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Customer Feedback Software for Retail Stores, Supermarkets & Malls

Zonka Feedback is a complete customer feedback platform with customizable feedback forms, real-time reporting, in-depth analysis and instant alerts for retail stores, supermarkets, malls and shops.

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    Tablet Kiosk

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    Online & Web Surveys

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    Email & SMS Surveys

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Set up a feedback system at retail stores & shopping centers. Easily track and compare shopper's feedback and retail customer satisfaction across locations.



Take feedback at retail stores, shopping centers using tablets, smartphones or send feedback form link via Email and SMS or print QR code or link on the shopping retail bill.



Your retail customers speak different languages? No problem – set up your retail surveys and feedback forms in multiple languages and let customers choose their preferred language!

Get real-time customer and shoppers’ feedback at retail stores, online stores, malls and markets


Customize your Retail Feedback Forms & Surveys

Create engaging and effective customer feedback forms & surveys. Customize feedback questions, fonts, colors, emoticons & more.

  • Choose from expert Retail Feedback Templates
  • Choose from 30+ questions
  • Customize survey look and feel – font, colours, background
  • White-label your surveys
  • Add multiple languages
  • Measure CSAT, NPS & CES
  • Add Logic to your surveys

Take Customers Feedback in Retail Stores across various touchpoints

Choose from multiple touchpoints and methods of taking feedback like tablets, kiosks, online, email and sms to get customer feedback post purchase at the store or online.


iPad & Android Shopping Feedback App

Take customer feedback in stores, malls, shopping centres on iPads, iPhones, Android tablets and Phones. Set up as kiosk or just hand device in-person.


Online Customer Feedback

Create and add online surveys on your website or send survey links to get feedback for their shopping experience.

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Customer Feedback through Email Invitation

Send emails with survey links to customers to give feedback or embed survey questions within email.


Customer Feedback through SMS

Send mobile-responsive survey links to shoppers and customers through SMS to share their experience and feedback about the experience at the hospital.


Feedback Notifications & Alerts

Get real-time notifications and alerts for all customer feedbacks.

  • Set up real-time SMS alerts for negative feedbacks
  • Get instant emails for new feedback in stores, malls or online
  • Schedule daily digests

Manage Responses & Close the Feedback Loop

Let teams work together on feedbacks and take action using Zonka’s Collaborative Response Manager. Tag low feedbacks and mark those which require follow-ups. Take corrective actions to close the feedback loop.

  • Set up real-time SMS alerts for negative feedbacks
  • Get instant emails for new feedback
  • Schedule daily digests

Real-time Customer and Retail Feedback Reporting


Measure Shoppers’ Experience

Get customer feedbacks about stores and their experience through multiple channels, understand trends and improve shoppers’ experience.


Staff Behaviour Analysis

Allow your shoppers to rate sales assistants, billing counter staff, store manager and other staff members on various parameters./p>


Comparative Reports

Compare performance of each store and supermarket using location-comparative reports and across time using date-comparative reports.


Summary in your Inbox

Get the summarized feedback report delivered to your inbox either daily, weekly or monthly and stay up to date with the customer feedback.

Multiple retail feedback touchpoints, real-time reporting

Types of Retail Outlets where Zonka can be used

Retail Stores, Showrooms & Factory Outlets

Deploy touchscreen tablets and smartphones for feedback collection across the premises of your retail stores and showrooms. Collect shopper feedbacks without internet and sync the data later.

Markets & Shopping Malls/Centers

Allow shoppers and buyers to rate your shopping mall on multiple parameters including ambience, convenience, help offered by staff, courtesy shown by store managers or in-charge and more.

Supermarkets & Departmental Stores

Capture buyer sentiments in the supermarkets and departmental stores arising out of their frequent visit at your store. Utilize this data for making improvements and required changes in your store.

Online Shopping Websites / eCommerce Websites

Capture online shopper feedback via web surveys distributed through SMS, Emails and QR Codes. Collect feedback from within your eCommerce app by integrating Zonka with your app.

Track Customer Feedback in Retail Stores, Chains, Malls from anywhere!

Ways to use Retail Feedback Software & Customer Feedback App


Measure Shoppers’ Satisfaction

Measure your customers & shoppers’ experience by measuring Net Promoter Score, Rating Score and Customer Effort Score. Understand customer satisfaction, loyalty, and likeliness to recommend your brand.


Track Staff Performances

Allow your customers to rate sales person, store managers or in-charges on set parameters such as helpfulness, responsiveness, friendliness and easily track staff performances in store.


Complaints Management System

Manage complaints through real-time feedback alerts and notifications and act on them with team collaboration at the retail stores. Assign tasks to be completed and ensure proper follow-ups.


Loyalty Program Sign Up

Customize retail surveys using Zonka’s survey builder and run loyalty programs in-store. Easily track repeat customers over a period of time and also repeat customers across various locations and stores.


Collect Customer Data for Marketing

Install desk-mounted kiosks at the billing counters at stores and capture customer data. Utilize this customer data for sending newsletter and sharing promotional updates about the stores.



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