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Integrate Zonka with 1400+ Apps through Zapier

Do a lot more with your feedback by connecting your Zonka Feedback account to Zapier. Get access to more than 1400+ apps and tools to automate adding your feedback to other apps or triggering surveys based on actions through Zonka!

Connecting Zonka with Zapier

Zapier is a tool that helps you easily (without much effort) connect different apps and automate workflows that otherwise require a lot of coding. You can use Zapier with Zonka Feedback to automate a lot of processes.

  • Connect to more than 1400+ apps with Zapier
  • Integrate with apps without coding effort
  • Automate processes and triggers

Add and update new survey responses

Create leads and contacts in CRM and other tools when a new response is added in Zonka Feedback. Also, update existing contacts based on new feedbacks and responses received.

New Survey Response notification

Trigger notifications and alerts or set up tickets in different apps when a new survey response is received in Zonka Feedback.

Condition-based integration

Add conditions for triggers like adding a response if gender is female or sending a notifications if customer satisfaction question response is low.

Add Zonka Feedback data seamlessly to other apps with Zapier!

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