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user-picsrating-star crowd-logo captera-logo Rated 4.8/5 stars


Listen to your Customers & Build World-class Products

Know what customers want and develop products that solve real issues. Identify, prioritize and automate customer feedback to improve your product, reduce churn and increase ROI.

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Make an Experience your Customers Rejoice


Measure product experience

Conduct successful surveys around product ideas and concepts. Build and optimize products your customers love!


Check Your Product's Market Fit

Know your audience expectations. Take feedback-driven decisions to solve  their problems and set your product apart.


Get new product ideas

Leverage your existing customers feedback and suggestions as they are the best product advisors.


Collect Product Feature Feedback

Use customer feedback for product features to Improve product experience and increase loyal customers.


Improve satisfaction & loyalty

Use NPS, CSAT and CES surveys to identify and address customer issues and build long-term relationships.


Reduce Churn

Send real-time alerts to the dedicated teams so they can take reparatory steps to improve customer retention.


Don't leave any Product-feature Unturned

Strategically implement the right type of product feedback in your product and tap every customer touchpoint to get valuable product insights wherever and whenever it matters the most.

Product Feedback

Get instant feedback using 100% customizable in-product surveys.

  • Microsurveys

    Microsurveys to get instant feedback from your users

  • Feedback Button

    Place feedback button anywhere on your product or app

  • Slide Outs

    Left and Right Slide-outs enable you to get instant feedback

  • Pop-ups

    Conditional pop-ups to capture feedback

  • Exit Surveys

    Detect when the user is exiting the app and survey them

  • Embed & Links

    Embed or Link surveys anywhere on your product

Website Survey - Customer Satisfaction

Survey App & Offline Surveys

Take Feedback on iPads, Android Tablets and Kiosks using Offline Survey App.

  • iOS Surveys

    Use iPad Survey App to take on-premises feedback through iPads and iPhones.

  • Android Devices

    Turn Android Tablets & Smartphones into Feedback Devices to take real-time feedback.

  • Kiosk Feedback

    Set up touchscreen devices as Kiosks to take unattended feedback.

  • Offline Surveys

    Take feedback and collect responses without Wi-Fi. Sync anytime.


Email Surveys

Measure Customer Feedback with Email Surveys.

  • Email Survey Invitations

    Send customized Email Surveys to customers with Survey Link.

  • Embedded Email Surveys

    Add Survey Question directly in Email body and get higher response rate.

  • In-Signature Email Surveys

    Insert Survey Question in Email Signature to get feedback.

  • Scheduled Email Surveys

    Schedule Email Surveys to be sent at a later date and time.

  • Email Survey Triggers via Integration

    Trigger email surveys from the CRMs, Help Desks and others tools you use.


SMS Surveys

Take Customer Feedback through SMS Text Surveys.

  • One-click SMS Surveys

    Send SMS Surveys with feedback form link to customers with customized SMS.

  • SMS Surveys with Integrations

    Trigger SMS Surveys based on events in eCommerce platforms, CRMs, Help Desks, POS Systems nd more.


Mobile Surveys

Run surveys on-the-go, on mobile devices.

  • In-App Surveys

    Embed microsurveys within your app and product to get real-time customer feedback on features, product usage and more.

  • Responsive Mobile Surveys

    Build beautiful, mobile responsive surveys with Zonka Feedback that work seamlessly on all devices and screens.

  • Offline Surveys

    Take feedback without WiFi, on the go and sync automatically.

  • QR Code

    Print QR Code for customers to scan and instantly access Survey on their Mobile browsers.


Integrations & APIs

Trigger Surveys using Native Integrations, Zapier and APIs

  • Helpdesks

    Trigger surveys after ticket is updated, closed or open new tickets with tools like Intercom, Zendesk, Freshdesk, Help Scout, and more.

  • CRMs & Marketing Automation

    Send surveys to leads and customers by connecting Zonka Feedback to your CRM like HubSpot, Salesforce, Pipedrive and more.

  • Trigger Email Surveys via APIs

    Use APIs to connect to your tools and automate sending Email Surveys based on events and triggers.

  • Trigger SMS Surveys via APIs

    Send SMS Surveys to customers based on events and triggers in tools you use with APIs.

  • Connect Apps with Zapier

    Connect to more than 3,000+ apps and automate workflows with Zapier.


SURVEY TARGETING for your products

Control who sees Surveys, When & How many times

Set up survey targeting and feedback distribution management to a whole new level with smart Targeting!

Who is Giving Feedback Who is Giving Feedback?

Send surveys to users as per their persona & customer journey with user segmentation.

When to Show surveys When to show Surveys?

Trigger surveys based on devices & user behaviour via dynamic survey triggers.

Manage Pen User Survey Manage per user surveys

Leverage survey throttling to ensure that your customers are not over-surveyed.

user surveys
Send Survey Again Send the Survey Again

Send periodic & recurring surveys or schedule them for specific dates.

Adding Contacts + Scheduling Email Surveyus
feedback surveys user surveys Adding Contacts + Scheduling Email Surveyus
salesforce feedback workflow


Use Human Touch only where it Matters

Improve process transparency and increase team productivity by automating manual tasks with smart workflows.

  • tool-newWorkflow Designer 

    With an easy-to-use Worfklow Designer, automate repetitive tasks and actions to scale up your CX Program. 

  • alert-triangle-newAlerts, Notifications & Response Actions

    Set up Alerts and Notifications for team, Add Response Tags, Create Tasks and more for new Responses. 

  • users-newSegment Contacts & Trigger Actions

    Add Contacts to lists, segment them and trigger more Email and SMS Surveys to customers. 

Product Feedback Integrations

Integrate with your existing tools

Connect your favorite tools for a seamless feedback management.

  • refresh-cw-newSync Data 

    Sync data to apps and tools.. Map survey fields to fields in your CRMs, Customer Support Tools, Marketing Automation Software.

  • mail-newAutomatic Email Triggers 

    Trigger automatic survey campaigns and actions for events like New Contact Added, Ticket Closed or Solved, New Order placed.

  • share-2-newDeep Integrations

    Use Native Integrations with Intercom, HubSpot, Zendesk, Salesforce, & more. Build your own using APIs & Webhooks.

  • salesforce
  • hubspot
  • zendesk
  • slack
  • front
  • freshdesk
  • intercom
  • zoom
  • helpscout
  • pipedrive
  • active_campaign
  • airtable
  • webex
  • mailchimp
  • google_sheets
  • freshcaller
  • webhooks
  • 5,000+
    integrations with
  • zapier
  • integrately
  • make


Keep Every Customer Satisfied Every time!

Empower your team and your SaaS product with just the right mix of product feedback automation. Reduce churn, convert passives to promoters, and increase satisfied customer-base by closing the feedback loop.


Start Taking Product Feedback Now >

Never Miss Negative FeedbackNever Miss a Negative Feedback

Set up alerts for your email and SMS to be notified of negative feedback and detractors immediately.

At When The Time is RightAct when the time is Right 

Take action by prioritizing high-value customers and resolve issues immediately.

Acknowledge Your ReviewersAcknowledge your Reviewers

Thank your positive reviewers and apologise to negative reviewers by sending automated email and SMS.

Increase Online ReviewsIncrease Online Reviews

improve your online reputation by sending follow-up emails to positive reviewers containing survey links of review sites like G2, Capterra, etc.

Assign Task Assign Tasks to Different Teams

Empower your teams  and see them in action! Let CX team address customer issues while Marketing team strengthens their review marketing.

Identify Scope of Improvement Identify Scope of Improvement

Track recurring issues raised by customers, employees or stakeholder and take transformational business decisions to drive business growth.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does the Zonka Feedback Product Feedback Software cost?

You can get started with Zonka Feedback Survey Software with a 7-day free trial. To know about the plans, you can explore out our pricing page. 

What are the popular Product Feedback Software features

A good Product Feedback Software enables you to collect feedback across customer touchpoints and offers you in-depth reporting. It should allow you to create Workflows to automate feedback response, team alerts, and closing the feedback loop faster. Most importantly, the tool should allow easy integration with other tools and CRMs. Here are a few things that can be achieved using a Product Feedback Software:

  1. Measure product experience

  2. Check Product’s Market Fit

  3. Gather new product ideas

  4. Collect Product Feature Feedback

  5. Improve satisfaction & loyalty

  6. Reduce churn

Can I customise my Product surveys?

Yes, you can fully customise your in-product surveys by taking control over its branding, adding your logo, background elements, type of questions, CX metrics to track, and so on. Also, you can choose the type of survey to show within the product whether it is pop-up, slide up, pop over and so on. 

What type of Product Surveys can I send using the Zonka Feedback Platform?

With Zonka Feedback, In-Product Surveys can be implemented in different ways so that you can gather valuable insights directly from the users. Here are the types of Product Surveys you can conduct:

  1. Product Market Fit - The survey helps you find out how your product fits in the market and whether it satisfies the needs of the product users. 

  2. Product NPS - It helps you gauge customer loyalty and satisfaction in terms of how customers feel about your product and their likeliness to recommend it to their friends and known ones on a 10-rating scale. 

  3. Product CSAT - With Product CSAT Surveys, you can gauge product users’ satisfaction with respect to certain aspects and features of your product or the overall experience itself. For instance, you can use them to evaluate success of new feature updates, satisfaction with the onboarding process, Customer Support interactions, and so on. 

  4. Product CES - Used majorly by Customer Service teams, these surveys help measuring the users’ perceived efforts to get issue resolved. Using the feedback, you can optimise the product interaction process for customers, identify bottlenecks, and reduce friction. 

  5. Product Strength and Weakness - These type of surveys help you perform Product SWOT Analysis and understand the standout areas that need more focus. Using these, you get insights into how well your product is performing. 

  6. Product Feature Feedback - Gauge user satisfaction with each feature of your product and make data-driven improvements to enhance customer experience. 

  7. Feature Request and Prioritisation - Use these surveys to enable customers to make requests to add particular features to your product. You can enhance your product capabilities by prioritising features with most customer requests. 

  8. Bug Report - Let the customers report bugs and problems they encounter while using your product from within the product. Get contextual feedback with Zonka Feedback’s multimedia option for surveys and allow them to upload images for reference. 

  9. Product Churn - Collected from the customers cancelling their subscription, the feedback from these surveys can help you figure out the reason for churns and making improvements to overcome product’s limitations. 

  10. Demo Request - Identify qualified leads genuinely interested in your product and assess their suitability as potential customers to customise their demo experience, thus increasing the chances of conversion. 

  11. Product Review Request - Encourage your happy customers to share their feedback on aggregator platforms with Product Review Request surveys. 

  12. Transaction Feedback - Understand the user’s interaction with your product at different touchpoint. The survey enables you to capture specific feedback after a particular interaction like post-transaction, subscription renewal, etc. 

There’s more - with Zonka Feedback, you can also run Subscription Feedback Surveys, Onboarding Surveys, Free Trial feedback, Marketing Attribution Surveys, Subscription Cancellation Surveys, Product usability, Integration satisfaction surveys, and more. 

What reporting capabilities do I have with the Product Surveys?

Zonka Feedback’s Product Feedback Surveys Tool offers advanced reporting to easily view, monitor, and analyse survey responses. Here are a few types of reporting features you get:

  1. Snapshot Report - An overview report to get a quick summary and analysis of responses. 

  2. Response Insights - Get insights of all survey responses and CX metrics (CSAT, CES, NPS).

  3. Location Insights - Analyse and compare the performance and scores based on the locations.

  4. Team Performance Report - Analyse and compare team member performance on each metrics. 

  5. Response Inbox - See all your feedback responses in one place in real-time.

  6. Trends Report - Monitor how survey responses and metrics have changed over time. 

  7. Text Analytics - Make meaning of open-minded responses, comment boxes, and unstructured data. 

Can I use my existing HelpDesk and CRMs to trigger Product Surveys?

Yes, you can use your existing Help Desks and CRMs to trigger in-product and in-app Surveys. Zonka Feedback allows integrations with your existing tools. It also enables creation of custom integrations using APIs and Webhooks.

What type of tool can I integrate to trigger Product Surveys?

You can integrate Product Feedback Survey tool with CRMs, Help Desks, Marketing Tools, and more including HubSpot, Zendesk, Freshdesk, Make, HelpScout, Pipedrive, Mailchimp, Salesforce, WebEx, Slack, and more.

You can also integrate the tool with Zapier or Make as well as build your own custom integrations with APIs and Webhooks. Zonka Feedback helps in building integrations as well depending on your plan. 

How much time does it take to set up Product Survey Software?

The Product Feedback Software is easy and quick to set up. Since everything is ready-to-go on the platform, you can start collecting feedback in a few minutes. Start by creating and customiziing your survey or choose a pre-existing template, choose how you’d like to distribute it using widget (pop-up, slide ups, feedback button, etc.), set its appearance, rules for targeting, behaviour and segmentation, and you’re good to go. 

Can I automate the process of sending surveys after specific product interactions or events?

Yes, you can create advanced workflows using Zonka Feedback. It’s easy to set survey triggers on the platform based on conditions, customer journey, and so on. For instance, you can set email survey triggers every time a ticket is closed or create or updated in your HelpDesk. 

Can I set up recurring surveys to monitor Product Feedback over time?

Yes, it’s possible to set recurring surveys all at once. Based on requirement, choose the frequency of sending the survey - schedule it for monthly, quarterly, yearly or for specific dates, set up survey reminders, and view scores of particular customers/contacts overtime effectively. 

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