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30+ Types of Survey Questions

Choose from over 30+ survey questions to create feedback forms. Capture Customer Information, Customer Satisfaction Score, Net Promoter Score, Customer Effort Score, comments and more with Zonka Feedback.

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Choosing the right survey questions

Before adding questions to your survey, determine the goal of your survey and what answers are you intending to derive from your customers. Once you know the purpose of the survey, you can choose from different types of questions available.

  • Choose from varied question types
  • Customize the questions to your needs
  • Add as many questions as you like
  • Add logic to questions

Survey Questions in Zonka Feedback

Choose from over 30+ survey questions while creating your surveys in Zonka Feedback.

  • Text Box
    A single line text field for short, open-ended answers
  • Multiline Text Box/Comment Box
    A multiple line text field for long, open-ended answers, like comments
  • Dropdown Question
    A pre-populated list in a drop down with a single answer selection
  • Checkbox Question
    A set of choices to choose one or more answers from
  • Radio Button Question
    A set of choices to choose only one answer from
  • Multiple Choice Button Question
    A set of button choices to choose one or more answers from
  • Single Choice Button Question
    A set of button choices to choose only one answer from
  • Date
    A text field with calendar pop up to select date
  • Ranking Question
    A drag and drop list of items to rank in order of preference
  • Terms & Conditions
    A text of Terms & Conditions with the buttons to agree and continue
  • Phone
    A text field to enter phone number, validated to input only numbers
  • URL
    A text field pre-validated to enter any URL or link
  • Name
    Text field to enter customer’s name
  • Email
    Text field to enter customer’s email address
  • Mobile Number
    Text field to enter customer’s mobile number
  • Gender
    Radio button to enter customer’s gender
  • Birthday
    Text field with calendar pop up to select customer’s birthday
  • Anniversary
    Text field with calendar pop up to select customer’s anniversary date
  • Matrix Scale / Likert Scale
    Rate one or more parameters using the same set of column choices
  • Icon Rating Scale
    Rate one or more parameters using images and icons
  • Net Promoter Score
    Measure Customer Loyalty and likelihood to recommend your business
  • Customer Effort Score
    Measure Customer Effort and ease of doing business with you

Capture Customer Data

Use Zonka Feedback survey questions to capture customer information. You can use surveys with customer information questions for feedback and for lead capture.

  • Name
  • Email Address
  • Mobile Number
  • Birthday / Anniversary
  • Unique ID
  • Gender

Measure Rating, Loyalty and Effort

Use rating questions and industry standard questions like Net Promoter Score and Customer Effort Score to measure customer satisfaction, loyalty and ease of doing business with you.

  • Matrix Rating Scale / Likert Scale
  • Icon-based Rating
  • Net Promoter Score
  • Customer Effort Score
  • Radio Button
  • Image-based Radio Button
  • Single Choice Button

Open up a conversation with Open-ended questions

Use comment boxes and text fields to allow customers to share their thoughts, complaints and suggestions. Open-ended question fields are also helpful to get short answers that don’t have a defined response.

  • Single Line Text Field
  • Multiple Line Text Field

Survey Question Type Features

Responsive Feedback Form

Customize Questions

Customize the question heading and input text label to guide the customers.


Make questions mandatory

Questions that must be answered can be marked as mandatory.


Add Validation

Add validation to questions, for example, a field should have only numeric input.


Format Text

Determine the font color, font size and font style for the survey questions.


Use Logic

Add survey question skip logic and branching in your survey.

App for Tablets & Phones

Question Layout

Add questions in landscape or portrait mode and in single column or double column.

real-time feedback apps

Take feedback across multiple channels


Tablets & Kiosks

Take customer feedback on iPads, iPhones, Android tablets and Phones. Set up as kiosk or just hand device in-person.



Send emails with survey links to customers to give feedback or embed survey questions within email.

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Send mobile-responsive survey links to customers through SMS to share their experience and feedback.



Create and add online surveys on your website or send survey links to get feedback from customers.



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