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Customer Satisfaction Survey Template

Quickly identify how satisfied are your customers with your brand with this Customer Satisfaction Survey template. Measure customer satisfaction level with a simple question and make targeted improvements based on the responses.

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Capture and evaluate feedback from your customers to improve customer satisfaction. Gauge their satisfaction with your company, products, services, new features, and more using this quick Customer Satisfaction Survey Template.

Distributing Customer Satisfaction Survey Template for Industries

Here are use-cases of Customer Satisfaction Survey Templates with various distribution methods for different industries:

  1. Retail

    A retail store can assess its visitor satisfaction at multiple store locations by installing survey kiosks and run offline satisfaction survey.
    Other distribution method: If you have a store website or app, you can run pop over surveys to measure customer satisfaction after a purchase or successful transaction.
  2. Hotel

    A hotel can measure customer satisfaction with various aspects of it's guest experience including guest stay, check in and check out process, quality of food served, ambiance, cleanliness, staff courtesy, and so on. Hotels can use Guest satisfaction survey template to measure customer satisfaction score and find areas of improvement to improve guest experience.
    Distribution method: Hotels can measure customer satisfaction both offline and online. Run offline surveys via tablets, and kiosks at various guest touch points. Post checkout, hotels can send sms or email surveys to measure satisfaction with the stay. Similarly, hotel websites can be a great place to measure visitor satisfaction with the booking process, and other aspects of online experience.
  3. Restaurants

    Just like hotels, restaurants can also run surveys at their outlets by installing survey kiosks and leverage online customer satisfaction surveys. From measuring customer experience with the dining process to reservation, seating location, cleanliness, staff behaviour, food quality and so on. Restaurants can also send SMS surveys by sending post-dining survey link via text.
    Other distribution method: Other than the offline survey kiosks, restaurants can easily capture customer feedback online. For customers ordering food online from the app, restaurants can run in-app surveys post-delivery to get feedback on the customer satisfaction with the delivery experience including the packaging, food quality, portion size, speed of delivery, and so on.
  4. Product

    Product-based companies can benefit from using Detailed Customer Satisfaction Survey Template by deploying them at multiple touchpoints throughout the customer lifecycle. From identifying the Product's Market Fit to measuring customer satisfaction with new features and shaping the product roadmap itself based on how customers feel about your product and their satisfaction with it. 
    Distribution methods: SaaS companies can run in-app or in-product surveys to show surveys to customers at various instances like post-onboarding satisfaction, new feature release, post-purchase, subscription cancellation, and so on.
    The same can be done through the company website where companies can show different survey widgets (pop-up, pop-over, bottom bar, slide up, feedback button, etc.). Also, companies can leverage email surveys to measure customer experience during customer conversations or trigger Company Satisfaction Survey Template. 
    A few best practices for this would include sending an email survey post customer interaction with the Customer Service teams and measuring their Customer Effort Score (CES) along with the Customer Satisfaction to measure customers' satisfaction levels and how much effort they put to get their query resolved.
  5. Healthcare

    Healthcare facilities can also leverage Customer Satisfaction Survey Template to measure patient satisfaction with various aspects of their patient experience. Clinics and hospitals can measure customers' in-patient/out-patient experience, satisfaction with the nursing staff, medication, and more.
    Distribution method: For starters, Hospitals can set up offline kiosks at the clinic to run CSAT surveys by customizing the template and gain insights on the patients. The same can be done via SMS or email once the patient has checked out to get actionable feedback on patients' pain points.

Using Survey Results to Improve Customer Satisfaction Score

Customer Satisfaction Survey template is a powerful tool that provide valuable insights into how customers perceive your business. It offers a window into the minds of your customers, revealing their preferences, pain points, and expectations.

However, gathering this data is only the first step in a more extensive process of improving customer satisfaction. In this section, we'll explore how to effectively use Customer Satisfaction score (CSAT Score) results to enhance customer satisfaction.

  1. Implementing changes based on survey findings

    Once you've collected survey responses, it's time to analyze the data. The survey results can point you towards areas that need improvement, whether it's the quality of your products, the efficiency of your services, or the overall customer experience. It's essential to understand how the customer feels about your offerings.
    For example, if your customer satisfaction survey reveals a recurring issue with slow response times from your customer support team, it's a clear signal that this area needs attention. In this case, you might consider implementing a more efficient support ticket system, increasing staffing during peak hours, or providing additional training to your support team to improve customer retention.
  2. Communicating improvements to customers

    Your customers want to know that their feedback has been heard and that their concerns are being addressed, improving their overall customer satisfaction and experience. After making changes based on survey findings, it's essential to communicate these improvements to your customer base. This communication can be done through various channels, such as SMS, Social Media, Website, Email, In-App/In-Product, etc.
    By transparently communicating your efforts to improve customer retention and enhance the customer experience, you not only show your commitment to overall customer satisfaction but also build trust and loyalty among your customers. They will appreciate your responsiveness to their needs, and their improved overall customer satisfaction.
  3. Establishing a feedback loop for continuous improvement

    The process of using survey results to enhance overall customer satisfaction should not be a one-time effort. It's an ongoing commitment to understanding and meeting your customers' needs and improving overall customer loyalty.
    To ensure continuous improvement, establish a feedback loop within your organization. This involves regularly collecting customer feedback on service provided through customer satisfaction survey questions, analyzing customer insights, making necessary changes, and then repeating the cycle to be able to fulfil customer expectations.

Here are a few key practices for maintaining a feedback loop using Client Satisfaction Survey Template:

  1. Regularly schedule surveys to collect new feedback with online surveys.
  2. Analyze survey data to identify trends and emerging issues that impact overall customer satisfaction.
  3. Prioritize areas that require immediate attention to enhance customer retention.
  4. Implement changes based on customer feedback and customer surveys.
  5. Monitor the impact of these changes on customer satisfaction over time.
  6. Repeat the process to address new challenges and continuously enhance the overall customer satisfaction and experience.

By maintaining this feedback loop, you demonstrate your dedication to improve customer's experience. It also allows you to stay responsive to the evolving needs and expectations of your customers.

Customer Satisfaction Survey Template Questions

  1. 1. How satisfied are you with your experience with our company?
  2. 2. What is the primary reason for your rating?

Customer Satisfaction Survey Template FAQ

  • 1. What are good Customer Satisfaction Survey Template questions?

    Here are some good Customer Survey Template Questions examples to get started with customer feedback survey. Based on your target audience and intent of the survey, you can customize your own survey and follow-up your CSAT survey questions with open-ended questions and Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey to measure satisfaction and identify loyal customers.

    1. General Satisfaction
        a. How satisfied are you with our product/service?
        b.Please rate your satisfaction with our website experience

    2. Product/Service Quality
        a. How would you rate the quality of food served at our restaurant?
        b. How would you rate the quality of our product?
        c. Please rate your satisfaction with the quality of care provided by our healthcare facility

    3. Customer Support
        a. How satisfied are you with our customer service representative?
        b. Please rate your experience with our self-help portal on the website

    4. Ease of Use
        a. How easy was it to use our product/service?
        b. Please rate your satisfaction with our website's navigation

    5. Communication
        a. Please rate your satisfaction with our weekly newsletter and updates
        b. Please rate your satisfaction with the effectiveness of our communication channel (eg., email, in-app notifications)

    6. Overall experience
        a. Please rate your overall satisfaction with our business
        b. How would your rate your overall satisfaction with our new feature update?

    How do you use a User Satisfaction Survey Template for mobile app?

  • 2. How do you use a User Satisfaction Survey Template for mobile app?

    Using a User Satisfaction Survey Template for a mobile app can help companies gather valuable insights from app users and take feedback-driven improvements to enhance user experience. Here's a step-by-step guide to successfully conduct satisfaction surveys for mobile apps using template.

    1. Customize CSAT Survey Template: Start by selecting the pre-built user satisfaction survey template and make changes to the survey questions according to your survey goal and target audience. Zonka Feedback allows you to choose from a selection of CSAT questions including 5-point rating scale, start rating, smiley rating, button choice, radio matrix and so on .

    2. Set the survey objective: Determine the specific aspects of your mobile app you want to evaluate. It could be a new feature, usability, performance, design, or overall app experience that include all of them.

    3. Choose the distribution method: Zonka Feedback allows for multi-channel survey distribution along with a variety of survey widgets that can be used for effectively capturing user feedback at multiple touchpoints.

    With mobile app, you can trigger in-app pop-up surveys to collect customer satisfaction during customer journey such as new feature update, successful transaction, onboarding process, and so on within the mobile app through link surveys, pop-up surveys, pop-over survey, and feedback button.

    You can also trigger email surveys after customers' interaction with the customer service teams or Net Promoter system surveys to measure loyalty.

    4. Time your survey: Decide the right time to prompt the users to take the survey. You can trigger the survey to your existing customers after specific in -app interactions such as completing a task, using a feature, completing a month of successful user journey, etc.

    5. In-app Survey Integration: You can use integrations to conduct in-app surveys and sync data in your own CRM. Zonka Feedback's User Satisfaction survey templates offer seamless integration with your favorite tools so you can collect customer feedback without ever leaving your app.

    6. Alerts and notifications: Another great feature of Zonka Feedback is that it allows you to set real-time alerts and notifications whenever new feedback is registered in your database. By sending response alerts to your teams, you can take faster action to increase the number of satisfied customers and close the feedback loop.

    7. Continuous improvement: Use the surveys insights and customers complain trends to guide the ongoing improvement in your app. Just creating a Customer Satisfaction Survey Template is not enough. It's is important to adapt to the customer sentiment and expectations and make continuous improvements to enhance the app based on customer satisfaction data.

  • 3. How to create a Customer Satisfaction Surveys using template?

    For creating Customer Satisfaction Surveys with template, just sign up/login to Zonka Feedback survey software and select the template you want. The platform already has 500+ pre-built templates to use. All you need is to customize the template to go with your brand. Customize the Customer Satisfaction Survey questions that you need to ask from your target customers. That's it! You can then go ahead and start distributing the survey via channel of choice (available for both offline and online survey).

  • 4. Can I customize questions in Customer Satisfaction Survey Templates?

    Yes, you can customize and add your own survey questions to measure customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, and overall perception towards your business. You can white-label your surveys, customize logo & background and other branding elements, chose from CX metrics questions, likert scale questions, button choices, and open-ended questions to ask customers for improvements/suggestions and what the customers feel in their own words.

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