience at our restaurant?
  • How would you stay at our hotel?
  • How would you rate the food served at our restaurant/hotel?
What rating scales are used in CSAT Surveys and how are the respondents segregated?

The rating scale for CSAT Surveys is from 1-5, where 1 and 2 are considered to be unhappy to negative, 3 is considered to be neutral and 4-5 is considered to be happy or positive. 


By default, in Zonka Feedback CSAT Surveys, the Survey Respondents are segregated as Negative, Positive and Neutral. 

What Reports does Zonka Feedback have?

Zonka Feedback provides you these different types of reports for CSAT Surveys:

  • Snapshot Report: A report that gives a quick summary of customer responses, CX metrics including Customer Satisfaction Score and different survey channels.
  • Insights Report: An analytic report that provides deep analysis and insights of all survey responses and metrics like CSAT, NPS and CES. These reports provide you segregated data of customer responses on the basis of different locations, rating options and team performance.
  • Trends Report: A powerful report that helps to track and analyze the changes in the customer responses and Customer Satisfaction Score (as well as other CX Metrics) over time.
  • Text Analytics: A report that helps you derive meaningful information from the words used in open-ended answers, comments and unstructured text data.
  • Tags Report: A report that helps to analyze responses and Customer Satisfaction Score in context of all the response tags you have created in CSAT Software. 
What channels can I use to measure customer satisfaction?

With Zonka Feedback, you can send your CSAT Surveys to your customers wherever they are, at the right time using the right touchpoint. These Survey Channels include: 

  • Email Surveys: You can send your surveys to the customers through emails. You can use both, an embedded email survey where the first question is embedded and displayed in the email body itself, as well as an email with a survey link where the clickable button is given in the email body.
  • SMS Surveys: You can send your CSAT surveys through SMS wherein a survey invitation is sent through a text message along with a clickable survey link.
  • Website Surveys: Zonka Feedback enables you to use your website to measure Customer Satisfaction by providing survey links on your website and inviting the visitors to take the survey. You can embed CSAT Surveys on your website, add a Feedback button on the website or display CSAT Surveys as a popover on the website after an interaction, event or transaction by the customer.
  • Mobile Forms: If you're looking at taking feedback on-the-go, Mobile Forms can be very useful. These can be used on iPhones or Android Smartphones and can be helpful in taking feedback in offline mode, i.e. without WiFi. 
  • Offline Kiosks & On-Premises Feedback: An ideal way to survey and gauge customer happiness for customers on-premises is to set up surveys on iPads or Android Tablets and allow customers to give feedback in real-time. CSAT Survey App on Kiosks and Tablets also works in offline mode and enables you to take feedback without Internet connectivity. These Survey Responses sync automatically when Internet is connected. 


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