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user-picsrating-star crowd-logo captera-logo Rated 4.8/5 stars

Website Feedback Form Template

Measure website visitor experience and satisfaction to learn how well your site is able to meet your visitors' expectations using this Website Survey Feedback Template.

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Are visitors finding what they’re looking for on your website? How is the overall visitor experience on your website? What are the areas of improvement? Was your website easy to navigate? Measure Website Visitor Satisfaction and overall experience about all aspects like loading speed, design, layout, content, and more on your Website. Identify areas of improvement and ways to increase website conversion with real-time Website Visitor Feedback. 

Use this Website Survey Template to evaluate the feedback from customers based on their experience with your business's site. The template includes questions that enable you to gauge visitor experience with various aspects of your website including their overall experience, visual appeal, ease of navigation, relevance of information, possible bugs, and more to identify how the customers perceive your website.

It also includes NPS question to measure their loyalty and how likely customers are to recommending your business website to their friends or colleagues. There's also space for open-ended feedback to get possible suggestions for improvements that can be made to improve visitor satisfaction and meet their needs.

Website Feedback Form Template

Empower your Website Visitors to speak their minds

It is a common practice among brands to see their customers as mere numbers as it seems easy to analyze the data based on the choices you offer them in form of yes/no questions or button choices. But when it comes to collecting honest customer feedback on your website, it is important to hear from them how they perceive your brand and what they have to say about it. 

Our Website Feedback Form Template allows you to customize questions and offer choices to an extent where you can collect both qualitative and quantitative feedback. For instance, if you are running a survey to get feedback on your Website New Design, you can start with deploying the survey via a pop-up widget that appears after the users have spent given amount of time on the site.

The survey template can start with a simple rating scale questions asking the customers to rate their satisfaction with the new design. The next questions could be a button choice asking them about the usability and ask them to rate the ease of finding the information on your website by giving them options like- Very Easy, Easy, Neutral, Difficult, and Very Difficult. 

Most importantly, follow up with an open-ended questions that asks - "Is there anything we can do to improve your experience with the new design?" or in case of bad feedback, follow up with questions like - "Your feedback is important to us. Is there anything we could have done better to give you a better experience on your website?"

Zonka Feedback Survey Platform enables you to analyze both qualitative and quantitive feedback through its reporting and analytics feature. It allows you to analyze the open-ended feedback along with the customer rating so that you can make informed decisions and get context on customer feedback to meet their expectations and meet your business goals. 

Accomplish key business goals with Website Survey Template

Businesses can leverage website survey template to gain valuable insights into the website visitors and their behaviour and preferences. From collecting feedback to identifying areas of improvement and taking data-driven decisions, there's a lot of scope for business growth and maximizing conversions. Here are few of the key examples - 

1. Measure overall Website Experience
Website experience survey template

By using website survey template and displaying it across your website via feedback button, pop-ups and more, at crucial touchpoints, you can figure out whether the visitors are being able to find what they're looking for.

It enables you to discover UX Issues and improve website usability. By taking feedback on the design, you can prioritize the feedback and redesign your website. This can help you boost conversions through your site and prevent churn. 

2. Check relevance of your Website Content

Content experience survey template

Using website template can be great at uncovering the overall impact of your website content and evaluate it's effectiveness to see whether it meeds the expectations of your visitors. 

You can embed Website Surveys in-line to evaluate the accuracy of your content like blogs, guides, and resources using yes/no questions.

3. Improve Purchase Experience of your customers

Website post-purchase survey template

Using Website Post-Transaction Survey Template can be a great way to enable your customers to share their purchase experience. It helps you measure the loyalty of buyers, reduce buyers' remorse, gather demographic data, and most importantly, generate testimonials on third-party platforms to attract new customers. 

4. Understand why customers are abandoning your website

Website exit-intent survey template

Most importantly, you can trigger customized exit intent survey template to know the reason behind visitors abandoning your website. You can ask them reason for their leaving and make feedback-driven improvements so that you can control the bounce rate for future and identify whether there are any technical factors that might be coming off as a barrier to a great website experience. 

Website Feedback Form Template Questions

  1. 1. Overall, how would you rate your experience on our website?
  2. 2. How visually appealing did you find our website?
  3. 3. How easy was it to navigate our website?
  4. 4. Did you find the information you were looking for on our website?
  5. 5. How would you rate the loading speed of our website?
  6. 6. How satisfied were you with the overall performance of our website?
  7. 7. Did you encounter any technical issues or errors while using our website?
  8. 8. If you encountered any issues, please describe them briefly.
  9. 9. How likely are you to recommend our website to others?
  10. 10. Is there anything specific you liked about our website or any suggestions for improvement?

Website Feedback Form Survey Template FAQs

  • 1. Can I customize the Website Survey Template?

    Yes, you can fully customize your website form template by changing the questions types, CX metrics to track, logos, background, widget appearance, and more.

  • 2. What type of questions can I add in Website Survey Template?

    You can use button rating, NPS, CSAT, CES, Yes/No, closed-ended questions, rating scales etc, that are quick to answer. You can also choose to show question in the first screen to improve feedback accuracy and response rate (make sure that the question you choose is relevant to your goal as we also support partial responses). You can know more about our survey question customizations by signing up to our Form Builder.

  • 3. What type of Surveys can I deploy using Website Feedback Form Template?

    With Zonka Feedback's Website Feedback Survey Template, you collect customer feedback at various touchpoints during the visitors' journey.

    1. Survey Pop-ups - These kind of surveys appear on a pop-up that can be triggeed towards a specific set of visitors based on their interactions. For example, you can trigger post-purchase pop-ups when someone makes a successful purchase on your website.

    2. Website Feedback Button - These surveys encourage feedback from website visitors at their convenience. You can use a General Website Feedback Survey Template that asks questions regarding the design of the website, satisfaction of users with the website content, and other aspects that can help you understand how visitors perceive your site.

    3. Slide up and bottom Bar - Slide up website surveys are great for collecting visitor info as they appear from the bottom as an overlay and can be set to appear based on the user activity and timings. Bottom Bar, on the other hand, works as a button placed at the bottom of your webpage for collecting feedback on Website Design, Content, Product Quality, Shopping Experience and much more.

    4. Website Embed - These kind of survey templates can be. directly added to your website along with the content. A great example of this is a simple yes/no question or rating scale at the end of an article to ask the readers whether the find the information useful or not. For this, you can use our Website Content Feedback Form Template to get feedback on your website content.

    5. Exit Intent - Website Exit Intent Survey Template is among the most useful ways to collect information on why the visitors are leaving your website. They can be set to trigger when a user is about to exit to a different page to find out the reason behind their abandoning the site.

  • 4. How much time will it take to set up Website Survey Form Template?

    Zonka Feedback pre-built Website Visitor Survey Template are quick and easy to set up. Since everything is already ready-to-go, you just need to make a few customizations to the questions and design of the template based on your goal and you're good to go.

  • 5. How can I trigger Website Feedback Form Template to ensure honest feedback?

    Once you have created your survey in our form builder, choose the type of widget you need to deplopy and set its behaviour. To give you an idea, you can trigger a survey pop up to collect feedback on Website Usability once the user has scrolled through 70% of the your website's landing page or any other crucial page to collect the required user insights. By triggering right survey at the right time, you can ensure honest feedback. The same way, you can trigger follow-up survey based on the customers' responses and queries to improve customer satisfaction.

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