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Grow Your Contact List with Mailchimp Survey Software

Collect NPS, CES, and CSAT scores from your Mailchimp email campaigns and build up your contact list automatically.


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  • Build Engaging Surveys
  • Measure NPS, CES, CSAT
  • Collect via Offline, Email, SMS, Web
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  • Close the Feedback Loop
  • Actionable Reports & Insights

Send Contacts to Mailchimp after Survey Completes in Real-time

Add Contacts to Mailchimp Database

Automate contact creation to Mailchimp lists and Audiences after receiving survey responses.

Set Conditions for New Contacts

Add your Mailchimp contacts based on Filters & Conditions to Mailchimp Lists and Audiences.

Map Fields and Send Data in Real-time

Map any survey response fields from Zonka Feedback to Mailchimp and send data instantly.

Detailed Reports for Actionable Data

Automatically sync survey scores, ratings, trends, and more. Set filters based on Mailchimp attributes.



Add Survey Respondents to Mailchimp

Using the Zonka Feedback and Mailchimp Integration, you can automate adding new Survey Respondents and their data to Mailchimp for endeavors like Email Marketing, Newsletters, and more.

  • edit-new Contacts get added to Mailchimp in real-time.

  • edit-new Add contacts to any or multiple Audience and Contact Lists.


Set Conditions for Segmenting Mailchimp Contacts

Put conditions and filters in Zonka Feedback to add only specific contacts to Mailchimp that meet certain conditions.

  • edit-new Set multiple conditions on which you’d like to add/segment data from Zonka Feedback to Mailchimp list.

  • edit-new Add only those contacts to Mailchimp that meet all or any selected conditions.

Map Fields to Mailchimp


Map Survey Fields to Mailchimp Contacts

Send any data from the Survey Responses to Mailchimp Lists and Audiences to help personalize your Mailchimp Email Campaigns including preferences, metrics like CSAT, NPS and CES, and more.


Embed CSAT, CES, and NPS Surveys to Email Templates

Measure CX metrics by placing CSAT, CES, and NPS surveys to your email templates. Leverage in-signature surveys or place surveys via HTML code to stay on top of customer experience.


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