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Advanced Survey & Feedback Reports

Get simple and advanced feedback reports and analysis, all in real-time, with Zonka Feedback.

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  • Snapshot Report
  • Response Insights Report
  • Location Insights Report
  • Team Insights Report
  • Response Inbox
  • Overtime Trends Report
  • Text Analytics
  • Tags Analytics
Survey snapshot report

Snapshot Report

Get an insightful summary and analysis of Responses, Response Time, Survey Completion Time, CX Metrics and Survey Channels in the Survey Snapshot Report.

Feedback Snapshot Report
Feedback Response Insights Report
Survey data analysis

Response Insights Report

View insights and analysis of all the Survey Questions and Responses including CX Metrics - NPS, CES and CSAT in the Survey Response Insights Report.


response inbox

View & Track Real-Time Responses

See your feedback and survey responses in real-time with CX Metrics (NPS, CES and CSAT) in your Response Inbox. Filter your Responses, add Tags to identify themes, search by Name, Comments and more.

Location-Based insights report

Location Insights Report

Taking feedback and running surveys across multiple locations? Analyze and compare their performance and scores with the Location Insights Report. This gives you a comparison of CX Metrics between all locations, as well as a question-wise analysis and comparison for each survey question.


Location Insights Report
Team Performance Report
analyze team performance

Team Performance Report

Get customer feedback about how your team is performing and view detailed team-based, team performance reports in Zonka Feedback.


Feedback Trends Report

Overtime Trends Report

How are your CX Metrics - NPS, CES and CSAT - changing over a period of time? View this in an Overtime Trends Report. View performance of your metrics over a period of time, on a weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly basis.


Feedback Trends Reports
Text Analysis
Survey Text Analysis Report

Text Analytics Report

Uncover insights, trends and patterns of open-ended responses, comments and unstructured data with Text Analytics report. View how many times words were repeated and view their cumulative CX Metrics as well.


Survey snapshot report

Real-time Survey Reports & Analytics


Real-time Survey Reports

View your pre-built, advanced survey reports instantly, in real-time and all in one-click


NPS, CES and CSAT Reports

View detailed analysis of customer satisfaction, loyalty and ease of doing business with you with CX Metrics reports - NPS, CES and CSAT.


Drill-down Survey Reports

View your survey responses straight from your reports using Drill-Down.


Graphical Survey Reporting

Visualize your scores, response analytics and data with Survey Report Graphs.


Filter your Survey Reports

Filter your Surveys Reports by date, questions, locations, tags, attributes, variables, and more. .


Save & Export Reports

Save your filtered reports and download them as PDF.


Schedule Survey Reports

Get your report delivered to your inbox daily, weekly or monthly with Scheduled Survey Reports.



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