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Customer Feedback Software for Banks, Financial Institutions and Insurance Companies

Capture customer feedback at retail banks, insurance companies and other financial institutions. Understand staff performance, the quality of services rendered at each teller counter, customer feedback and more – all in real-time.

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Does your Bank need a Feedback App?

Digital Feedback Software at your bank will help you easily hear the voice of each customer, their experience and opinion about your services, staff and efficiency of operations – all in real-time.

  • 100% more customer feedback at banks
  • Real-time customer feedback
  • Resolve customer issues faster than before
  • Track staff and teller performance at banks
  • Compare customer satisfaction different bank offices and locations
  • Improve customer delight and happiness
  • Improve Customer Delight & Satisfaction

Get real-time customer feedback at banks, financial institutions and insurance companies



Set up a feedback system at banks and insurance centres. Easily track and compare feedback and customer satisfaction across locations.



Take feedback at banks and financial institutions using tablets, smartphones or send feedback form link via Email and SMS or print QR code or link on the bill.



Your customers speak different languages? No problem – set up your customer feedback form in multiple languages and let customers choose!


Customize your Banking & Financial Services Feedback Forms & Surveys

Create engaging and effective customer feedback forms & surveys. Customize feedback questions, fonts, colors, emoticons & more.

  • Choose from expert Retail Feedback Templates
  • Choose from 30+ questions
  • Customize survey look and feel – font, colours, background
  • White-label your surveys
  • Add multiple languages
  • Measure CSAT, NPS & CES
  • Add Logic to your surveys

Take Customers Feedback in Banks, Financial Institutes and Insurance Companies

Choose from multiple touchpoints and methods of taking feedback like tablets, kiosks, online, email and sms to get customer feedback post purchase at the store or online.


iPad & Android Customer Feedback App

Take customer feedback in banks and financial institutes on iPads, iPhones, Android tablets and Phones. Set up as kiosk or just hand device in-person.


Online Customer Feedback

Create and add online surveys on your website or send survey links to get feedback for their banking experience.

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Customer Feedback through Email Invitation

Send emails with survey links to customers to give feedback or embed survey questions within email.


Customer Feedback through SMS

Send mobile-responsive survey links to customers through SMS to share their experience and feedback about the experience at the bank or online banking.


Feedback Notifications & Alerts

Get real-time notifications and alerts for all customer feedbacks.

  • Set up real-time SMS alerts for negative feedbacks
  • Get instant emails for new feedback in banks, financial institutes or online
  • Schedule daily digests

Manage Responses & Close the Feedback Loop

Let teams work together on feedbacks and take action using Zonka’s Collaborative Response Manager. Tag low feedbacks and mark those which require follow-ups. Take corrective actions to close the feedback loop.

  • Set up real-time SMS alerts for negative feedbacks
  • Get instant emails for new feedback in restaurants
  • Schedule daily digests

Real-time Customer and Retail Feedback Reporting

Our feedback mechanism for financial institutions enable staff and other key persons to get instant feedback alerts via Emails and SMS. This facilitates quicker issue resolution and thus boosts customer satisfaction.


Customer Feedback Analysis

Analyze the feedbacks of all your customers whether coming to your premises virtually(website) or in-person through on premises digital feedbacks and web feedback surveys.


Staff Analysis

Allow your customers to rate your bank staff by asking questions related to performance of staff sitting behind each counter/desk and receive simple sorted feedbacks.


Comparative Reports

Use date-comparative reports to compare the performance of all the branches of your banks and the customer satisfaction levels in all of them over time.


Summary Digests in your inbox

Get daily, weekly or monthly digests of the customer feedbacks delivered in your inbox which facilitates easy inspection and keep you up-to-date with the ongoing processes.

Multiple banking feedback touchpoints, real-time reporting

Types of Restaurants where Zonka is used

Retail Banks

Setup feedback kiosks at key areas such as near ATM machines, different counters, exits and allow more and more customers to share their views.

Insurance Companies

Collect offline feedbacks at your insurance facility and sync the data later when you have internet connectivity.

Online Banking

Take feedback for online banking on your website, at various key transactions like post online banking use, post service request and other interactions. Keep complaint and feedback forms online for customers that use your banking services online.

Get real-time restaurant feedback from your customers!Get a Complete Customer Feedback App for your Banks and Financial Houses

Uses & Implementation of Restaurant Feedback System


Employee Feedback

Allow your employees to vent out all their complaints and suggestions by collecting employee feedbacks and acting on them. Happier employees thus lead to happier customers.



Set up kiosks near or adjacent to various counters in your bank at optimum heights in order to capture customer data and their feedbacks regarding their visit.


Feedback Management

All the feedbacks that your customers give get recorded in real-time. You can also set alerts for low rating feedbacks which will help you spot problem areas in no time.


Complaint Management

Manage customer complaints with real-time alerts and reports. Solve issues quicker and take suitable actions to resolve customer complaints within the premises.



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