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Salesforce Surveys: Deliver Better Experience across all customer touch-points 

Transform your business into a feedback-driven, customer-centric organization. Implement a holistic CX strategy and an effective feedback automation mechanism using Zonka Feedback’s survey integration with Salesforce.

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Salesforce survey integration with Zonka Feedback showing survey reports in Salesforce

10 million+ Surveys | 2,000+ Businesses | 30+ Countries | 6 Continents | 39 Languages

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  • american-express
  • Build Engaging Surveys
  • Measure NPS, CES, CSAT
  • Collect via Offline, Email, SMS, Web
  • CX Automation & Integrations
  • Close the Feedback Loop
  • Actionable Reports & Insights

360° Customer Experience

Connect customers’ website, product and service-related activities and interaction history with feedback data from all channels and touchpoints. Unify marketing, sales and service departments to enhance personalization and customer experience.

360 customer experience Salesforce


Improve your Business Processes

Use salesforce surveys to improve your product experience and customer relationship. Reduce churn and improve revenue!

Improve your Product Experience

Conduct thorough Beta testing and collect post-launch reviews. Get real-time feedback about your feature releases, pricing strategy changes, and overall buyer journey from your customers!

Strengthen Customer Relationship

Connect with customers as soon as they show signs of being a detractor. Prioritize high-value clients, increase renewals & customer retention by taking feedback-driven business decisions.

Earn The Loyalty of your Customers

Measure the degree of satisfaction or dissatisfaction across all touchpoints in a customer journey. Take reparatory measures to deliver a seamless customer experience and increase your loyal customer-base.

Ramp up your Customer Support

Empower your brand’s flag bearers - customer support team - with feedback data so they can provide better resolutions. Encourage them to improve individual feedback scores and your business' overall CES.


Deliver world-class Experience wherever your customers are

DMAIC (Define, measure, analyze, improve and control) customer interactions at all touch-points seamlessly.

Website & Chat Window

Integrate Zonka Feedback with your live chat tool or use Google Tag Manager to embed the code and use Salesforce surveys to get quick feedback.

  • Live Chat Feedback

    Collect customer satisfaction surveys at the end of a live chat session.

  • Feedback Button

    Use a fixed or floating feedback widget on left, right or bottom of the page.

  • Embed a website survey

    Get surveys at an exact part of your website, product or mobile app

  • Pop-up survey

    Set custom triggers based on website activity and contact attribute

  • Exit-intent Surveys

    Take feedback from a customer before user exits the website.

  • Microsurveys

    Get instant feedback from a users as a small survey window opens.

Salesforce Website Survey 5 star feedback button example

Offline Surveys

Make a world-class army of field agents by enabling them to survey customers in no-internet zones. Data stored in the Zonka Feedback app automatically syncs with Salesforce once the device connects to Wifi.

  • iOS Surveys

    Use iPad Survey App to take on-premises feedback through iPads and iPhones.

  • Android Devices

    Turn Android Tablets & Smartphones into Feedback Devices to take real-time feedback.

  • Kiosk Feedback

    Set up touchscreen devices as Kiosks to take unattended feedback.

  • Offline Surveys

    Take feedback and collect responses without Wi-Fi. Sync anytime.

Salesforce Offline Survey example using an NPS survey on a Kiosk

Email Surveys

Send automated email surveys to your customers using survey builder for salesforce and collect feedback easily.

  • Email Survey Invitations

    Send customized Email Surveys to customers with Survey Link.

  • Embedded Email Surveys

    Add Survey Question directly in Email body and get higher response rate.

  • In-Signature Email Surveys

    Insert Survey Question in Email Signature to get feedback.

  • Scheduled Email Surveys

    Schedule Email Surveys to be sent at a later date and time.

  • Email Survey Triggers via Integration

    Trigger email surveys from the CRMs, Help Desks and others tools you use.

Salesforce email survey image

SMS Surveys

Collect feedback from customers of all ages residing in any part of the world with one of the best Salesforce survey tools for SMS Surveys.

  • One-click SMS Surveys

    Send SMS Surveys with feedback form link to customers with customized SMS.

  • SMS Surveys with Integrations

    Trigger SMS Surveys based on events in eCommerce platforms, CRMs, Help Desks, POS Systems nd more.

Salesforce SMS Survey in a mobile phone

Mobile & In-app Surveys

Collect feedback from customers of all ages residing in any part of the world with one of the best Salesforce survey tools for SMS Surveys.

  • In-App Surveys

    Embed microsurveys within your app and product to get real-time customer feedback on features, product usage and more.

  • Responsive Mobile Surveys

    Build beautiful, mobile responsive surveys with Zonka Feedback that work seamlessly on all devices and screens.

  • Offline Surveys

    Take feedback without WiFi, on the go and sync automatically.

  • QR Code

    Print QR Code for customers to scan and instantly access Survey on their Mobile browsers.

Salesforce in-app survey for feedback in mobile apps

Integrations & APIs

Trigger Surveys using Native Integrations, Zapier and APIs

  • Helpdesks

    Trigger surveys after ticket is updated, closed or open new tickets with tools like Intercom, Zendesk, Freshdesk, Help Scout, and more.

  • CRMs & Marketing Automation

    Send surveys to leads and customers by connecting Zonka Feedback to your CRM like HubSpot, Salesforce, Pipedrive and more.

  • Trigger Email Surveys via APIs

    Use APIs to connect to your tools and automate sending Email Surveys based on events and triggers.

  • Trigger SMS Surveys via APIs

    Send SMS Surveys to customers based on events and triggers in tools you use with APIs.

  • Connect Apps with Zapier

    Connect to more than 5,000+ apps and automate workflows with Zapier, Integrately & Make.



Measure Customer Experience

Salesforce NPS Surveys

Boost long-term customer relationship by leveraging your promoters and encoruraging neutrals. Reduce churn by identifying and addressing the issues of detractors.

  • Measure Customer Loyalty
  • Automatically close feedback loop
  • Increase customer retention
  • Boost online reviews and referrals
  • Drive business growth with NPS
Learn about Net Promoter Score
Salesforce CES Surveys

Prioritize seamless interactions by reducing customer effort. Identify and resolve issues so every customer touchpoint entices potential leads to move further along the sales cycle!

  • Track Customer’s Perceived Effort
  • Improve Ticket resolution efficiency
  • Quantify post service sentiment
  • Improve customer retention
  • Upgrade your customer support
Learn about Customer Effort Score
Salesforce CSAT Surveys

Know how you measure up against your customers’ expectations. Wirth detailed insights, improve your products and offerings to be on top of industry benchmarks!

  • Identify customer issues instantly
  • Prioritize & Respond to criticisms
  • Establish a Trustworthy brand
  • Close feedback loop automatically
  • Improve long-term customer relationship
Learn about Customer Satisfaction


Centralize and Analyze!

With just one click, map all your feedback data to Salesforce and take one step towards creating a premium customer experience!

Get Insights That Matter Get Insights that Matter

View multilingual customer response, location, day and time-wise survey insights. Analyze historical data, spot new customer trends directly on Salesforce, and optimize your customer feedback strategy.

Get Insights that Matter
Actionable Report Actionable Reports

View your customer service team’s performance and their individual survey scores. Identify issues in your product/service and take constructive initiatives to improve the quality of your flag-bearers and your offerings.

Actionable Reports
Get Insights that Matter Actionable Reports
salesforce feedback workflow


Use Human Touch only where it Matters

Improve process transparency and increase team productivity by automating manual tasks with smart workflows.

  • tool-newWorkflow Designer 

    With an easy-to-use Worfklow Designer, automate repetitive tasks and actions to scale up your CX Program. 

  • alert-triangle-newAlerts, Notifications & Response Actions

    Set up Alerts and Notifications for team, Add Response Tags, Create Tasks and more for new Responses. 

  • users-newSegment Contacts & Trigger Actions

    Add Contacts to lists, segment them and trigger more Email and SMS Surveys to customers. 


Create New Opportunities out of Every Customer Feedback

Alert relevant team to take immediate action via instant email, SMS and Slack notifications.

  • bookmarkActivate Damage Control Mode

    Approach customer before they churn and Improve customer retention. Automatically assign tasks to your CX team to investigate negative reviews and take reparatory steps.

  • file-textTurn Feedback into Online Reviews

    Channel positive product feedback to improve your online reputation. Empower your sales & marketing team to follow-up with happy customers and share their positive reviews online.

Create new opportunities


Integrate with your existing tools

Connect your favorite tools for a seamless feedback management.

  • refresh-cw-newSync Data 

    Sync data to apps and tools.. Map survey fields to fields in your CRMs, Customer Support Tools, Marketing Automation Software.

  • mail-newAutomatic Email Triggers 

    Trigger automatic survey campaigns and actions for events like New Contact Added, Ticket Closed or Solved, New Order placed.

  • share-2-newDeep Integrations

    Use Native Integrations with Intercom, HubSpot, Zendesk, Salesforce, & more. Build your own using APIs & Webhooks.

  • salesforce
  • hubspot
  • zendesk
  • slack
  • front
  • freshdesk
  • intercom
  • zoom
  • helpscout
  • pipedrive
  • active_campaign
  • airtable
  • webex
  • mailchimp
  • google_sheets
  • freshcaller
  • webhooks
  • 5,000+
    integrations with
  • zapier
  • integrately
  • make
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