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Smiley Face Survey Template

Our Smiley Face survey template is a CSAT survey template that allows quickly collecting customer satisfaction feedback in busy locations with a simple smiley scale. 

Understanding Smiley Face Survey Template

This smiley face survey template allows capturing customers' general sentiments. It is typically used where there isn’t much time or scope to collect detailed feedback so you can collect the general sentiment of customers after a certain transaction or engagement with the brand.

Though this survey template measures customer service satisfaction levels, you can always edit the question to collect more specific feedback. For example, you can ask customers to rate their happiness with an in-store visit or purchase. 

How to Use a Smiley Face Survey?

You can capture on-site feedback using a mobile/tablet/kiosk device. All you would need is the survey app installed on the device so you can launch the survey and start collecting feedback on the site. A good use case of a smiley face survey would be bank branch feedback. Tablets can be placed around the bank so customers can rate their visit and banking services. 

You can also add a smiley face survey to your website or mobile app or send one via email, embedded directly in the body or email signature.


Smiley Face Survey Question

The following question is included in this Smiley face Survey Template:

  • How was our service today?

You can edit the question as per what feedback you're looking to collect. 


How to use a smiley face survey?

Smiley face survey can be used after certain transactions, for example, e-commerce purchases, customer store visits, customer service interactions, etc. to collect quantifiable feedback.

What to include in a smiley face survey?

You can ask your customers to rate anything like a product, an on-site purchase, customer support interaction, or a certain product feature. 

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