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Customer Feedback & Survey Tablet Kiosk App

Set up Zonka Survey App on Android Tablets and iPads in Kiosk Mode to take customer feedback and collect data unattended.

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What is a Survey Tablet Kiosk App?

With a Survey Tablet Kiosk App, you can turn your iPads or Android tablets as self-functioning, unattended kiosks to take customer feedback and capture data. Simply turn on the Kiosk Mode while creating the survey and in your Zonka Tablet App. With the Survey Kiosk Mode.

  • Customers cannot exit the survey without password or pin
  • Survey auto-restarts after completion – ready for the next
  • Survey auto-resets if someone abandons the survey
  • You can take feedback without WiFi, in offline mode as well

Features of Zonka Feedback Offline Survey App

App for Tablets & Phones

Works on iPads & Android Tablets

Set up Kiosk Surveys on iPads and Android Tablets, iPhones and Android Smartphones.


Auto Restart Survey

Set up time for the survey to auto restart when someone completes the survey.


Inactivity Time Out

Set up time for the survey to show a notification & restart if someone abandons the survey.


App & Survey Lockdown

With Kiosk mode and settings in the tablet, the survey will be locked in the tablet and no one can exit.


Take Feedback Offline

The Kiosk Survey App runs in offline mode as well which means you can take feedback without WiFi.

Responsive Feedback Form

White-Labelled Surveys

You can customize your surveys and white-label them to display company branding.


Multilocation Support

You can customize your surveys and white-label them to display company branding.


Track Devices Remotely

You can track which kiosks are up and running, their uptime, sync history and more – in real-time.


Safe, secure and reliable

Zonka offers a safe and secure platform to capture customer data, feedback and conduct surveys.

Uses of Zonka Feedback Offline Survey App

Offline Survey Apps are perfect fit getting feedback and capturing data at trade shows, events, conferences, field surveys, retail shops, pop up shows and almost anywhere with a low or no internet connectivity.

Event Lead Capture

Set up tablet kiosks at your stand at exhibitions and events to capture lead.

Conference & Event Feedback

Take feedback at tablet kiosks during conferences, meetings and events.

Feedback at Retail Stores

Set up customer feedback tablet kiosk at the cash counter and doors at retail stores.

Feedback at QSRs

Take feedback from customers on-the-go at Quick Service Restaurants with Tablet.

Guest Registration at Reception

Allow guest registration through Tablet Kiosks at receptions.

Feedback at Pop Up Stores

Set up feedback kiosk at pop up stores to get feedback from customers.

real-time feedback apps

Take feedback across multiple channels


Tablets & Kiosks

Take customer feedback on iPads, iPhones, Android tablets and Phones. Set up as kiosk or just hand device in-person.



Send emails with survey links to customers to give feedback or embed survey questions within email.

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Send mobile-responsive survey links to customers through SMS to share their experience and feedback.



Create and add online surveys on your website or send survey links to get feedback from customers.



Global Brands



1 Million

Surveys per month