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Survey Text Analysis

Turn text responses and comments into actionable data with Zonka’s Survey Text Analysis.

Get insights with Text Analysis

Comment boxes and free text fields are great as they let customers freely write their mind and can be very valuable if analysed properly. With Zonka’s Text Analysis, you can turn qualitative text into quantitive data and use it to better understand your reports.

  • View repeated words across all comments
  • See positive, neutral, or negative sentiments at a glance
  • View cumulative NPS scores for repeated word
  • Filter by words mentioned in comments

Get more out of your surveys with Zonka’s Survey Text Analysis reports!

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Survey Text Analysis Features

View Word Count

See the words repeated across all comments and their count.

View cumulative NPS

With the repeated words, count and sentiment, view cumulative NPS as well.

Sentiment Analysis

View tags positive, negative, neutral with words to view sentiment at a glance.

See Detractors, Passives and Promoters

With the NPS, see the numbers of Detractors, Passives and Promoters with the words.

Filter by words

Filter reports by words used in comments to analyse better.




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