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Smiley Terminal Survey Template

A Smiley Face Survey is a simple and user-friendly feedback collection method that uses smiley faces to measure customer satisfaction or opinions. The survey presents respondents with a range of smiley faces, each representing a different level of satisfaction or sentiment from extremely dissatisfied to highly satisfied.

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This Smiley Terminal Survey Template allows capturing customers' general sentiments and their satisfaction levels. Gauge their satisfaction at Washrooms in Airports, Restaurants, etc. or place tablets with Smiley Surveys in Banks to get rating on bank visits and services. 

The Smiley Face Survey is a convenient and engaging feedback collection method that allows organizations to quickly measure satisfaction levels or opinions without burdening respondents with extensive questionnaires. It is a versatile tool applicable to various industries and settings, providing valuable insights to drive improvements and enhance overall customer or user experiences. 

Using Smiley Face Rating Survey Template

There are plenty of places where one can use smiley face rating survey. For instance, Smiley Surveys can be presented to the customers post a successful purchase in retail store via tablets or survey kiosks. They can also be used online for measuring customer satisfaction with your product, service, website, content, and so on. It's best to use them in busy locations or where people are on the move. Here are some more places where smiley surveys can be used. 

  1. Service Counters and Helpdesks: Smiley Face Surveys can be placed at service counters or helpdesks in various businesses, such as banks, restaurants, or customer service centers. Customers can share their feedback about the service they received.

  2. Public Events and Gatherings: Organizers of public events, fairs, or conferences can use Smiley Face Surveys to collect feedback from attendees about their experiences and satisfaction levels.

  3. Educational Settings: In educational institutions, teachers can use Smiley Face Surveys to assess student satisfaction with class activities or to gauge their understanding of certain topics.

  4. Healthcare Settings: In hospitals or clinics, Smiley Face Surveys can be placed in patient rooms or waiting areas to measure patient satisfaction with their care and overall experience.

  5. Feedback Kiosks: Dedicated feedback kiosks with Smiley Face Surveys can be placed at strategic locations to gather feedback from visitors, customers, or event attendees.

  6. Social Media and Email Surveys: Smiley Face Surveys can be used in social media posts or included in email campaigns to gather feedback from a wider audience.

Smiley Rating surveys come with plenty of benefits to it's respondents as well as the surveyor. For starters, these surveys are quick and engaging and due to their simplicity, they tend to have a higher response rate compared to traditional surveys. And since they are user-friendly, they can easily be used to survey a wider demographic. While simple, Smiley surveys can provide valuable insights for improving customer experiences. 

Questions in Smiley Face Survey Template 

  1. 1. How was you experience today?
  2. 2. What could we do better?
  3. 3. Any comments you’d like to share about your experiences?

Smiley Face Survey Template FAQs

  • 1. Can I customize smiley face survey template to fit the branding of my business?

    Yes, you can customize Zonka Feedback's smiley face survey template to fit your branding needs. For starters, you can add or modify the survey questions with ease using our no-code survey builder. You can also create white-labeled surveys by adding your own brand logo, themes, and colors. Moreover, you can choose from a range of themes or build your own. Also, there's option to change the font, background, and colors. To make your Smiley Survey more engaging and improve response rate, you can keep different designs for introduction and exit screens.

  • 2. What types of businesses can benefit from using a smiley survey template?

    A variety of businesses can benefit from using Smiley Rating Template by improving their customer satisfaction and increase business growth. This includes businesses that come under retail, hospitality, aviation, healthcare, transportation, education, SaaS, financial services and more.

    It all comes down to how the surveys are implemented can make a major difference in understanding the Customer Experience in a more effective way. Smiley rating scale is designed to engage the respondents in a manner to make it easy for them to choose the emotion they feel corresponding to the question asked.

  • 3. What type of smiley face scale template can be used for customer satisfaction surveys?

    Depending on the intent of surveys for your company, you can use multiple types of scales for smiley surveys. Here are some of the formats you can implement using our platform to collect customer data.

    1. 2-Point Smiley Rating Scale Template
    An alternative for Yes/No questions, this template features two emotions for the respondents to choose from. It's great for collecting quick feedback and responses from customers. For instance, you can measure customer experience with 2-point smailey scale using question like - "Please rate your satisfaction with the dining experience."

    2. 3-Point Smiley Rating Scale Template
    This is another simple smiley face template example that features a happy, neutral, and sad face that accommodates a better range of feelings and expression.

    3. 5-point Smiley Rating Scale Template
    5-point Smiley Rating Scale template is a commonly used and an ideal survey used for measuring customer satisfaction. The scale covers a range of emotions and offer much granularity in your survey questions for the customers to respond

    4. 7-point Smiley Rating Scale Template
    And lastly, there's the 7-point rating Smiley Scale that offers options that translate to Extremely Happy, Very Happy, Happy, Neutral, Sad, Very Sad, & Extremely Sad. The rating scale accommodates far more differentiations and variations thus giving you precise response rates.

  • 4. Are there any benefits of using Smiley Rating Template?

    When it comes to collecting real-time data and tapping into customer sentiments, a Smiley Rating Scale Template offers plenty of benefits. Few of them are listed below:
    1. Survey questions with smiley face as options are engaging and boost response rate.
    2. Such surveys are easy to understand and do not need a specific language to decipher the meaning behind them.
    3. A Smiley Survey Template offer quick way to collect feedback both online and offline.
    4. The responses received using such surveys are usually accurate and honest.

  • 5. How can I analyze Smiley Survey Template responses?

    Zonka Feedback survey software offers advanced analytics and reporting feature allowing you to get actionable more deeper insights into Smiley Template responses. The platform offers real-time feedback reports such as:
    1. Snapshot Report
    2. Response Insights
    3. Location Insights
    4. Team Performance Report
    5. Response Inbox
    6. Trends Report
    7. Text Analytics

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