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Surveys, Quizzes and Live Polls in Webex Meetings

Capture real-time feedback and surveys from meeting attendees, collect ideas, run live polls and conduct quizzes during Webex Meetings. With Zonka for Webex, create surveys within minutes and share them directly within Webex Meetings and Webinars.

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Run more inclusive Web meetings with ZonkaFeedback

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Make your Webex Meetings interactive & engaging

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Real-time Surveys

Conduct surveys and check ins during Webex meetings.

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Live Polling

Engage with meeting attendees and conduct polls with live results.

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Interactive Quizzes

Test knowledge by running quizzes with live scoring & results.

Design Surveys, Polls and Quizzes inside Webex

Design Personalized Surveys inside Webex

It's never been easier to create and share surveys within Meetings and Webinars.

  • Choose from hand-picked templates to suit your business case
  • Design surveys with themes to reflect your business and brand
  • Add multiple questions, including CX Metrics, Comment Boxes, Button Choice, Picture Choice and more

Get In-Meeting Feedback

Interact with your Webex Meeting Attendees with real-time surveys during the meeting.

  • Get daily check-ins and updates during Webex Meetings
  • Share In-Meeting Satisfaction Surveys with meeting attendees
  • Use comment boxes to gather information and opinions from team
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Effortless gather votes using Live Polling

Polls are a great way to gather votes for decisions and discussions, and keep your meetings interactive.

  • Engage teams by sharing Polls during Webex meetings
  • Ensure everyone's voice is heard with Anonymous Polling
  • View real-time poll results with your meeting attendees

Test Participants' Knowledge with In-meeting Quiz

Test knowledge, engage attendees and check their understanding with quizzes in Webex.

  • Create interactive Quizzes inside the Webex
  • Share a Quiz in an ongoing meeting
  • Allow attendees to view quiz scores and results instantly
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Assess Engagement & Satisfaction with Real-time Analytics

View valuable insights for your quizzes, polls and surveys within Webex. Determine meeting attendees' engagement, understanding and satisfaction with result graphs.

  • Get Survey Results and Analytics within Webex instantly
  • Discover popular topics, questions and insights
  • Visualize data in the form of colorful graphs and tables to deduce insights

Make your Webex Meetings interactive & engaging

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Increase Engagement and Interaction in Meeting

Make your meetings and webinars an ideal platform for two-way communication, giving everyone a platform to participate and be heard — even remotely.

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Make learning fun and dynamic with Quizzes & Polls

With interactive quizzes, in-meeting polls, and real-time results — make trainings, webinars and meetings more effective and dynamic for attendees.

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Visualize Data, Analyze Business & Discover Strategies

Empower your team to take better business decisions with instant visual representations using graphs and charts. Get meaningful insights like never before.

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