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Companies use Zonka Feedback Survey App Globally

Survey your customers on any device

Set up your Survey App on the device of your choice to collect data and take feedback.

Different Uses of the Survey App

Top Ways to Use the Offline Survey App


Customer Feedback

Create customized feedback forms to capture customer feedback on survey app.


Data Collection

Collect data from various sources with custom forms on tablets and mobile phones using survey app.


Market Research

Do market research and field surveys using the offline survey app on mobile phones & tablets.


Lead Capture

Capture leads at events, exhibitions and trade shows with the best offline survey app.


Employee Feedback

Set up employee surveys to know employee satisfaction using the top offline survey app.

Features of the Survey App

Offline Survey App Features that you'll love


40+ Question Types & Emoticons

Pick from NPS, CES, CSAT, rating scales, drop downs, comment boxes & more!


Unlimited Survey Responses

Get unlimited responses on tablets and mobile phones using survey app.

iOS & Android Tablet Survey App

Survey App that seamlessly works on both iOS and Android devices

Capture Data Offline, without WiFi

No WiFi is no problem! Capture data without WiFi and sync later anytime.

Instant Email & SMS Alerts

Get real-time SMS & Email Alerts for new and low feedback.

Real-time Responses & Reports

View responses and reports in real-time on survey app dashboard.

NPS, CSAT and CES Analysis

View detailed analysis on customer loyalty, satisfaction and ease of working with you.

Feedback Management, Close the Loop

Easily manage feedback, collaborate with team and take action to close feedback.

APIs, Web Hooks and Integrations

Get out-of-the-box integration with Zapier, Twilio, Plivo, custom APIs & more.

Multi-Chain, Location Management

Setup multiple locations. View location-based cumulative & comparative reports.

Multilingual Feedbacks & Surveys

Zonka supports more than 30+ languages. Build multilingual feedback forms.

Building Forms

Survey Builder - NPS-1

Branding & Themes

Change logo, background and colors. Pick themes for the forms.


30+ Question Types & Emoticons

Pick from rating scales, emoticons, drop downs, comment boxes & more!


Professional Templates

40+ ready-to-use templates for all industries, metrics like NPS & CES 2.0.


Skip Logic & Question Branching

Hide and Skip Survey Screens based on logic and make surveys intuitive.


Customize Intro & Thank You Screens

Add and customize introduction and thank you screens in your survey.


Answer Piping, Custom Variables

Insert text from previous question and add custom variables in survey.


Use Native Tablet Apps to take real-time feedback

Use Zonka Feedback’s iOS and Android Survey App on iPads, Android Tablets, iPhones, Smartphones, and Kiosks to take feedback and do surveys on-premises.


Remote Device Tracking

Track Feedback Devices Remotely, from anywhere

Set up your feedback devices and kiosks and track their uptime, current status, and usage remotely.

  • View the current status of the feedback device
  • Track uptime, logged in user
  • Get real-time information of device battery
  • See responses and logs

Kiosk Survey Settings

Set Inactivity & Survey Restart Settings

Kiosk Surveys are left unmanned and it’s important for them to restart automatically after someone fills up the survey or if someone abandons the survey midway so the survey is ready for the next user.

Do this easily with Zonka Feedback. Set Survey Inactivity timeout and Survey Restart time to ensure your Kiosk Survey is always ready and needs no managing.


Syncing Offline Data

Auto-Sync Offline Data 

Patchy and unreliable WiFi? No worries. Zonka Feedback Offline Survey App saves data in devices and syncs automatically when it detects a stable Internet connection. No settings or interventions required.

Survey Reports

Real-time Survey Reports & Analytics

Get insightful survey reports instantly and take data-driven business decisions.


Snapshot Report

This is an Overview Report to get a quick summary and analysis of Responses, CX Metrics and Survey Channels.


Response Insights

Get Insights and Analysis of all Survey Responses and CX Metrics (NPS, CES and CSAT)


Location Insights

Have multiple locations? Analyze and compare their performance and scores..


Team Performance Report

With this get analysis and comparison of team member performance on each question and metrics.


Trends Report

View and analyze how Survey Responses and Metrics have changed over time, in a powerful Trends Report.


Text Analytics

Make meaning of open-ended responses, comment boxes and unstructured text data in Text Analytics report.

question Text NPSTrends filter Locations Locations

Response Inbox

View & Track Real-time Responses

See your feedbacks and survey responses in real-time with CX Metrics (NPS, CES and CSAT) in your Response Inbox. Filter your Responses, add Tags to identify themes, search by Name, Comments and more.

Close the Feedback Loop

Don’t just collect feedback and view reports. With Zonka Feedback’s Survey Software, proactively take action, engage customers and close the feedback loop

NPS Metrics for all Feedback Questions

Involve your team with Survey Notifications & Data

Bring in your team to the platform, add Custom Survey Response Alerts (based on filters) and Email Digests for teams to be notified immediately.


Enable workflows by connecting to tools you use

Integrate Zonka Feedback to tools and Software you use. Set up Zonka Feedback APIs & Webhooks and sync feedback to your favorite tools enabling workflows and quick action.


Tag Feedbacks, Add Tasks & Take Action

In the Response Inbox, Tag Responses based on their theme, add Tasks for team members and take action to Close the Feedback Loop

Over 200+ happy customers globally with Zonka Feedback Survey App


"The best part is we moved from paper feedback system to Zonka app which is completely digital and it has every day alert notification which is great. The dashboard gives to complete live information so that you can act on feedback real time."

Vinit R, Quality Assurance Manager, Health City Cayman Islands


"We have been able to perform analysis on customer data, getting the insights of how customers feel and think while visiting our mall. It also provides good understanding on areas of improvement through their suggestions."

Manager IT at Select CITYWALK Shopping Center, New Delhi


"Great survery platform to generate a wealth of data. Zonka makes creating professional surveys quick and simple. The data we have gotten on client satisfaction has been outstanding and extraordinarily helpful."

Louis Isernia, Senior Manager of Information Technology at Griswold Home Care

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

From where can I download the Survey App?

You can easily download Zonka Feedback Survey App for free from Play Store on your Android devices (Android Tablets and Smartphones) from here. The iPhone and iPad Survey App can be downloaded from the App Store from here.

Which devices can I use to run Offline Surveys?

Zonka Feedback Survey App can be used for Offline Surveys on any Android and iOS device like Andorid Tablets, Smartphones, iPads and iPhones. You can download the Survey App on these devices, log into your account (so your surveys download the first time) and then use the device offline to capture feedback on-the-go or set them up as kiosks for on-premises feedback. The Survey App can save data for weeks in the Offline mode and Responses can be synced automatically once Internet is connected. 

Can I take feedback without Wifi/Internet?

Yes, with the Survey App, you can take feedback without WiFi or Internet. The app stores all the responses locally in the device you use and automatically syncs the responses once Internet is connected. 

For how long can I continue doing surveys without WiFi, in Offline Mode?

You can continue using Offline Surveys without WiFi and Internet for weeks together. Zonka Feedback supports taking responses in Offline Mode for You can continue doing surveys without WiFi in Offline mode as long as you don’t need to sync the feedback data and as long as the memory of your device supports saving more data. However, it is a healthier practice to keep it for less than a month and connect to the internet so that your feedback data gets synced timely.

How to sync responses in Survey App?

For syncing your Offline Survey Responses to your dashboard you just need to connect your Feedback device to the internet. The Offline Survey App automatically syncs all the responses once WiFi is connected to the device. You can also manually trigger the sync by clicking on the 'Sync to Server' button on your App Dashboard. 

How can I create and edit Offline Surveys?

You can create, customize and edit your Offline Surveys at any time using the Survey Builder on the Zonka Feedback Web Dashboard. While creating and customizing your Surveys, you can - 

  • Choose from Expert Survey Templates
  • Choose from 30+ Question Types
  • Add CX Metrics like NPS, CES and CSAT
  • Add Survey Logic and Branching
  • Create Surveys in multiple languages 
  • White-Label your Surveys - add Brand Logo, Background, Colors and more 
Where can I see Survey Responses and Reports?

Zonka Feedback’s advanced survey and feedback reporting tool enables you to view and analyze all customer responses. It provides you a quick overview of your account and a summary of all the responses and latest responses.

In order to view the survey responses and reports, just log into your Web Dashboard on your browser, navigate to surveys by selecting the ‘Manage’ option and you will be taken to the list of surveys. There, you can select the survey for which you want to see the responses. 

From there, you can apply the filters and view your reports as per your requirements. 

Types of Survey Reports you can see in Zonka Feedback Survey App are: 

  • Snapshot Overview Report
  • Insights Report
  • Team Insights Report
  • Location Insights Report
  • Text Analysis Report
  • Word Cloud
  • Tags Analysis Report
  • Overtime Trends Report
How to run multilingual surveys?

By default, the surveys created by Zonka Feedback are in the English language. For creating and running multilingual surveys, you can easily add the languages in your surveys while in the Survey Builder, add the translations and your multilingual surveys will be ready. You can also choose the way the customers should be able to view and switch between languages - through a Language selection screen or a button in the Survey. 

When Customers view the Surveys, they can choose which language they'd like to respond to the Survey in. 

Can I use Survey app in Kiosk Mode?

Yes, Zonka Feedback Survey App has a lot of features and settings that make it very easy and effective for you to set up your Feedback Devices in Kiosk Mode. These include: 

  • Survey Restart Time: With this setting, you can choose the number of seconds in which the Survey should restart after the survey has been responded to. This makes it easy for the next person to give feedback without any staff help. 
  • Survey Inactivity Timeout: When you place the Survey as a Kiosk for unattended feedback, it is important to manage what happens when respondents and customers abandon the survey in between. With the Survey Inactivity Timeout setting, you can choose in how many seconds should the survey restart if the survey has been abandoned and there is no interaction with the screen. 
  • Survey Exit Options: You can ensure that the survey does not have any exit buttons and is exited using a gesture. You can also choose a password or a pin for exiting the survey. This ensures that customers can't exit the survey and only Survey Admins will be able to manage this. 
  • Pin Zonka Feedback Survey App: Using Android's Pin App feature and iOS' Guided Access feature, you can pin the Zonka Feedback Survey App so that customers and staff cannot exit from the app. 


Do you have smiley rating question?

Yes, Zonka Feedback supports smileys (emoticons), stars, hearts and circle ratings if you want to use icon-based rating for your Surveys. You can choose any of them while creating your survey. You can also add your own icons as smileys for rating-based questions. 

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