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Measure, analyze and grow Customer Loyalty with Net Promoter Score®

Engage with your customers and run effective Net Promoter Score Surveys with Zonka Feedback at every touchpoint.

Trusted NPS Software used by leaders around the world

Reach Customers with NPS Surveys, wherever they are

Take feedback at all touchpoints with the omnichannel NPS Software.

NPS Survey App Features

Everything you can do with the NPS Software


Customize NPS Surveys

Completely customize and white-label your NPS Surveys with logo, branding, background and more questions. 


Add Follow Up Question

Besides asking NPS Question, add a follow up question to your Survey to ask the reason behind the score. 


Add Logic to NPS Surveys

Display different questions based on the selected score using Survey Logic in your NPS Surveys. 


Distribute via various Channels

Reach your customers and employees wherever they are — through Tablets/Kiosks, SMS, Email, Web Widgets, Online & APIs. 


Measure eNPS

Don't stay restricted to Customers only. Use Zonka Feedback to also measure Employee Net Promoter Score. 


Measure other CX Metrics 

Besides measuring Net Promoter Score, also measure other CX Metrics like CSAT and CES together in the same survey. 


Real-time Alerts for Team

Set real-time alerts for team based on the Net Promoter Score or any other custom parameters to keep them updated. 


Automated Notifications for Respondents

Engage with customers with automated notifications based on their score. 


Track NPS in real-time 

See responses with the score in real-time, auto-tagged as Detractors, Passives and Promoters. 


Access in-depth NPS Reports

Get access to real-time, in-depth NPS Reports like NPS Meter Report, Trends Report, Location-based NPS, Text Analytics and more. 


Create Tasks & Close the Loop

Don't just measure NPS, but also take action to prevent your miffed customers (the detractors) from churning. Create Tasks for your team, take action & close the loop. 


Use APIs & connect with tools

Trigger NPS Surveys by integrating Zonka Feedback using APIs to your favorite tools. Send NPS Survey post transaction, post ticket closing, post chat and more. 

Customize your NPS Surveys

Survey Builder - NPS

Branding & Themes

Change logo, background and colors. Pick themes for the forms.


40+ Question Types & Emoticons

Besides NPS, choose from 40+ questions types for your survey. 


Professional Templates

Choose from over 40+ ready-to-use templates for all industries.


Skip Logic & Question Branching

Make surveys intuitive with Skip Logic & Question Branching.


Customize Intro & Thank You Screens

Add and customize survey introduction and thank you screen. 


Answer Piping, Custom Variables

Insert text from previous question and add custom variables.


Add Follow Up Questions to get detailed feedback

Let customers share how they feel, in their own words with comment boxes.

Add additional questions based on logic to get insights using NPS Surveys.

Conditional Replies to NPS Respondents

Send Personalized Email Responses to Customers

Set automated, personalized messages and emails to customers based on the Net Promoter Score. Engage with customers — thank promoters and encourage them to refer you, show gratitude to passives for their suggestions and let detractors know that you care about their concerns and reach out to them for learning more about the problems they faced.

Survey Reports

Real-time Survey Reports & Analytics

Get insightful survey reports instantly and take data-driven business decisions.


NPS Meter Report

View the NPS Meter with your NPS Score plotted between -100 and +100.


NPS with Text Analysis

View NPS Score with Text Analysis to understand customer loyalty.


NPS Trends

Selected preferred dates and time to view NPS trends in tables & graphs.


Advanced Filters

Use Advanced Filters in Reporting to analyse the NPS on various parameters.


Location & Date NPS Comparison

Compare NPS from one time period to another and amongst various locations.


Export Reports

Instantly export and download all Net Promoter Score Survey reports.

question Text NPSTrends filter Locations

Improve Customer Loyalty with Net Promoter Score

Identify Detractors quickly & win them back

Identify at-risk customers and detractors based on their score. Get your team notified of angry customers and make business plans to win them back!

Measure NPS at every possible touchpoint

With a digital platform, you can be where your customers are. Take feedback in-app, on tablets, through email and SMS and many more ways.

Measure loyalty from everyone - Customers & Employees

Why measure only Customer Loyalty? Use Zonka Feedback’s Net Promoter Score Survey Software for Employee Net Promoter, Patient NPS and more!

Response Inbox

View & Track Real-time Responses

See your feedbacks and survey responses in real-time with the Net Promoter Score in your Response Inbox. Easily filter by Promoters, Detractors, Passives directly from the Inbox. Filter your Responses, add Tags to identify themes, search by Name, Comments and more.

Close the Feedback Loop

Don’t just collect feedback and view reports. With Zonka Feedback’s Survey Software, proactively take action, engage customers and close the feedback loop

NPS Metrics for all Feedback Questions

Involve your team with Survey Notifications & Data

Bring in your team to the platform, add Custom Survey Response Alerts (based on filters like Detractors, Passives and Promoters) and Email Digests for teams to be notified immediately.


Enable workflows by connecting to tools you use

Integrate Zonka Feedback to tools and Software you use.

Trigger NPS Surveys through Zonka Feedback based on action in different tools using APIs.

Set up Zonka Feedback APIs & Webhooks to sync feedback back to your favorite tools enabling quick action and integrated systems. 


Tag Feedbacks, Add Tasks & Take Action

In the Response Inbox, Tag Responses based on their theme, add Tasks for team members and take action to Close the Feedback Loop



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