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Measure, analyze and grow Customer Loyalty with Net Promoter Score®

Engage with your customers and run effective Net Promoter Score Surveys with Zonka Feedback at every touchpoint.

Why you need a Net Promoter Score Survey Software?

Net Promoter Score® (NPS®) is one of the most popular customer experience metrics used in companies worldwide to measure customer loyalty and their likelihood to recommend your brand and services. With Zonka Feedback’s NPS Survey Software you can get an easy-to-implement and powerful platform to capture Net Promoter Score from your customers and improve their satisfaction.

  • Take NPS across various channels - tablets, kiosks, online, email & SMS
  • Take both transactional and relationship NPS
  • Measure customer loyalty and employee loyalty
  • Segment customers as detractors, passives, promoters
  • Get notifications for detractors to resolve issues
  • View NPS Trends and details NPS reports
  • Compare NPS across various locations
  • Compare NPS over time

Improve Customer Loyalty with Net Promoter Score

Identify Detractors & win them back

Identify at-risk customers and detractors. Get your team notified of angry customers and make business plans to win them back!

Measure NPS at every touchpoint

With a digital platform, you can be where your customers are. Take feedback in-app, on tablets, through email and SMS and many more ways.

Measure loyalty from everyone

Why measure only Customer Loyalty? Use Zonka Feedback’s Net Promoter Score Survey Software for Employee Net Promoter, Patient NPS and more!

Trusted by leaders around the world

Customize your Net Promoter Score Surveys

Choose from NPS Survey Templates or build an NPS Survey from scratch

  • question

    Fully customize your NPS Surveys

    Choose from any 30+ questions
  • question

    Create multilingual NPS Surveys

    Create NPS surveys in different languages
  • question

    Ask NPS Follow up Questions

    Get reasoning, comments for the NPS Score
  • question

    Create logic-based NPS Surveys

    Based on rating, ask different questions.
  • question

    Measure other industry metrics

    Measure Customer Effort Score & Customer Satisfaction Score along with Net Promoter Score.

Take NPS Surveys for all channels using one platform

Measure and improve your NPS on the platform that your customers are. on. With Zonka Feedback, you can conduct Net Promoter Score surveys using all touchpoints.

  • Android Tablets & Smartphones NPS Survey
  • iPads & iPhones NPS Survey
  • Offline Surveys
  • Online NPS Surveys
  • SMS NPS Surveys
  • Email NPS Surveys
  • NPS Surveys through QR Code
  • And more!

Get In-Depth Net Promoter Score Survey Reports & Analysis

NPS Meter Report

View the NPS Meter with your NPS Score plotted between -100 and +100.

NPS with Text Analysis

View NPS Score with Text Analysis to quickly understand customer loyalty.

NPS Trends

Selected preferred dates and time to view NPS trends in tables & graphs.

Advanced Filters

Use Advanced Filters in Reporting to analyse the NPS on various parameters.

Location & Date NPS Comparison

Compare NPS from one time period to another and amongst various locations.


Instantly export and download all Net Promoter Score Survey reports.


What is Net Promoter Score?

Net Promoter Score is a very popular and reliable metric to measure the loyalty of your customers, employees and survey respondents. The beauty and appeal of the Net Promoter Score (popularly known as the NPS) is that it is very simple and fits all industries and use cases. This also makes the NPS a great benchmarking metric and is popularly known as the 'Ultimate Question'.


NPS Question

The NPS question is  – ‘How likely is it that you would recommend this company to a friend or colleague?’.

NPS Rating Scale

NPS Question is rated between 0 - 10 where 0 is highly unlikely and 10 is very likely. 

Origin of Net Promoter Score

NPS was developed by Fred Reichheld, Bain & Company and Satmetrix Systems in 2003. 



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