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Customer Effort Score (CES) Survey Template

Use this quick Customer Effort Score Survey Template to measure the perceived levels of effort your customers have to put into a certain interaction with customer success teams to achieve their goals. 

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Measure the success of your Customer Support, Helpdesk, self-help resources, and agents for seamless customer service experience. Identify customer pain-points with your Customer Service and possible need for additional training using Customer Effort Score survey Template.  

Customer Effort Score Survey Questions

  1. 1. To what extent do you agree with the following statement? The company made it easy for me to handle my issue.
    • Strongly Disagree
    • Disagree
    • Somewhat Disagree
    • Neutral
    • Somewhat Agree
    • Agree
    • Strongly Agree
  2. 2. What is the primary reason for your score?

The primary question, "How easy was it for you to resolve your issue today?" helps you understand the customer perception towards your Helpdesk, and Agent’s success in improving customer experience with getting their issues resolved. 

The follow-up question can be changed to button choice where you can provide possible hurdles customers might have faced with your Customer Support. This can make it effortless for the customers to share their feedback.

How to Use Zonka Feedback's Customer Effort Score Survey Template?

  1. Click on 'Edit this Template': Begin by locating the 'Edit this Template' option at the top of this page. Click to seamlessly enter the customization interface for the CES survey template.
  2. Customize the template: Personalize the template in editing mode. Add your specific questions, integrate your branding elements, and adjust the design to align with your unique requirements.
  3. Preview the survey: Before finalizing the CES survey, take a moment to preview it. Ensure that all components look polished and function seamlessly.
  4. Save the survey: After previewing and fine-tuning, save your customized CES survey to lock in the changes.
  5. Prepare for distribution: Strategize the most effective channels for distribution. Consider email, social media, or your website to reach your audience.

Here are a few ways you can leverage multiple channels to measure Customer Effort Score based on the industries- 

1. Website

  • Ecommerce: After completing a purchase or resolving a return request, display a pop-up CES survey to gauge the ease of the online shopping experience with website surveys. The surveys can be also be triggered via the customer support chat, emails, chatbots, etc.
  • Saas: After users complete a complex task or troubleshoot an issue within the platform, embed a CES survey in emails (also send in-signature email surveys) or chatbots to measure agent feedback, HelpDesk feedback, feedback on tickets, and more.

2. Offline

  • Retail: At checkout, include a receipt with a QR code linking to a quick CES survey or set up survey kiosks to know about the customers’ in-store shopping experience.
  • Restaurants: Provide Android or iOS tablets or set up survey kiosks with the CES question and space for feedback to understand the ease of ordering, waiting, and overall dining experience.
  • Events: Distribute CES surveys at the end of seminars, workshops, or trade shows to gauge participant effort in finding information and navigating the event. This can be done for both Online and Offline events.

3. Email

  • Hotels: After completing a stay, send in-signature email CES surveys to measure guest effort in booking, check-in/out, and resolving any concerns.
  • Financial Services: After resolving a loan application or account closure issue, use email CES surveys to understand the customer's perceived effort in navigating the process.

Email surveys can be used across industries including SaaS, Hospitality, Healthcare, and more using embed email surveys, in-signature surveys, downloadable email survey templates, etc. 

4. SMS

  • Delivery Services: After receiving a delivery, send a quick SMS CES survey to understand the effort involved in tracking and receiving the package.
  • Mobile Apps: After users complete a specific action within your app, like booking a service or filing a claim, send an SMS CES survey to gauge the ease of using the app functions.
  • Healthcare: After a doctor's appointment or medical procedure, send an SMS CES survey to assess the patient's effort in scheduling, accessing information, and receiving care.

5. Product/App

  • Software: Integrate a CES prompt within the app itself after completing a multi-step process or troubleshooting an issue, offering a seamless feedback channel.
  • Physical Products: Include a QR code along with the product linking to a CES survey for customers to provide feedback on assembly, product usage, and troubleshooting ease.

6. Integration

  • CRM: Integrate CES surveys with your CRM like HubSpot, Salesforce, Pipedrive, etc., to automatically trigger surveys after specific customer interactions, like creating/closing a support ticket or resolving a complaint using email surveys.
  • Helpdesk: Embed CES surveys within your helpdesk platform like Zendesk, Freshdesk, Intercom and more to capture immediate feedback after customer support interactions or ticket closures.
  • Marketing Automation: Integrate CES surveys with your marketing automation platform to segment customers based on their effort levels and tailor future communications seamlessly.

Key Features of Customer Effort Score Survey Template

Effortlessly measure and minimize customer effort with these tailored features:

  1. Survey Customization: Align the CES question and follow-up prompts to your specific support processes and language. Incorporate your branding for a seamless customer experience by white-labeling your surveys. Integrate survey logic, answer piping, and pre-fill data for personalized interactions.   
  2. Multi-lingual Surveys: Reach a global audience with CES surveys in languages your customers speak. This will improve response rates and capture diverse perspectives.  
  3. Automate Workflows: Trigger CES surveys automatically after key support interactions by setting up automated workflows. Set up alerts for high effort scores, enabling prompt follow-ups and issue resolution. Segment customers based on effort levels for targeted communications and support strategies.    
  4. Keep Teams in the Loop: Notify relevant teams or individuals in real-time about new CES feedback. Assign feedback to specific agents or support teams for faster action and resolution. This will help you foster a culture of continuous improvement and close the feedback loop faster.    
  5. Real-time Reporting and Analytics: View CES scores instantly to monitor trends in customer effort using advanced Reporting and Aanlytics  feature. Analyze feedback by scores to identify areas for streamlining processes. Track CES trends over time to measure the impact of improvement initiatives.    

Boost your CES Surveys to Maximize Potential

When it comes to measuring customer effort, timing is everything. To avoid missed opportunities, ensure that you keep these best practices in mind while measuring Customer Effort Score. 

Immediately after key interactions:

  • Support tickets: Trigger the survey right after the ticket is closed, while the experience is fresh in the customer's mind.
  • Product returns or exchanges: Send the survey after the issue is resolved to gauge the effort involved in the process.
  • Onboarding process: Capture feedback after new users complete key steps, like signup or initial product setup.
  • Agent Interaction: Capture feedback on various aspects of how well your agents helped in handling customers’ issues.
  • Website transactions: Display a pop-up CES survey after completing a purchase or resolving a website issue.

Consider specific touchpoints:

  • For complex tasks: Trigger the survey after users finish difficult workflows or troubleshooting processes.
  • After self-service interactions: Assess the ease of using your knowledge base, FAQs, or online chat support.
  • Following negative feedback: If a customer expresses dissatisfaction, immediately send a CES survey to understand the specific effort involved.

For optimal results, ensure your CES survey is clear, concise, and personalized to the specific interaction you're measuring. By aligning timing with your customer journey and feedback goals, you can unlock valuable insights and drive meaningful improvements in your customer experience.

Customer Effort Score Survey Template FAQ

  • 1. What is the Customer Effort Score (CES) Survey?

    The Customer Effort Score (CES) Survey is a customer satisfaction metric that measures the ease of a customer's experience while interacting with a product, service, or process. It helps identify areas where customers may encounter difficulties or challenges.

  • 2. Why should I use the CES Survey Template?

    The CES Survey Template helps businesses understand the level of effort customers have to put in to engage with their offerings. It provides insights into areas that require improvement and allows businesses to prioritize efforts to enhance the customer experience.

  • 3. Can I customize the CES Survey Template?

    Yes, you can customize the CES survey template to fit your specific needs. You can modify the statement, adjust the rating scale, and add additional questions based on your business requirements.

  • 4. When should I use the CES Template?

    The CES Template can be used at various touchpoints along the customer journey, such as after a purchase, after customer support interactions, or after completing a service. It helps identify areas where customers may face challenges or experience frustration.

  • 5. Can I combine the CES question with other customer satisfaction metrics?

    Yes, the CES question can be used in conjunction with other customer satisfaction metrics, such as Net Promoter Score (NPS) or Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT). This provides a comprehensive view of the customer experience and helps identify areas for improvement.

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