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Customer Feedback Automation & Workflows

Close the feedback loop through Customer Experience (CX) Automation. Trigger Notifications on preferred channels, automatically label survey responses for documentation, create & assign new tasks and manage their priorities, and send follow-up surveys. Collect feedback and create a better cross-team collaborative ecosystem with feedback automation!

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Customer Feedback Automation & Workflows

10 million+ Surveys | 2,000+ Businesses | 30+ Countries | 6 Continents | 39 Languages

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  • Build Engaging Surveys
  • Measure NPS, CES, CSAT
  • Collect via Offline, Email, SMS, Web
  • CX Automation & Integrations
  • Close the Feedback Loop
  • Actionable Reports & Insights

Benefits of Customer Feedback Automation with Workflows 

Build processes - automate repetitive tasks

With Workflows, you can build processes to manage incoming feedback efficiently, while enhancing cross-team cooperation and keeping the required personnel in the loop


Less management - more Customer Engagement

Eliminate chances of error. Let your team focus on customer engagement as manual data entries, status updates on excel and making tickets on Project management tools happen


No need to spend hours on manual notifications

Let go of manual follow-ups, unopened emails, archived emails chains and unread notifications by building workflows. Design, execute and manage tasks and get notified


Automate CX and Scale Growth 

Focus on optimizing CX operations by adding new branches in your workflows. And let Zonka close the feedback loop and improve customer satisfaction


Workflows and Automation


Build Workflows for Customer Feedback Automation

Automate repetitive tasks and ensure that feedback and responses are addressed the right way by the right team

  • Send email and SMS notifications to respective respondents or team members.
  • Automatically categorize responses using labels, assign tasks to your team members to address customer grievances and setup escalate matrix.
  • Send automatic follow-up surveys to respondents through email and SMS.
  • Create a targeted audience list.
  • Add unlimited actions to target different touchpoints and set triggers based on survey questions, in-survey smart inputs and contact attributes.


Streamline Operations with Feedback Automation

Set up conditions to notify the concerned team and Respondents via Email, SMS & Slack.

  • Keep everyone in the loop by sending response-based notifications to the concerned teams.
  • Highlight points, set alignments in the message by using the in-app text editor.
  • Automate post-survey acknowledgments to respondents via email and SMS.
  • Send both static and dynamic information with data fields containing Survey Response, Hidden Variables, and Contact Attributes.
Custom Feedback Alerts
Response Action workflows


Enable Feedback Loop Automation

Save time by automating customer feedback process, survey and response categorization and escalation. 

  • Keep everyone in the loop by sending response-based notifications to the concerned teams.
  • Opt for a better categorization and CX operations - Label responses by marking them as 'important'. Choose from pre-defined tags or create new ones as you go, right from the workflow builder. 
  • Build escalation matrix - Based on responses, assign tasks to a specific team/ team member. Set a due date for resolving the issue and an escalation with a pre-defined due date. 
  • Enable your team to get reminders to take action on important feedback — reach out and follow up with customers to close the feedback loop with automation. 


Automate Collecting Feedback

Automate actions for a respondent in your Customer Feedback Automation Platform. Based on the workflow logic, Contact Actions allow you to:

  • Add Contacts to a pre-defined Contact List or make a custom audience list for retargeting.
  • Unsubscribe Contacts from further communications.
  • Send or schedule a follow-up SMS or Email Survey to the respondents. Use it to get detailed feedback, request testimonials, and investigate issues more deeply.
Contact Actions Workflow
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