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Stakeholder Satisfaction Survey Template

The Stakeholder Satisfaction Survey Template enables organizations to collect information and opinions from employees about the organization and what they feel can help it improve. Ask them questions about their thoughts on the organization, work culture, characteristics of the organization they identify with, and more.

Understanding the Stakeholder Satisfaction Survey Template

Your employees are some of the most important stakeholders for your organization and can tell a lot about its future. You can find out what their views are and if they have any suggestions for improvement.

The Stakeholder Satisfaction Survey Template enables you to collect feedback from your employees about your organization. The education Stakeholder Satisfaction Survey template starts by collecting information about the employees like their name, department, age group, and more. Next, the stakeholder questionnaire template asks them to rate the the organization on different parameters like work culture, the way the company does business, and more. It also asks details about the characteristics the employees most identify the company with. You can also ask for their opinion on what's working in the organization and what can be improved.

The Stakeholder Satisfaction Survey Template is designed by Zonka Feedback to collect scores for your CSAT survey and can be used by signing in or signing up with this employee feedback collection software.

List of Stakeholder Satisfaction Survey Questions

The following questions are included in this Stakeholder Satisfaction Survey Template.

  • What do we call you by?
  • Can you tell us which age category do you belong to?
  • Which department do you belong to?
  • How happy are you with the work culture at our company?
  • And how satisfied are you with the way the company does its business?
  • Now, please select the characteristics that you most identify your company with
  • What do you think is working well in this organization?
  • And what do you think isn't working and has a room for improvement?
  • Let us know if you have any suggestions which would help improve the organization

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