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Popular customer survey form templates

Powerful customer survey templates for wide-range of industries with varied question types, all under one roof.

Net Promoter Score,net-promoter-score-survey-forms

  • Product Net Promoter Score Survey Template

    Gauge your customers' likelihood of recommending your product with the Product NPS Survey Template.


Healthcare & Patient Satisfaction,healthcare-patient-satisfaction-survey-templates

  • Post-Appointment Outpatient Feedback Form

    A feedback form to gather post-appointment satisfaction from outpatients at healthcare centers.

  • Patient Feedback about Doctor Survey Template

    Gather patient's satisfaction & feedback about their interaction with the doctor at hospitals.



Customer Satisfaction,customer-satisfaction-survey-templates

  • Quick General Customer Satisfaction Survey Template

    Quickly identify how satisfied are your customers with your brand with this Quick General Customer...

  • Product Customer Satisfaction Survey Template

    Asking your customers about how satisfied they are with the product is one of the best ways to...

  • Detailed General Customer Satisfaction Survey Template

    With this all-inclusive detailed general customer satisfaction survey, understand how your...


Customer Feedback,customer-feedback-forms

  • Washroom Feedback Form Template

    Use this washroom feedback form template to collect feedback about the condition of the washroom as...

  • Website Visitor Online Survey Form Sample

    Use this website visitor online survey form to assess the opinions of your online visitors about...

  • Customer Service Feedback Form

    Use this sample customer service feedback form to understand the effectiveness of your customer...


Employee Surveys,employee-survey-templates

  • Employee On-boarding Survey Form

    Collect employee opinion about the recruitment process and first day at the workplace with this...

  • Employee Training Survey Template

    Use this employee training survey template and collect employee feedback about the ongoing...

  • Employee Exit Survey Form Template

    Send this employee exit survey form template to understand the honest opinion of your employee...



  • How did you hear about us survey

    Hello! Use this how did you hear about us survey to understand the source from where your...

  • Restaurant New Menu Survey Template

    Use this restaurant new menu survey template for capturing the feedbacks of your guests about the...

  • Detailed Restaurant Feedback Form

    Use this detailed restaurant feedback form to understand customer likes, dislikes and receive...


Customer Experience Survey Templates,customer-experience-survey-templates

  • Product Purchase Experience Survey Template

    Use this product purchase experience survey template to assess the customer’s experience with the...


Lead Capture,lead-capture-survey-forms

  • Event Lead Capture Form Template

    Use this event lead capture form to quickly collect contact info from leads. Signup with Zonka to...


Bank feedback forms,bank-feedback-forms

  • Banking Customer Feedback Form

    Use this bank customer feedback form template to survey customer about his bank visit. Signup with...

  • Bank visit feedback form

    Use this bank visit feedback form to capture the feedback of services as experienced by the...


Spa and Salons,spa-and-salons-feedback-templates

  • Gym Feedback Form

    Instructor not paying attention? Machine dysfunctional for a long time? Give a platform to your gym...

  • Spa Feedback Form Template

    Use this spa feedback form template to capture the inputs of your clients at the spa. Signup with...

  • Salon Staff Feedback form

    Use this salon staff feedback form to capture the feedback about your staff members at the salon as...


Retail and Shopping,retail-and-shopping

  • Shopping Mall Experience Feedback Form

    Ask your visitors to rate the shopping mall on various characteristics. Make improvements as per...

  • Shopper Experience Survey (Detailed)

    Get detailed insights about every minute aspect of the shopper experience at the retail store....

  • Shopper Experience Survey (Short)

    This short and crisp shopper experience survey by Zonka will help you to capture the satisfaction...