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NPS® Reporting & Dashboard

With NPS® Reports, you can understand your survey results and response data on a high-level overview, for the specific Net Promoter Score question, for NPS range and trends overtime and from the perspective of other questions and metrics in the survey.

NPS Snapshot Report

Snapshot of your Net Promoter Score®

Get a quick overview of your NPS® in the Snapshot Report with total distribution of Promoters, Passives, and Detractors — compared to the previous period.

NPS Metrics for all Feedback Questions

View all answers and feedback responses in context of NPS®

What was the Net Promoter Score for each question choice (answers)? Find out with Zonka Feedback’s NPS Reports. View NPS® for every choice for an in-depth Feedback Analysis.

NPS Question Report-1

NPS® Question Report

Get a breakdown report of the Net Promoter Score® question with number of detractors, passives and promoters, and graphs to indicate how many responses were given to each score of the NPS® question.

NPSTrends Report

NPS® Overtime with Trends Report

Know how your Net Promoter Score is doing over time (quarter on quarter, month on month, week on week) with NPS® Trends Report.



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