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Gather Real Time Feedback from your Customers and Improve your Services.

When it comes to improving business processes, gathering feedback from customers is utmost. The best way to do this is by using Zonka Feedback’s business surveys. Implement the templates given below.


  • Customer Onboarding Satisfaction Survey Template

    Find out how well your Customer Success Team is onboarding new customers

  • Voice of Customer Survey Template

    Measure Customer Satisfaction with this ready-to-use Voice of Customer Survey Template.

  • Customer Post Onboarding Satisfaction Survey Template

    Measure Customer Satisfaction with the Onboarding Process using Customer Post Onboarding Survey...

  • Post Virtual Event Feedback Survey Template

    Post Virtual Event Feedback Survey Template

  • End of Meeting Attendee Feedback Template

    Measure Attendee Feedback at the end of the meeting

  • Event Registration Form Template

    Event Registration Form Template

  • Appointment Booking Form Template

    The appointment booking form help your clients to manage and schedule meetings and calls...

  • Competitor Survey Template

    The competitor survey template will let you know about your potienial competitors and also about...

  • Conference Evaluation Survey Template

    The expert conference evaluation survey template helps you gather all attendees opinions and use...

  • Corporate social responsibility survey template

    The corporate social responsibility survey template will help you identify what is important to...

  • Department performance survey template

    Company stakeholders can use this department performance survey template to gather valuable details...

  • Digital Waiver & Release Form Template

    The digital waiver template is designed to collect release agreements and capture signatures on...

  • Donor feedback survey template

    The donor feedback template is designed to check with your donors from time to time, collect...

  • Office Feedback Survey Template

    Use the Office Feedback Survey Template to collect insights from your employees about the physical...
  • GDPR Survey Template For Data Collection

    Use the GDPR Survey Template For Data Collection to quickly assess the GDPR compliance of...
  • Stakeholder Satisfaction Survey Template

    Use Stakeholder Satisfaction Survey Template to collect your employees' views on your organization...
  • Supplier Feedback Questionnaire Template

    Use the Supplier Feedback Questionnaire Template to find out what your suppliers this about the...