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Website Feedback & Survey Software

Measure and improve Visitor Experience with Website Feedback Tool

With Website Feedback and Surveys, gain valuable insights into visitor behavior and preferences. Gather feedback, identify areas of improvement and take data-driven decisions to enhance visitor experience and maximize conversions.

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Website Surveys and Feedback Forms
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Easily start measuring Website Feedback, without technical skills

Build Surveys

  • Choose from 200+ AI Survey Templates
  • Measure CX Metrics (NPS, CES or CSAT)
  • Ask relevant information and comments
  • Design surveys with colors that fit your brand
  • Make smart surveys with survey logic
  • Ask questions in the language your customers speak

Trigger Widgets

  • Add feedback button so customers can give feedback whenever they want
  • Display web widgets like popups, slide ups and bottom bars after relevant events
  • Take contextual feedback with website embed surveys
Trigger Widgets

Target Audiences

  • Set up segments based on user behavior, visit information, and survey interactions and target relevant surveys to relevant audiences
  • Choose to display or hide surveys from dynamic user segments
Target Audiences

Deploy without Engineering

  • Add Javascript on your Website once
  • Install using Google Tag Manager, Wordpress, Shopify 
Deploy Without Engineering

Get Context & Meta Data

Automatically set up capturing of metadata like page, browser, device, location and more to know the context of feedback.

Get context & meta data
Website Experience - Side Tab / Feedback Button Survey
Website Experience

Drive Website Success with Visitor Experience and Behavior

Display feedback forms across your Website to measure and understand if your visitors are finding what they’re looking for and use this data to improve experience.

    • Discover UX Issues, improve Website Usability
    • Prioritize and redesign Website
    • Boost conversion & prevent churn
    • Improve homepage and landing pages
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Content Experience

Uncover impact of your website content and build deeper understanding

Evaluate the relevance and effectiveness of your content to see that it meets the needs of your visitors with Website Surveys.

    • edit-newIn-line Article Feedback
    • Embed Web Surveys in-line to measure content accuracy in articles and knowledge based.

    • mail-newBlog, Guides, Resources Feedback
    • Understand the relevance of blogs, guides and resources with feedback buttons and in-line feedback on websites.

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Content Experience - Bottom Bar Survey
Post Purchase - Slide Up Survey
Post Purchase

Measure customers’ buying experience on your website

Let your customers define the success of a purchase by triggering post transaction surveys to encourage feedback.

    • edit-newMeasure Buyer Loyalty
    • Assess the potential of repeat business with buyers based on their purchase experience.

    • mail-newReduce Buyers’ Remorse
    • Address buyers’ concerns by reaching dissatisfied customers and offering post-purchase support.

    • edit-newGather Demographic Data
    • Collect additional demographic information to understand customer base and tailor-make marketing strategies.

    • mail-newGenerate Testimonials
    • Encourage testimonials and positive reviews from satisfied buyers on third-party platforms to attract new customers.

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Exit Intent

Find out why your visitors are abandoning your website

Use Exit Intent Surveys to recover abandoned opportunities and turn exits into insights.

    • edit-newControl Bounce Rate
    • Collect feedback from leaving customers to gain insights into their reason and uncover the possibility of retaining them.

    • mail-newIdentify Technical Barriers
    • Does your website have technical problems causing premature exit? Leverage exit-surveys to request feedback.

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Exit Intent - Popup Surveys

Website Feedback Software Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does the Zonka Feedback Website Survey Software cost?

You can get started with Zonka Feedback Survey Software with a 7-day free trial. To know about the plans, you can explore out our pricing page. 

What are the popular Website Survey Tool features?

Yes, you can easily run Zonka Feedback's Website Feedback Tools to run market research. For instance, you can run polls and frequent surveys to get customers’ opinion on your e-commerce store’s products. 

Can I customise my Website Surveys?

Yes, you can customise your Website Surveys. You can add your own background, type of question, add logo, show it as a pop-up, and so on.

What type of Website Surveys can send using the Zonka Feedback platform?

With Zonka Feedback Website Feedback Software, surveys can be implemented in different ways so that you can gather valuable insights directly from the users:

  1. Website Popup Survey - This Survey appears on the website inside a pop-up and can be targeted towards a specific set of visitors based on interaction for example, a post-purchase pop-up survey.

  2. Website Feedback Button Survey - This type of survey encourages feedback from the website visitors since the visitors usually click on it only when they have valuable feedback to share.

  3. Slide Up and Bottom Bar Survey - A Slide Up survey appears from the bottom of the web page as an overlay. They can be set to appear based on user activity or time. Similarly, a Bottom Bar Survey is a button placed on the bottom right or left side of your webpage. These are great for collecting feedback on Website Content, Design, Product Quality, Shopping Experience, and more.

  4. Embed and Link Survey- Embed  Surveys can be directly added to your website. A good example of this would be a simple rating scale survey altho eh end of an article or a blog, asking the readers to rate the informativeness of the content. Similarly, Link Surveys can also be added anywhere among the website content allowing visitors to click on the link and take relevant survey.

  5. Exit Intent Survey - Exit intent are a type of pop-up survey that get triggered when the visitor is trying to leave the website. You can ask them for their reason for abandoning their search or purchase.

Can I implement Zonka Feedback’s Website Survey Tool on my e-commerce website?

Yes, you can implement Zonka Feedback Website Tool on your eCommerce website. In fact, you can choose to survey your customers throughout their visitor journey from the moment they land on your website to post-purchase. You can survey them at touch-points including, visit intent survey, product or catalogue survey, post-check out survey and more. 

What type of tools can I integrate with Website Surveys?

You can easily integrate Website Surveys Software with CRMs, Help Desks, and more including HubSpot, Zendesk, Freshdesk, HelpScout, Pipedrive, Slack, and more.

You can also integrate Website Feedback Tool with Zapier, Integrally, or Make and connect with 500+ apps. You can also build your own custom integrations with APIs and Webhooks. Zonka Feedback helps in building integrations as well depending on your plan. 

How much time does it take to set up Website Survey Software?

Website surveys are pretty quick to set up in Zonka Feedback. Since everything is ready-to-go on the platform, you can be up and running in just a few minutes. Here are the steps you need to follow. 

  1. Create your survey

  2. Select the website widget 

  3. Select its appearance, targeting, behaviour and segmentation rules 

  4. You’re good to go!

What type of questions can be added in a Website Survey?

You can embed closed-ended questions and rating scales that are quick to answer. Since you can show the first screen as a question, you can choose to keep it relevant for your goal. Since we support partial responses, it is advisable to keep your most important questions as the first questions, preferably, NPS, CES, CSAT, Yes/No, Button Questions, and so on. 

What are the reporting capabilities of Website Survey Tool?

Zonka Feedback offers you advance reporting capabilities to easily view, track, and analyse your survey responses. Here are a few types of reporting features you get with our Website Survey Software:

  1. Snapshot Report - Overview report to get quick summary and analysis of the responses.

  2. Response insights - Get insights and analysis of all survey responses and CX metrics (NPS, CES, and CSAT)

  3. Location Insights - Analyse and compare performance and scores based on locations.

  4. Team Performance Report - This allows you to get analysis and comparison of team member performance on each question and metrics.

  5. Response Inbox - See all your feedback and survey responses in real-time with option to apply filters.

  6. Trends Report - View and analyse how survey responses and metrics have changed over time.

  7. Text Analytics - Make meaning of open-minded responses, comment boxes, and unstructured text data.

How can I trigger Website Survey using Zonka Feedback?

After creating your Survey, you can choose the widget and its behaviour. For instance, you can trigger a Popup Survey to collect Website Design Feedback once a website visitor scrolls through 70% of the landing page. Similarly, you can trigger a survey once a shopper makes purchase. 

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