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Take feedback and collect Data using Offline Kiosk Survey App

Turn your Android Tablets and iPads as Offline Kiosk Survey App to take feedback from customers and employees and capture data in real-time, without any assistance. 

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Get real-time feedback and data collection using Kiosk Survey App

Use Zonka Feedback’s Kiosk Survey and Feedback Software to take on-premise feedback and capture data.

  • Create and customize your feedback form
  • Set up your Android tablets and iPads as Kiosks for unattended feedback
  • Take feedback without WiFi on Kiosk Survey App
  • Measure NPS, CSAT and CES
  • Get real-time Email & SMS Alerts
  • View in-depth reports instantly
  • Take action & close the feedback loop
Survey Builder

Create your feedback form using Zonka’s Survey Builder

Choose from expert survey templates or design your feedback form from scratch in a WYSIWYG survey builder.

  • Fully customize your feedback forms
  • Choose from 30+ questions
  • White-label your surveys
  • Create survey in multiple languages
  • Add logic to your survey questions
  • Measure industry metrics like NPS, CSAT & CES

Useful Features for Kiosk Survey App

iPad Survey App

Set Kiosk Survey Time Out

Sometimes people tend to abandon feedback forms and surveys while filling them out. With Zonka Feedback, you can set the time for the Survey Time Out so the Kiosk Survey can restart if there is no activity for some time.

iPhone Survey App

Set Kiosk Survey Auto Restart Time

Once a survey has been filled, it should restart for the next person automatically. You can set the number of seconds that the Kiosk survey should restart in using Zonka Feedback.

Kiosk Survey App

Hide Survey Exit Options

While setting up your Android tablets and iPads as Survey Kiosks, you don’t want people to exit the survey screen. You can hide all survey exit options and password protected it to ensure the survey on kiosk runs without interference.

Offline Surveys

Run Offline Kiosk Surveys

Zonka Feedback’s Kiosk Survey App runs in offline mode as well, which means you can continue taking feedback and capturing data without WiFi and all the data will automatically sync once the Internet is connected.

Survey Device Tracking

Track your Devices using Kiosk Survey Software

Track Kiosk Survey Tablets placed at various touch points of your organization. Access information about the Feedback Kiosk Devices like device battery, device uptime, responses collections, current location selected and a lot more from your web dashboard.

  • View whether the Android tablet or iPad Kiosk is online or offline
  • Track Feedback Kiosk Device uptime, last login and responses captured
  • Deactivate the Survey Kiosk to prevent misuse
Global Response Inbox

Get feedback in real-time

All responses and feedbacks captured through the Kiosk Survey App on Android tablets and iPads are in real-time viewable in the Response Inbox. Here you can view and analyze each feedback and collaborate with team members to take action and resolve issues.

  • Monitor every response
  • Filter your feedbacks
  • Tag feedbacks
  • Mark feedbacks as urgent
  • Flag feedbacks
  • Add tasks for other team members
  • Send emails to customers
  • Add notes for feedbacks

Set up instant feedback alerts and notifications

Set up instant email and SMS alerts for feedback responses and negative feedback to be notified in real-time when customers give feedback and take action immediately to address customer issues and concerns.

  • Alerts for negative and new feedbacks
  • Instant Email & SMS Alerts
  • Alert multiple people together
  • Take immediate corrective action
Feedback Trends Reports

Feedback Reports & Detailed Analysis

With Zonka’s real-time reporting, you can monitor every feedback and get an in-depth analysis of all responses. Take action on customer feedback to swiftly resolve issues and improve customer experience.

  • Real-time reports
  • Drill-down reports
  • NPS, CSAT and CES reports
  • Word Analysis
  • Advanced Reporting Filters
  • Comparison Reports
  • Customize, Save & Schedule Reports

Benefits of Kiosk Survey App

Easy and Quick

Easy to use

The Kiosk Survey App is very easy to set up with powerful features like inactivity timeout, auto restart, and kiosk mode so no one can exit the survey.

App for Tablets & Phones

Works on iPads and Android tablets/phones

Capture data and take feedback on Android Smartphones and Tablets and iPads and iPhones using the Kiosk Survey App.


Get real-time feedback on Survey Kiosks

Kiosk Survey App helps you get real-time customer feedback, while their experience is fresh in their minds and they can share feedback in moment. .

Responsive Feedback Form

Amazing looking Feedback Forms

The feedback forms on Feedback Kiosk Tablets are beautiful and attraction and can be white-labeled.

Multilingual Surveys

Multi-lingual Kiosk Surveys

Personalize the experience for customers through multi-lingual surveys on Kiosk Surveys on tablets and smartphones.

Feedback APIs

Run Location based Kiosk Surveys

Run different surveys in different locations. Get cumulative and comparative location reports.

Zonka Feedback is a trusted Kiosk Survey Software for companies globally


FastMed Urgent Care, USA uses Zonka Feedback on Android tablets across 120+ locations to capture patient Net Promoter Score on premises.


Select Citywalk, a premium mall in South Delhi, India which has the maximum sales per feet in India uses Android tablets with Zonka Feedback to take customer feedback and licensee feedback at the mall.


Jacks of Fiji, a retail giant in Fiji, uses Zonka Feedback in 50+ stores to take real-time customer feedback using Android Feedback Kiosks and improve customer experience.

Integrate Zonka Feedback with other applications easily

Zonka Feedback is easily integratable with some very popular platforms and applications like Zapier, Twilio, Plivo and more. With powerful integrations, custom APIs and Webhooks available, you can do feedback management on steroids with Zonka Feedback.

Know more about Survey Integrations, APIs & Webhooks and Zapier Integration

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Popular Kiosk Survey Software Use Cases

Customer satisfaction

Capture customer feedback at various touch points and across various feedback channels like Mobile, Tablet, Online, Email, and SMS using Zonka.

Employee Feedback

Use Zonka to survey employees frequently at various touchpoint like a cafeteria, meeting rooms, post-training and more.

Patient satisfaction

Capture patient feedbacks deployed at various touch-points across healthcare centers. Ideal to use in hospitals, clinics, labs, and pharmacies.

NPS surveys

Create and collect NPS surveys within minutes with Zonka via different touch-points. Improve customer satisfaction and increase customer loyalty.

On-premises & Kiosk feedback

Set up iPad as a kiosk to take customer feedback or hand it over to get in-person, real-time customer feedback.

Event lead capture

Capture leads at events using event lead capture forms with details like customer name, email address, phone number and more.



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