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Top Email Survey Software to get real-time feedback 

Send email survey invitations to customers on-the-go and get customer feedback instantly! Customize your email surveys, send embedded question in email surveys and lots more with Zonka Feedback’s Email Survey Tool. Send Email surveys in bulk via CSV, bulk import or connect to your systems via APIs and Webhooks.

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Why are Email Survey Tools crucial for your  business?

Emails are one of the best ways to reach your audience and have a great response rate. Keeping that in mind, using an Email Survey Software can be really beneficial for you to get real-time feedback from your customers. 

Here's what you can do with Zonka Feedback's Email Survey App. 

  • Customize your Email survey message
  • Send embedded email surveys with first survey question in email
  • Integrate with your systems
  • Send Email Surveys manually, or via APIs
  • Send bulk Email surveys simultaneously
  • Mobile-responsive email surveys
  • Get feedback instantly
  • Track Email Surveys, deliveries and responses
Survey Builder

Create your email feedback form using Zonka’s Survey Builder

Choose from expert survey templates or design your feedback form from scratch in a WYSIWYG survey builder.

  • Fully customize your feedback forms
  • Choose from 30+ questions
  • Whitelabel your surveys
  • Create survey in multiple languages
  • Add logic to your survey questions
  • Measure industry metrics like NPS, CSAT & CES
Customize Email Survey

Customize your Email Survey Message

Customize your email message before sending the emails survey to customers. Tell them about the purpose of your survey while sending to the customers.

Top Ways to use Email Survey Software to get Feedback


Send Email Surveys manually

Add multiple customer names and email addresses to send email surveys manually to get feedback through Zonka Feedback’s Email Survey software.


Pre-populate data

Already have a lot of details about the customers? Pre-populate them in the email survey so the customers dont have to fill them up and you have all data when you view reports.


Upload bulk contacts

Looking to send email surveys to lots of customers together? Upload CSV to send email surveys to bulk contacts at Zonka Feedback.

Feedback APIs

Automate your Email surveys with APIs

Send Email surveys based on different triggers like post purchase, post delivery, post flight and similar by integrating Zonka Feedback to your system via APIs and Webhooks.


Track Emails sent with Email Feedback Tool

Once you’ve sent Email surveys, you can view logs to track email deliveries, email survey open rate, email survey response rate and more using Email Survey software.

  • View logs of Email deliveries
  • See survey open and survey response rate
Global Response Inbox

Get feedback in real-time

All responses and feedbacks captured through Zonka are in real-time viewable in the Response Inbox. Here you can view and analyze each feedback and collaborate with team members to take action and resolve issues.

  • Monitor every response
  • Filter your feedbacks
  • Tag feedbacks
  • Mark feedbacks as urgent
  • Flag feedbacks
  • Add tasks for other team members
  • Send emails to customers
  • Add notes for feedbacks

Set up instant feedback alerts and notifications

Set up instant email and SMS alerts for feedback responses and negative feedback, received via email surveys, to be notified in real-time and take action immediately to address customer issues and concerns.

  • Alerts for negative and new feedbacks
  • Instant Email & SMS Alerts
  • Alert multiple people together
  • Take immediate corrective action
Feedback Trends Reports

Feedback Reports & Detailed Analysis

With Zonka’s real-time reporting, you can monitor every feedback and get an in-depth analysis of all responses. Take action on customer feedback to swiftly resolve issues and improve customer experience.

  • Real-time reports
  • Drill-down reports
  • NPS, CSAT and CES reports
  • Word Analysis
  • Advanced Reporting Filters
  • Comparison Reports
  • Customize, Save & Schedule Reports

Integrate Zonka Feedback with other applications easily

Zonka Feedback is easily integratable with some very popular platforms and applications like Zapier, Twilio, Plivo and more. With powerful integrations, custom APIs and Webhooks available, you can do feedback management on steroids with Zonka Feedback.

Know more about Survey Integrations, APIs & Webhooks and Zapier Integration

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Benefits of Email Survey Software

Easy and Quick

Easy to use

Email surveys are very easy to set up and use with a simple survey link sent to your customers email address.


Reach globally

With Email surveys, you can reach your audiences and customers in any part of the world.



Email surveys can be delivered in real-time to customers to get their feedback in the moment.

Responsive Feedback Form

Personalised Email Surveys

Email survey messages can be personalised with customer name.


Mobile Responsive Surveys

The surveys are fully responsive and look great on mobile devices.

Feedback APIs

Send manually, in bulk or via APIs

You can send email surveys manually, via CSV upload, in bulk or via APIs.

Zonka Feedback is a trusted Email Survey App for companies globally


Leroy Merlin Russia sends SMS surveys to customer post their shopping across


Wagpet uses SMS Surveys to take feedback in their organization.


With SMS Surveys, Zappfresh is able to get real-time customer feedback post online purchase.

Uses of Email Feedback Tool

Customer Feedback

Send email survey invitations to customers to get their feedback about their experience, your service and more.

Employee Feedback

Emails surveys are a great way to take employee feedback where employees could share their feedback at ease.

Patient Feedback

Take feedback from patients using email surveys post their appointment and post discharge to know about their experience.

Post Purchase Email Feedback

Send Email surveys to customers post their purchase in your store or through online store to get their real-time feedback about the shopping experience.

Post Flight Passenger Feedback

Once your passengers land, automate and send them an email survey invitation to give feedback about their flight experience.

Market Research through Email surveys

Do market research through email surveys by sending survey invitations via emails to target audiences.

Opt in Email forms

Send quick opt-in forms to your target audiences via Email survey app. With embedded email surveys, your audience could opt-in right within the email itself!

NPS Email Surveys

Send NPS Email Surveys to understand loyalty of your target audiences – customers, employees, patients, students or passengers using an Email survey software. You can also embed NPS question in the email message.

Something Powerful

Tell The Reader More

The headline and subheader tells us what you're offering, and the form header closes the deal. Over here you can explain why your offer is so great it's worth filling out a form for.


  • Bullets are great
  • For spelling out benefits and
  • Turning visitors into leads.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the different types of Email Surveys?

There are many different types of Email Surveys that you can send to your Customers to gauge their feedback, to collect information and to measure customer satisfaction and loyalty. 


Some very popular types of Email Surveys are: 

  • Net Promoter Score Email Surveys
  • Customer Satisfaction Email Surveys
  • Post Purchase Email Surveys for eCommerce
  • Satisfaction Surveys for Events & Conferences
  • Email Survey post ticket status update

Any Survey can be sent as an Email Survey. 

What are the types of Email Surveys you can send with Zonka Feedback?

With Zonka Feedback Email Survey Software, you can send any survey and feedback form in the Email. You can create Surveys to measure Customer Loyalty (NPS Surveys), Customer Satisfaction (CSAT Surveys) and Customer's perceived effort (CES Surveys). You can also create and send Email Surveys to capture information, collect data and more. 


In terms of how your Email Surveys will look and function, there are two types of Email Surveys you can send from Zonka Feedback Email Survey Software: 

  1. Button Email Survey: This will have a button in the Email Body which the customers can click on and the survey will open in the browser for customers to give feedback. 
  2. Embedded Email Survey: You can embed the first question of your Email Survey in the Email body itself so customers can click and answer the first question within the email itself. The rest of the survey continues on the browser. 
How many people can I send Email Surveys to?

The number of Email Surveys you can send in a month are based on your Email Software subscription plan. It can range anywhere starting from 1,000 Email Survey sends per month. Once you choose a plan, you can always upgrade as your requirements grow. 

Can I include the question within the Email Survey itself?

Yes, including the Survey within the Email body itself is known as Embedded Email Survey. With Embedded Email Surveys, the first question of your Survey gets added to the Email body. When customers receive the email, they can see the question and click to answer it within the email. Once clicked, they are redirected to the rest of the survey or the Thank You screen on the device browser. 

Does Zonka Feedback support White-Labelling of Email Surveys?

Yes, you can white-label your Email Surveys with Zonka Feedback Email Survey Software. You can white-label the following: 

  • Email Address: Add your sender name and sender Email Address 
  • Email Domain Name: White Label your Email Domain Name so emails get triggered from your email address through Zonka Feedback Email Survey Software. 
  • Survey Domain Name: Since your Email Surveys final open on browser, you can also white-label the Survey Domain Name so it displays your brand URL instead of Zonka Feedback. 
How can I see the status of the Email Surveys I have sent?

Zonka Feedback enables you to view a complete log of all the emails you have sent. Every Email Survey with Zonka Feedback is sent with a unique Survey Link including a tracking code. This code enables you to track all the activities of your send Email Survey.

To view Email Surveys, you can:

  • Navigate to ‘Manage’ in your Web Dashboard.
  • Click on the survey for which you want to see the email logs. S
  • elect the ‘Distribute’ module from the top menu. Choose ‘Email’ from the sub-menu.
  • At the bottom, you will find the option ‘Show Email Logs’

The Email Surveys show you a timestamp and details of all the activities related to the Email Surveys. You will get to view the email address to which the survey is sent, the date and time of sending the email, the date and time of opening the email as well as the survey link, and the date and time at which the respondent has submitted the survey.


In Email Logs, you can also see the percentage of people who received the email survey, who opened the email, who opened the survey and who responded to the survey. 



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