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Add new Survey Responses to Google Sheets

Connect Google Sheets to your Zonka Feedback Account to add Survey Responses to new or existing Google Sheets automatically.


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Send New Survey Responses to Google Sheets

Add Responses to Google Sheets

Add new Survey Responses as a new row with all Survey Answers in Google Sheets.

Create New Sheets or add to Existing

Send new Survey Responses to new Google Sheets or Existing Google Sheets.

Run Analysis and Reports in Google Sheets

Use conditional formatting and formulas to create graphs and run analysis in Sheets.

Connect your Zonka Feedback account to Google Sheets

Using the Zonka Feedback and Google Sheets Integration, you can automate adding new Survey Respondents and their data to Google Sheets to use for graphs, analysis, insights and more.

  • All Survey Fields get mapped to different columns
  • Each new Response gets added as a New Row

View Responses in Google Sheets. Run Analysis

Eliminate the use of emails for Survey Response updates. Set up notifications to Slack Users and Slack Channels for new Survey Responses on Zonka Feedback. All in real-time.

  • Send new Survey Response notifications to Slack Users
  • Notify everyone on a Slack Channel for new Responses in real-time
  • Set up different Users and Channels for different Surveys