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Measure, analyze & grow Customer Loyalty with NPS Surveys

With Zonka Feedback's Net Promoter Score Software, run effective NPS Surveys at every touchpoint. Engage with customers, analyze Customer Loyalty and reduce Customer Churn.

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Reach your Customers with NPS Surveys, wherever they are

Take feedback at all important customer touchpoints to gauge their satisfaction and loyalty.

Leading NPS Software

Run a world-class NPS Program


Measure NPS at every possible touchpoint

With a digital platform, you can be where your customers are. Take feedback in-app, on tablets, through email and SMS and many more ways.


Identify Detractors quickly & win them back

Identify at-risk customers based on their score. Get your team notified of angry customers, reach out to them and reduce churn.

Measure loyalty from everyone - Customers & Employees

Why measure only Customer Loyalty? Use Zonka Feedback’s Net Promoter Score Survey Software for Employee Net Promoter, Patient NPS and more!

Customize your NPS Surveys

Customize your NPS Surveys to your brand

Add logo, background, colors and more in your Surveys — without any code. Create white-labelled NPS Surveys Modify your NPS Question based on who you’re surveying — Customers and Employees and what you’re taking feedback on (general experience and relationship, or after a transaction, purchase or event).


Build your NPS survey


Ask for detailed feedback with Follow-Up NPS Questions

Let your customers share the reason for their NPS Score in their own words, with open-ended Follow Up Questions Add additional questions in your NPS Survey to get customer details, capture additional feedback, and get more insightful feedback.

Add logic-based follow up questions in your NPS Survey to add relevant questions for Detractors, Passives and Promoters.

NPS Survey with Follow Up Question
Customize your NPS Surveys

Send your NPS Surveys at the right time

Automatically trigger NPS Surveys via SMS and Email at key customer touchpoints or at regular time intervals using Zonka Feedback APIs and Integrations or directly from the NPS Platform. Set up Offline Kiosk NPS Surveys on iPads and Android Tablets for real-time on-premises feedback. Survey your Website Visitors with Survey Links and Website Surveys using the Feedback Button and Pop up.

Send your first NPS Survey


Send Personalized Post Survey Email Responses to Customers

Set up automated, personalized and conditionals emails to customers based on their Net Promoter Score. Engage with customers — thank promoters and encourage them to refer you, show gratitude to passives for their suggestions and reach out to detractors to help solve their issues.

NPS Survey - Conditional Responses to Detractors, Passives and Promoters
Response Inbox

View & Track Real-time Responses

See your feedbacks and survey responses in real-time with the Net Promoter Score in your Response Inbox. Easily filter by Promoters, Detractors, Passives directly from the Inbox. Filter your Responses, add Tags to identify themes, search by Name, Comments and more.

net promoter score survey app

Response Inbox

View feedback and responses in real-time in a Collaborative Response Inbox.

Filter Responses

Use filters to view specific responses by using date, question and other filters.

View NPS Segments

View Detractors, Passives and Promoters at a glance in the Response Inbox.


View, Track & Analyze your NPS Scores 

Get insightful NPS Survey Reports instantly to calculate, analyze your NPS performance and take data-driven business decisions.


NPS Meter Report

View your Survey’s NPS Score plotted in charts between -100 to +100 with the score segmented as Promoters, Detractors and Passives.


NPS Trends Report

Monitor your NPS Score over time and track improvements with NPS Trends Reports. See how your Detractors, Passives and Promoters have moved on a Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly basis.


NPS Text Analysis

What are top themes and words repeated by Detractors, Passives and Promoters in your NPS Survey? Analyze commonly used words in your open-ended questions in the NPS Survey with NPS Text Analysis Report.


NPS compared across Locations

Taking feedback across various locations? Compare how your Net Promoter Score fares across various business locations or even departments.

question Text NPSTrends filter

Receive timely Survey Reports in your Inbox. Never miss a Trend

Save your reports with your desired filters, time range and settings. Schedule them to be automatically delivered to your inbox periodically - daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly. Easily distribute Survey Reports to the right stakeholders and spot survey trends - right within your inbox.

Save & Schedule Reports

Stay Notified. Take Action. Reduce Customer Churn and grow your Business by 2X.

Go beyond just sending surveys, taking feedback and viewing reports. Loop in your entire team, keep the right stakeholders notified, take immediate action on miffed customers and Close the Customer Feedback Loop.


Work with your team in the Collaborative Response Inbox

Tag your Responses based on the theme. Filter Responses by Questions, Tags, Customer Attributes, Locations and Date.

Create Tasks for different Team Members to take action on feedback

Alerts for Team Members

Keep the right stakeholders in loop with automated Alerts & Notifications

Set Custom Notifications & Alerts for Team Members based on different conditions and filters. Keep the right stakeholders always in loop.


Enable workflows by connecting to tools you love

Easily integrate Zonka Feedback using APIs and Webhooks. Connect to tools with ready-to-use integrations — send surveys and responses in Slack , survey your teams in Microsoft Teams, sync feedback and contacts to Salesforce, Hubspot and Zoho CRM, trigger surveys after the ticket is updated in Zendesk and Freshdesk, add new contacts to Mailchimp and Constant Contact and more.

NPS Survey App Features

Everything you can do with the NPS Software


Distribute via various Channels

Reach your customers and employees wherever they are — through Tablets/Kiosks, SMS, Email, Web Widgets, Online & APIs. 


Measure eNPS

Don't stay restricted to Customers only. Use Zonka Feedback to also measure Employee Net Promoter Score. 


Measure other CX Metrics 

Besides measuring Net Promoter Score, also measure other CX Metrics like CSAT and CES together in the same survey. 


Real-time Alerts for Team

Set real-time alerts for team based on the Net Promoter Score or any other custom parameters to keep them updated. 


Automated Notifications for Respondents

Engage with customers with automated notifications based on their score. 


Track NPS in real-time 

See responses with the score in real-time, auto-tagged as Detractors, Passives and Promoters. 


Access in-depth NPS Reports

Get access to real-time, in-depth NPS Reports like NPS Meter Report, Trends Report, Location-based NPS, Text Analytics and more. 


Create Tasks & Close the Loop

Don't just measure NPS, but also take action to prevent your miffed customers (the detractors) from churning. Create Tasks for your team, take action & close the loop. 


Use APIs & connect with tools

Trigger NPS Surveys by integrating Zonka Feedback using APIs to your favorite tools. Send NPS Survey post transaction, post ticket closing, post chat and more. 


Customize NPS Surveys

Completely customize and white-label your NPS Surveys with logo, branding, background and more questions. 


Add Follow Up Question

Besides asking NPS Question, add a follow up question to your Survey to ask the reason behind the score. 


Add Logic to NPS Surveys

Display different questions based on the selected score using Survey Logic in your NPS Surveys. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I modify the NPS Question with Zonka Feedback?

Yes, you can modify the NPS Question for your Survey using the Survey Builder. While the NPS Question is a standard question, it can be tweaked a bit to match the tone and context you're seeking the feedback in. 

Following are examples of a few scenarios where you can tweak the standard NPS Question to make it relevant for the customers answering the NPS Survey.


Standard NPS Survey Question

“On a scale of 0 to 10, how likely are you to recommend us to a friend or colleague?”


NPS Survey Question for Company or Business

“On a scale of 0 to 10, how likely are you to recommend our business/our company to a friend or colleague?”


NPS Survey Question for Products

“On a scale of 0 to 10, how likely are you to recommend (product name) to a friend or colleague?”


NPS Survey Question for Services

“On a scale of 0 to 10, how likely are you to recommend (service name)/our services to a friend or colleague?”


Post Transaction NPS Survey Question

Based on your recent transaction, on a scale of 0 to 10, how likely are you to recommend us to a friend or colleague?”


NPS Survey Question for Helpdesk or Support Staff

“On a scale of 0 to 10, how likely are you to recommend this company as a place of work to a friend or colleague?”


By tweaking and modifying your NPS Survey Question to suit the scenario, you're likely to get more accurate responses from Customers while measuring Customer Loyalty with Net Promoter Score. 

Can I ask follow up questions in NPS Surveys?

Yes, with Zonka Feedback you can add Follow Up questions to your NPS Survey. You can completely customize the question you're looking at asking - this include closed-ended questions like multiple choice questions or open-ended questions like comments for customers to share their reason for the Net Promoter Score in their own words. 

Here are a few examples of the type of Follow Up Questions you can ask in your NPS Surveys, based on different touchpoints, different scenarios and also based on the score the customer has given:

  • What is the primary reason for your score?
  • What do you like least about the company or product or services?
  • What do you like most about the company or product or services?
  • How can we improve your experience?
  • What was missing or disappointing in your experience with us?
  • Which features do you value the most?
  • What is the one thing we could do to make you happier?

It is also possible with Zonka Feedback to add logic to your NPS Question and display different follow up questions based on whether the customer rated on the question as a detractor, passive or promoter. 


However, adding Follow Up Questions is not mandatory in your NPS Surveys.

Can I ask different follow up questions to customers based on their Net Promoter Score using Survey Logic?

Implementing Logic to any Survey makes the survey for relevant for customers and gets you more accurate and focussed answers. Logic helps create Smart Surveys.


With Zonka Feedback, you can use Survey Logic in your NPS Surveys to trigger and show different follow up questions to respondents based on whether they rated you as a Detractor (0-6), as a Passive (7-8) or as a Promoter (9-10) on the NPS Survey Question. With Skip Logic, you can easily skip or hide a few screens of the survey based on the NPS Score. You can directly make your respondents land on the specific question based on their answer.

At Zonka Feedback, you can add two types of Survey Logic to your NPS Surveys. 

  • Skip Logic: Using the Skip Logic you can take respondents to different Questions or Screens based on their NPS Score. This is ideal if you're looking at asking different questions for Detractors, Promoters and Passives and know the reason for their score.
  • Hide Logic: Using Hide Logic, you can Hide certain screens in the survey based on the responses given by respondents.  
Can I embed the NPS Question in Email Surveys?

Yes, you can embed the NPS Question in Email Surveys in Zonka Feedback. Embedded Email Surveys is a great way to increase Email Survey Responses. In Embedded Email Surveys, the NPS question of your survey is sent embedded within the email body itself. Since the customers can see the question when they open the email, they are more likely to click on the response and this leads to a better response rate. On clicking the embedded email survey, the rest of the survey continues on the browser.


Embedding NPS Question in Zonka Feedback Email Surveys is very easy. Here's how:

  • Create a NPS Survey and ensure that the NPS Question is the first question of the Survey 
  • Go to Distribution and choose Email Surveys
  • Edit and Customize your Email Survey Template. Here you will see the option to choose between Button Email Surveys or Embedded Email Surveys. Choose Embedded Email Surveys. The NPS Question will get embedded in the body 
  • Add your Survey Recipients (here you can manually add your contacts, upload a list of contacts or choose from an existing Contact List) 
  • Preview your Email Survey and Send
Does Zonka Feedback support In-App NPS Surveys

Delivering NPS Surveys in-app is a great way to get customer feedback. It is the time when the customer is in the midst of using your app or software and is likely to share a very detailed and honest feedback when responding to the survey. 


With Zonka Feedback, you can add in-app NPS Surveys to gauge Customer Loyalty and Feedback based on their interaction with you. For example, in-App NPS Surveys can be triggered in your app post a transaction, after a ticket is resolved, after a task is completed, after a booking is made and so on. 

In-App NPS Surveys are helpful to measure Customer Loyalty based on a particular event or interaction and are Transactional NPS Surveys.  

Can I create multiple NPS Surveys with Zonka Feedback?

Yes, with Zonka Feedback you can create multiple NPS Surveys to gauge Customer Loyalty at different touchpoints. Different NPS Surveys can be customized separately and can have different follow up and additional questions. 

Is it possible to set alerts and notifications for my team for NPS Detractors?

Zonka Feedback allows you to set Response Notifications so you and your team can be notified as soon as there is a new Survey Response. For NPS Surveys, you can easily set Response Notifications for Detractors (as well as for Passives and Promoters) to keep your team notified and to enable them to take action immediately. 


Besides setting up Alerts and Notifications for Detractors in NPS Surveys, you can also set up custom notifications based on other questions in your survey with the Zonka Feedback NPS Software. 

What NPS Reports and Analytics does Zonka Feedback offer?

Zonka Feedback automatically calculates your Net Promoter Score and presents them as graphs on your NPS Software Dashboard. This gives you a quick snapshot of your NPS Survey Responses. In addition, you get a lot of NPS Data Reports and powerful Analytics to dig deeper into your score and look at your score from any data other point you are tracking in Zonka Feedback. 


The NPS Reports you get in Zonka Feedback include: 

  • View your NPS Meter: The NPS Meter plots your detractors, passives and promoters from the NPS Survey and displays your Survey Responses by their rating on the NPS Question. You can see your respondents plotted from 0-10 and also see the percentage of your promoters, passives and detractors. This helps you see the spread of your NPS Scores and with drill-down reports you can easily go to respondents who gave you a 4 or a 5 and do further analysis. 
  • View NPS for every question: Besides the NPS Question, you can also see your NPS score for other Survey Responses. For example, if on a CSAT question in the same survey, you want to see what was the NPS Score of your customers who rated you 5 on the CSAT question, then you can view that easily in Zonka Feedback. 
  • NPS Overtime Trends Report: The NPS Trends Report is a very powerful report that shows analysis of how your Net Promoter Score has changed over time. 
  • Text Analytics Report with NPS: Open-ended comment boxes are a popular follow up question for NPS Surveys. With Zonka Feedback, you can view Text Analytics report that highlight repeated words. Alongside, you can also see the Net Promoter Score of the respondents who used those words in their comments with number of detractors, passives and promoters. Viewing NPS Scores alongside Text Analytics gives context to the scores and makes analysis more meaningful. 
  • Location-based NPS Report: For companies measuring NPS Scores across various locations and business centers, Zonka Feedback has Location comparison Net Promoter Scores to see how each location is faring against the other. 

All the NPS Reports are drill-down reports and you can view the Survey Respondents in one-click from right within the report itself. These Reports can also be filtered, saved and scheduled to your inbox. 

Can I filter by NPS Survey Responses based on their score?

In Zonka Feedback, Responses can be viewed in the Response Inbox in real-time. By default, all responses are tagged as Detractors, Passives or Promoters based on their scores and ratings in the NPS Survey. Furthermore, you can easily use Quick Filters to filter and view responses from only one or two segments at a time. 

How does Zonka Feedback help in following up with Detractors and Closing the Feedback Loop?

Zonka Feedback allows you to take action and close the feedback loop. You can add tags to your Responses, create tasks for yourself and your team, take action and resolve issues.


The first step to utilizing NPS for Closing the Feedback Loop is following it up with a Follow-up Question to ask the reason for ratings given by the customers. By asking the Follow-up Question, you can know the reason for the score given by your customers and focus on the root of why customers become detractors, passives, or promoters.

While sending the NPS Survey, you can set Custom Alerts and Notifications for your team to get instantly notified of passives and detractors. This helps your team give immediate attention to the customers who may churn. 


Once you receive feedback, you can create Tasks for your team to take for particular feedback. You can tag the responses, add relevant notes and close the feedback to prevent customer churn. 

How can I see my NPS score overtime and see if it has improved?

The Trends Report in Zonka Feedback allows you to view your Net Promoter Score (segregated as detractors, passives and promoters) over a period of time like monthly, quarterly, yearly or more. It displays your NPS Survey Responses and Segments as week on week or month on month to easily evaluate and analyse how your scores have changed overtime. The graphical representation of the Trends comes with a pivot table that makes data consumption of your Net Promoter Scores overtime very easy and effective for business analysis. 

Can I display NPS Survey on my website?

Yes, you can display NPS Survey on your website in multiple ways with Zonka Feedback. These include: 

  • Website Embed: Embed your NPS Survey as a part of your website to allow customers to give their feedback as they browse the website 
  • Website Feedback Button:  Include a Feedback Button on the Website (on all or few pages) so customers can click on the button, open the NPS Survey as a slide out or pop up and give their feedback. 
  • Web Popover Survey: Display NPS Survey as a pop up or slide out survey after a transaction or an event to gauge customer satisfaction and loyalty based on an interaction. 


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