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user-picsrating-star crowd-logo captera-logo Rated 4.8/5 stars

Easiest Survey Software with amazing Analytics — in real-time

Everything you need to survey your customers and employees, get powerful survey insights, and close the feedback loop to create delightful experiences.

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Create Feedback Forms, Surveys, Quizzes and Polls

Offline Surveys

Take on-premises feedback and collect leads without WiFi on touchscreen devices. Sync automatically. 

Web Surveys

Capture feedback from website visitors and gauge their experience with Website Surveys, Link surveys, QR Codes and In-App Surveys. 

Intercom Surveys

Measure how well your customer service and support agents are doing with feedback forms within Intercom. 

Email Surveys

With Email Embedded Surveys, Email Button Surveys and Email Signature Surveys, reach out to customers remotely to gauge their experience. 

SMS Surveys

Send real-time text SMS surveys to customers with web link to get feedback. 

Dynamic Surveys

Use survey white-labelling, themes, multilingual surveys, pre-fill data, variables, answer piping and logic to create Dynamic Surveys. 


Gauge people's opinions, know their preferences and views by conducting live polls. Display live poll results to audiences at the end of the poll. 


Use quizzes to break the ice, test knowledge and engage your audiences. Display scoreboard and answers at the end of the quiz. 


Gauge Customer Experience by using CX Metrics in your Surveys

Using proven CX Metrics —NPS®, CES and CSAT, track Customer Loyalty, Customer Effort and Satisfaction with interactive surveys. Get detailed reports and analytics for your customer satisfaction to take action and improve customer experiences. 

Net Promoter Score®

Measure Customer Loyalty with a simple NPS question "On a scale of 0-10, how likely are you to recommend this company to your friends and family?"

  • Measure Customer Loyalty
  • Ask follow up questions
  • Prevent & Reduce Churn
  • Boost Referrals with Promoters
  • Drive retention & growth with NPS
Learn about Net Promoter Score
Customer Effort Score

Know how was customers' experience and effort in getting their query resolved while interacting with your customer support team with the CES question. 

  • Measure Customer’s Perceived Effort
  • Track Customer Support Team performance 
  • Ideal for post service & transaction
  • Reduce Customer Effort to prevent Churn
Learn about Customer Effort Score
Customer Satisfaction Score

Know how satisfied and happy your customers are with CSAT Surveys. Choose from smileys, stars, thumbs up, circles, buttons and likert scale to gauge customer experience. 

  • Measure Customer Satisfaction & Happiness
  • Use it for general relationship Satisfaction and post-transaction
  • Identify unhappy customers
  • Close feedback loop to reduce churn
Learn about Customer Satisfaction

Distribute Surveys

Send your Surveys to customers wherever they are

With Zonka Feedback, you can send surveys to your customers via Email, SMS, on website, in-app, on-premises using Devices and Offline Surveys and on-the-go with Mobile Surveys. Also, connect your Zonka Feedback account to tools you use and trigger surveys post interaction and events. 

Website Feedback

Take feedback from your website visitors and in-app users. 

  • Microsurveys

    Get instant feedback from users using short microsurveys. 

  • Feedback Button

    Use a non-intrusive feedback button on your website or in-app. 

  • Slide Outs

    Display surveys sliding out in your web page to get instant feedback.

  • Pop-ups

    Display pop up surveys to get feedback from visitors. 

  • Exit Surveys

    Survey visitors that are intending to exit your app or web page. 

  • Embed & Links

    Embed or Link surveys anywhere on your website.

Website Survey - Customer Satisfaction

Survey App & Offline Surveys

With the Offline Survey App, take feedback on iPads, Android Tablets and Kiosks. 

  • iOS Surveys

    Conduct on-premises surveys on iPads and iPhones using iPad Survey App. 

  • Android Devices

    Use Android Tablets & Smartphones as Survey Devices to run surveys and forms.

  • Kiosk Feedback

    Turn your touchscreen devices into Kiosks to take unattended, on premises feedback. 

  • Offline Surveys

    Take feedback and collect responses without Wi-Fi. Survey Responses sync automatically. 


Email Surveys

Measure Customer Feedback with Email Surveys.

  • Email Survey Invitations

    Send customized Email Surveys to customers with Survey Link.

  • Embedded Email Surveys

    Add Survey Question directly in Email body and get higher response rate.

  • In-Signature Email Surveys

    Insert Survey Question in Email Signature to get feedback.

  • Scheduled Email Surveys

    Schedule Email Surveys to be sent at a later date and time.

  • Email Survey Triggers via Integration

    Trigger email surveys from the CRMs, Help Desks and others tools you use.


SMS Surveys

Take Customer Feedback through SMS Text Surveys.

  • One-click SMS Surveys

    Send SMS Surveys with feedback form link to customers with customized SMS.

  • SMS Surveys with Integrations

    Trigger SMS Surveys based on events in eCommerce platforms, CRMs, Help Desks, POS Systems nd more.


Mobile Surveys

Run surveys on-the-go, on mobile devices.

  • In-App Surveys

    Embed microsurveys within your app and product to get real-time customer feedback on features, product usage and more.

  • Responsive Mobile Surveys

    Build beautiful, mobile responsive surveys with Zonka Feedback that work seamlessly on all devices and screens.

  • Offline Surveys

    Take feedback without WiFi, on the go and sync automatically.

  • QR Code

    Print QR Code for customers to scan and instantly access Survey on their Mobile browsers.



Customer Feedback with CSAT, CES & NPS Surveys in Intercom

  • Intercom Messenger Surveys

    Add Survey to Intercom Messenger and get customer feedback on website and in-app.

  • Intercom Conversation Surveys

    Allow Customer Success Agents to trigger Surveys in Intercom Conversations to gauge feedback.

  • Email Surveys

    Send automated Intercom Email Surveys based on workflows.

  • Survey Workflow in Custom Bots

    Add Zonka Feedback Forms & Surveys to an Intercom bot workflow

  • Intercom Post Surveys

    Embed Survey Questions or Feedback Button directly in Intercom Posts.


Integrations & APIs

Trigger Surveys using Native Integrations, Zapier and APIs

  • Helpdesks

    Trigger surveys after ticket is updated, closed or open new tickets with tools like Intercom, Zendesk, Freshdesk, Help Scout, and more.

  • CRMs & Marketing Automation

    Send surveys to leads and customers by connecting Zonka Feedback to your CRM like HubSpot, Salesforce, Pipedrive and more.

  • Trigger Email Surveys via APIs

    Use APIs to connect to your tools and automate sending Email Surveys based on events and triggers.

  • Trigger SMS Surveys via APIs

    Send SMS Surveys to customers based on events and triggers in tools you use with APIs.

  • Connect Apps with Zapier

    Connect to more than 3,000+ apps and automate workflows with Zapier.

Survey Builder

Create Engaging Experiences

Build your Surveys

Create and customize engaging surveys in minutes with an easy-to-use WYSIWYG editor. 

  • edit-newBuild Experience

    Build different customer experiences: Measure NPS, CES, CSAT. Conduct Surveys, Polls & Quizzes.

  • git-branch-newDynamic Surveys

    Use skip logic, survey redirection, answer piping, themes, languages and more to create Dynamic Surveys. 

  • code-new Variables & Pre-Fill Data

    With Custom Variables & Attributes, pass data to your surveys, pre-fill survey fields and enrich your responses and reports. .

Bulid your first survey 


Make your interactions more engaging with polls and quizzes

  • Polls with Live ResultsPolls with Live Results

    Polls are great to get views from respondents, break ice and even take democratic decisions. Set up Polls with Live Results.

  • Engaging QuizzesEngaging Quizzes

    Test knowledge, or just engage your audiences with quizzes. Quizzes can also be scored and you can display the right correct answers, scores and even leaderboards at the end of your quiz.

Polls & Quiz
NPS Mobile Image2

Dynamic Surveys

Create engaging, Dynamic Online Surveys

  • Skip forwardSkip Logic & Hide Logic

    Create logic-based surveys to show relevant questions to respondents.

  • edit 3Answer Piping

    Personalize your surveys by inserting answers to following questions.

  • External Link Survey Redirects

    Direct Survey at the end of the survey to desired URL based on conditions.

  • globe Survey Language

    Make your surveys multilingual and allow respondents to choose survey language.


Enrich your surveys with variables

Use Custom Attributes and variables to pass hidden information in Online Surveys and to enrich your responses and reports.

  • tagSurvey, Contact & Hidden Variables

    Use Survey Variables (from survey questions), Contact Variables (from contact attributes) or HIdden Variables (created on-the-fly) to pass information in your surveys.

  • codePre-Fill Survey Fields

    With Variables, pre-fill survey fields so respondents can view and change.

  • eye-off Hide Survey Fields

    Choose to show or hide survey fields where information is passed.

Dynamic Surveys - Add Variables


Send your NPS Survey at the right time

Reach your customers at all touchpoints, at the right time to gauge their loyalty. 

  • clockSchedule NPS Surveys

    Schedule your NPS Surveys from within the platform to automatically send the survey at a specific date or time.

  • sendTrigger NPS post an event

    Integrate with other tools to send NPS Survey post an event like closing a ticket, making a purchase and more. 

  • globeAutomate NPS Surveys on Website & in-App

    Set up automation to display your NPS Survey to customers on your website or in-app when an event occurs.

Automate Workflows

Create Workflows & Automate CX Program

Design workflows in an intuitive Workflow Design and trigger automatic actions based on Survey Responses.  

  • tool-newWorkflow Designer 

    With an easy-to-use Worfklow Designer, automate repetitive tasks and actions to scale up your CX Program. 

  • alert-triangle-newAlerts, Notifications & Response Actions

    Set up Alerts and Notifications for team, Add Response Tags, Create Tasks and more for new Responses. 

  • users-newSegment Contacts & Trigger Actions

    Add Contacts to lists, segment them and trigger more Email and SMS Surveys to customers. 




Gain amazing insights with Zonka Feedback’s Real-time Feedback Reports.

Snapshot Report Snapshot Report

This is an Overview Report to get a quick summary and analysis of Responses, CX Metrics and Survey Channels.

Response Insights Response Insights

Get Insights and Analysis of all Survey Responses and CX Metrics (NPS, CES and CSAT)

Location Insights Location Insights

Have multiple locations? Analyze and compare their performance and scores.

Team Performance Report Team Performance Report

With this get analysis and comparison of team member performance on each question and metrics.

Response inbox Response Inbox

View and analyze how Survey Responses and Metrics have changed over time, in a powerful Trends Report.

Trends Report Trends Report

View and analyze how Survey Responses and Metrics have changed over time, in a powerful Trends Report.

Text Analytics Text Analytics

Make meaning of open-ended responses, comment boxes and unstructured text data in Text Analytics report.

snapshot_report response_insight location_insight team_performance_report response_inbox trends_report text_analytics


Unified Response Inbox

With a real-time Response Inbox, see responses as soon as they come, from wherever you are. Add tags, notes and tasks to take action and close the feedback loop.


View Response Inbox View Response Inbox

View all feedback and responses in a Collaborative Response Inbox.

Filter ResponsesFilter Responses

Use Date, Response Choices, Contact Attributes, Variables to filter.

Tag ResponsesTag Responses

Add Tags to responses. Flag them or mark them as urgent.

Add Tasks & ActionsAdd Tasks & Actions

Create tasks for team, take action and close the feedback loop.

Segment By NPS, CES, & CSATSegment by NPS, CES & CSAT

View CX Scores (NPS, CES and CSAT) and filter by metrics-based segments.

Manage ContactsManage Contacts

See Contacts with Responses & Attributes. Track Contact Activity.


Integrate with your existing tools

Connect your favorite tools for a seamless feedback management.

  • refresh-cw-newSync Data 

    Sync data to apps and tools.. Map survey fields to fields in your CRMs, Customer Support Tools, Marketing Automation Software.

  • mail-newAutomatic Email Triggers 

    Trigger automatic survey campaigns and actions for events like New Contact Added, Ticket Closed or Solved, New Order placed.

  • share-2-newDeep Integrations

    Use Native Integrations with Intercom, HubSpot, Zendesk, Salesforce, & more. Build your own using APIs & Webhooks.

Know more about Integrations 
  • zendesk
  • intercom
  • hubspot
  • salesforce
  • webex
  • slack
  • active_campaign
  • front
  • helpscout
  • pipedrive
  • airtable
  • mailchimp
  • google_sheets
  • freshdesk
  • zapier
  • webhooks


Enterprise-Ready Survey Software


White-Labeled Surveys

Customize your surveys to reflect your brand identity. Add company logo, colors, and branding to surveys.


Custom Survey Domain

White-label your survey domain and host your surveys from your company domain to represent your brand throughout.


Custom Survey Emails & Domain

Share Email Surveys from your Company's Email and Domain. Customize your Email surveys with company logo and message.

bar chart

Insightful Analytics

Access real-time, detailed Feedback and Survey Analytics with detailed breakdown, Trends, Text Analytics, & more.

bar chart

Drill Down Reports

Dig deep into reports and analytics with drill-down reports. Access the survey responses from within reports.


Scheduled Reports

Automate and schedule reports to reach your inbox at configured day and frequency and stay up to date with the analytics.


Multiple Users

Bring in your team to together manage feedback and surveys and give them access based on user roles.

map pin

Multiple Locations

Add all your business locations to manage feedback together. View insightful location-based and comparative reports.

link 2

Transactional Surveys with APIs & Webhooks

With ready-to-use APIs and Webhooks, trigger surveys after customer interactions.


Ready-to-use Integrations

With ready-to-use integrations and easy to set up APIs, connect Zonka Feedback with the tools you already use to run powerful workflows.


Dedicated Success Manager

Get a Dedicated Success Manager to help you set up surveys, manage account and everything else — via phone, email, and WhatsApp too.


Data Security

Collect data security with SSL. Zonka Feedback is GDPR-compliant. With Zonka Feedback, your feedback data is encrypted and securely stored.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does the Zonka Feedback Survey Software cost?
What are popular features in the best survey software?

While choosing the Best Survey Software, it’s best to look out for features that offer freedom to customise, distribute and streamline feedback management in the simplest way possible. Some features of a good software may look like:

  1. Survey customization, white-labelling, personalisation, and survey-logic

  2. Ability to measure CX metrics - NPS, CSAT, & CES

  3. Multi-channel distribution (web, in-app, in product, offline, email, SMS, etc.)

  4. Integration with other tools like CRMs and HelpDesks

  5. Response-Action workflows and automation

  6. Real-time alerts and feedback

  7. Actionable report and in-depth customer insights

Can I customise my surveys?

Yes, you can easily customize your surveys using Zonka Feedback. You can customise the branding by putting your logo, your background, choose the type of question, and choose the overall size and look of the survey for your website, product, retail store, and so on.

Can I integrate Zonka Feedback Survey Tool with my existing software?

Yes, you can use your existing Help Desks and CRMs to trigger surveys. Zonka Feedback allows integrations with your existing tools. It also enables creation of custom integrations using APIs and Webhooks.

What types of tools can I integrate with Website Surveys?

Yes, you can implement Zonka Feedback Website Tool on your eCommerce website. In fact, you can choose to survey your customers throughout their visitor journey from the moment they land on your website to post-purchase. You can survey them at touch-points including, visit intent survey, product or catalogue survey, post-check out survey and more. 

What type of questions can I ask on my customer surveys?

The platform gives you vast question options to choose from. You can use CX metrics questions (NPS, CES, and CSAT), button choice, smiley rating, 5-scale rating, comment box, contact information, radio matrix, and so on. To know more, start your free-trial today.

What are the reporting capabilities of survey software?

Zonka Feedback Survey Tool offers advanced reporting to easily view, monitor, and analyse survey responses. Here are a few types of reporting features you get:

  1. Snapshot Report - An overview report to get a quick summary and analysis of responses. 

  2. Response Insights - Get insights of all survey responses and CX metrics (CSAT, CES, NPS).

  3. Location Insights - Analyse and compare the performance and scores based on the locations.

  4. Team Performance Report - Analyse and compare team member performance on each metrics. 

  5. Response Inbox - See all your feedback responses in one place in real-time.

  6. Trends Report - Monitor how survey responses and metrics have changed over time. 

  7. Text Analytics - Make meaning of open-minded responses, comment boxes, and unstructured data. 

Can I use Zonka Feedback software for surveys to collect feedback from my e-commerce app users?

Yes, you can use our Survey Tool to collect feedback from e-commerce app users with our In-App SDK survey distribution feature. It allows you to take feedback at multiple touchpoint within the app, send notifications, survey reminders and take feedback at crucial times like post-checkout, new feature update, and so on.

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