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Zendesk Customer Satisfaction Surveys to Transform Customer Success

Streamline and organize your customer interactions with trigger CSAT, CES & NPS surveys through Zendesk and sync customer feedback and ticket info in real-time with Zonka Feedback


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10 million+ Surveys | 2,000+ Businesses | 30+ Countries | 6 Continents | 39 Languages

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  • Build Engaging Surveys
  • Measure NPS, CES, CSAT
  • Collect via Offline, Email, SMS, Web
  • CX Automation & Integrations
  • Close the Feedback Loop
  • Actionable Reports & Insights

Measure Helpfulness of Your Customer Support at Various Touchpoints

Understand the customer’s pulse and their experience with your customer support teams at multiple points-of-contact using embedded survey triggers.

Trigger Survey Into Mail & Signatures Trigger Surveys into Email and Signatures

Embed surveys into your Zendesk email and signatures while interacting with the customers to capture their experience in real-time

Trigger Survey from Macros Trigger Surveys from Macros

Measure customer satisfaction with your canned responses to understand what works and what doesn’t by embedding surveys into your macro templates.

Triger Post-resolution Surveys Trigger Post-Resolution Surveys

Send event-based surveys in a separate email to customers based on if a ticket is resolved, updated or escalated.


Measure Customer Experience

Use rating scales in surveys to measure customer satisfaction

Choose how your customers rate their experience by adding engaging rating scales like the Likert scale, & Smiley Surveys to measure CES, CSAT and NPS. Get answers to crucial questions like the overall perceived efforts of customers to get the query resolved, their satisfaction with the agent interaction, and how likely they are to promote your business.

Net Promoter Score®

Measure Customer Loyalty with a simple NPS question "On a scale of 0-10, how likely are you to recommend this company to your friends and family?"

  • Measure Customer Loyalty
  • Ask follow up questions
  • Prevent & Reduce Churn
  • Boost Referrals with Promoters
  • Drive retention & growth with NPS
Learn about Net Promoter Score
Customer Effort Score

Know how was customers' experience and effort in getting their query resolved while interacting with your customer support team with the CES question. 

  • Measure Customer’s Perceived Effort
  • Track Customer Support Team performance 
  • Ideal for post service & transaction
  • Reduce Customer Effort to prevent Churn
Learn about Customer Effort Score
Customer Satisfaction Score

Know how satisfied and happy your customers are with CSAT Surveys. Choose from smileys, stars, thumbs up, circles, buttons and likert scale to gauge customer experience. 

  • Measure Customer Satisfaction & Happiness
  • Use it for general relationship Satisfaction and post-transaction
  • Identify unhappy customers
  • Close feedback loop to reduce churn
Learn about Customer Satisfaction
Measure Agent Performance

Tailor-made Zendesk Surveys 

Customize Zendesk Surveys based on your needs

Create a personalized survey experience by customizing your Zendesk surveys - add logic, logos, smiley ratings, and more. 

  • edit-new Measure NPS, CSAT, and CES.

  • edit-new Choose from 30+ question types.

  • edit-newAdd open-ended questions and comment boxes.

  • edit-new Create logic-based surveys.

  • edit-new Create surveys in multiple languages

Collect Agent Feedback

Analyze Agent Performance using feedback-driven actionable insights 

Design intuitive workflows and trigger automatic actions based on Survey Responses. 

  • edit-new Sync all your agents to Zonka Feedback with a single click.

  • edit-new Monitor agent performance trends over time using survey responses.

  • edit-new Get detailed team-wise performance reports to find areas-of-improvement.

  • edit-new Access leaderboard to view and compare individual ratings of agents and teams.


Monitor CX from Tickets

View Customer Experience in Your Zendesk Tickets

Give your agents visibility into the customer satisfaction and overall customer experiences from within your tickets. 

  • View Ratings & Score View Ratings and Score

    Add feedback response ratings and scores to your tickets and allow agents to have a quick view of customer experience.

  • View All Responses View Full-Responses

    Enable your teams to view full survey responses to gain context on open-ended feedback.

Real-time Feedback

View Instant Feedback & Take Action in a Collaborative Response Inbox

With Response Inbox, view responses in real-time. Add tags, notes and tasks to take action.


In-moment Responses In-moment Responses

View all feedback and responses in a Collaborative Response Inbox.

Search & Filter ResponsesSearch & Filter Responses

Use Date, Response Choices, Contact Attributes, Variables to filter.

Group & Tag ResponsesGroup & Tag Responses

Add Tags to responses. Flag them or mark them as urgent.

Create Tasks & ActionsCreate Tasks & Actions

Create tasks for the team, take action and close the feedback loop.

Filter by CX MetricsFilter by CX Metrics

View CX Scores (NPS, CES, and CSAT) and segment contacts based on metrics-based filters.

Access Ticket LinksAccess Ticket Links

For quick accessibility, every response links to the respective Zendesk Ticket.

Advanced Workflows Builder

Automate Response Management with Workflows

Design intuitive workflows and trigger automatic actions based on Survey Responses.

  • edit-new Design Workflows

    With an easy-to-use Workflow Designer, automate repetitive tasks and actions to scale up your CX Program.

  • edit-new Send Result-Based Email Surveys

    Set automation rules based on customer feedback and make it easy to follow up with both satisfied and dissatisfied customers.

  • edit-new Alerts, Notifications & Response Actions

    View customer feedback as soon as it enters your channels like Slack, Microsoft Teams, etc. Set up Alerts and Notifications for the team, Add Response Tags, Create Tasks and more for new Responses.

  • edit-new Segment Contacts & Trigger Actions

    Add Contacts to lists, segment them and trigger more Email and SMS Surveys to customers.


Feedback Analytics

Powerful Out-of-the-Box Reporting in Real-Time

With in-depth feedback reports, make business decisions based on customer data.

  • edit-new View one-click-ready reports like Snapshot, Insights, Trends, and Inbox

  • edit-new Get overtime CX Analytics with Trends Report

  • edit-new Drill Down to actual responses

  • edit-new View Text Analytics for open-ended questions

  • edit-new Filter & Segment your Reports with tags, ratings, etc.

  • edit-new Save & Schedule your Reports

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